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  1. What should I know as the girlfriend of a Freemason?
  2. 10 Simple Rules For Dating A Freemasons Daughter
  3. Exploring the Social Dynamics of Freemasonry
  4. What should I know as the girlfriend of a Freemason?
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This is true most of the time but not always; in the past ten years it was not the case either in or in see Appendix 2. The Constitutions of , in their French or Latin versions, neither use nor make mention of the Jewish Calendar. The Circular throughout the two Hemispheres in which this Report was included, used the Jewish Calendar in three different places, but this was by no means the first use of this system of reckoning in a masonic document.

The first documentary evidence which probably does not mean its first use, see p. In its authentic form the Jewish Calendar applies to the day, the month and the year together.

But the date conversion proved too complicated for some of its users who introduced modifications. This will be considered on p. For a few years after another method of expressing a date is found on masonic documents.

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It was introduced by the government of the first French Republic, hence its name, the Republican Calendar see p. French masons used it in France as well as in the United States where after many of them were refugees from the French colonies. Masonic dating codes based on the Gregorian Calendar.

What should I know as the girlfriend of a Freemason?

This first dating code family can be divided into three parts: This was the earliest masonic dating code used and one of the very few to have survived to the present day. This addition illustrates the fact that between the and the editions, Anderson had changed his mind about the Christian and the masonic chronologies.

C, or before the Christian Era It is true that the various chronological indications, as well as the foot-note of page 2 of the Constitutions, are not always strikingly clear. What did he mean? Bathurst once in AQC 80 But if we try to bring all these chronological indications together see p. The World began on Year 1 equal to B.

How strange it is for us to see. That Christ was born in 4 B. Mendoza in AQC 94 Year of the World or AM. Before the Christian Era 3.

10 Simple Rules For Dating A Freemasons Daughter

Vulgar Year of Masonry. In the wealth of dates and various abbreviations of both editions, no wonder that some mistakes or misprints occurred. On page 39 of the same edition we read: Besides the misprint instead of we notice a difference of four years between the two last-given ways of reckoning.

Then, on the very next page 40, Anderson writes: The three years difference between the Vulgar Year of Masonry and its accurate Year see note 7, previous page sounds puzzling, although it is logical. It was probably not quite convincing even for Anderson.

Exploring the Social Dynamics of Freemasonry

On page 42 he writes: These four examples would tend to show that at that time these words were not yet attached to a specific code: The editor of this Minute Book, Bro. In France no masonic dating codes whatever are to be found on the earliest extant documents. The copies of the , and Constitutions issued under various titles show only the use of the current chronology.

Juillet which was published in AQC 40, , p. In later French masonic documents we find quite a variety of expressions to qualify the year, whether it is coded or not. Later documents will show some more expressions like: Such a code which might have been prompted by a sentence from Bro. Anderson see supra , is found on documents relating to the Royal Order of Scotland quoted by Bro. The latter dating runs from BC. The documents quoted by Bro.

What should I know as the girlfriend of a Freemason?

Its use in England is rather limited. Wonnacon writes in a footnote: Lastly, in his before-mentioned paper, Bro.


He was a member of the committee of three brethren who had drafted the Circular throughout the two Hemispheres mentioned above approved by the Charleston Supreme Council on 4 December A few months later, the same text was reprinted in Charleston as part of an Appendix to an Oration which Bro. There again no abbreviations precede the dates given in the text itself.

But each of them is accompanied with a foot-note indicating A. In , two Orations of Bro. Dalcho were reprinted in Dublin. The first use of this code seems to be found in France. It is thus dated: Gaston Martin inserted a sic after because this date looks very much like a mistake for in so far as the immediately following confirmation of the said Warrant is dated: The same code appears a little later on a Warrant delivered in America by Bro. Hays, Stringer and van Rensselaer in It was frequendy found on documents between and in South Carolina and in Louisiana and then disappeared.

It would also account for its disappearance shortly after , year dates thus coded beginning then with This quotation from Bro. In this last-named book, Bro. On three Patents delivered by Bro.

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II, part 2, p. Two different lines appear then on American documents: It was frequently used in South Carolina and is still found in Louisiana as late as Emanuel DeLaMotta and J. In his otherwise most instructive critical note, fully quoted by Bro.

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This should probably be understood as: But there we find a mixed type of dating code which will be further considered under B. The unusual spelling Heredon does not seem to be a misprint: IV in the previously-mentioned Dublin edition of Dr. Jackson in AQC 89 , show quite a variety of dating codes: Ward after a copy made by Bro. Although your post is well outside the scope of this Forum, your questions and comments have me puzzled enough to keep this going a bit. Is your father a good person? The bottom line is Masons do not interfere in the lives of other Masons.

Many of us on this Forum in fact became Masons because our better halves had fathers who were in the Craft. Just my advice, but I would consider yourself fortunate to have met someone you like who obviously is well respected by your father. Thank you for your reply.. I know this question is off topic. I just wanted to know. My father is very respected..

I left the conversation where it was. I was 13 the time. I am interested in getting to know him. It just happens to be a happy coincidence. You might find that if you were to talk to him now he might tell you a bit about what being a Freemason means. And now it probably a good time to start asking your father what masonry is about.. For what ever reason, you have already set a sub agenda for any future relationship that might develop! This will just fester in your subconscious creating ever deeper distrust and suspicion on your part, until eventually it will explode into the relationship and cause you both a lot of emotional damage.

My advice to you is to just stop and walk away now before either of you get too involved. She and I have light conversations in work, especially when she sees me walking in with my tuxedo in a bag in the morning. Her father and I have never had a conversation about her other than the fact that we are acquainted.