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At the time, she said, "When I look back at my wedding, at the self-commitment I made, it will remind me that I should not betray myself in any way and any time.

In Glee Sue Sylvester married herself to herself, as she'd determined that she was her perfect partner. And remember in Sex and The City, that episode when Carrie decided to marry herself after being shamed by a friend about her excessive shoe-spending? Now that more than one quarter of Singaporean marriages are ending in divorce, is it any wonder that women are looking for The One right in their own bed?

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They are smart, educated, well-travelled and have fantastic careers. They're not willing to 'settle' for anything less than what they deserve. Fewer of us are making the leap into marriage each year. Following the patterns observed in developed nations across the globe, the numbers of never married single Singaporeans have increased by 25 per cent in the past decade.

Dating and lifestyle tips and tricks from Dr. Love

And if we do get hitched, we're older than we once were. In , the average age of Singaporean woman at her first wedding was 28 years old. Just ten years earlier in , she was 26 years old. Even if we can navigate the questions from well-meaning aunties about when we plan to 'settle down', there remains an internal feeling of failure or shame that we haven't fulfilled our womanly duty to society.

Interview with Cindy Leong, Dating and Relationship Coach | Working With Grace

A ritual announcing that she is now ready to take on the full responsibilities of life. I spend more quality time with myself but I also enjoy hanging out with other couples - my friends joke that I bring my wife to dinner parties!

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  • But not everybody is happy about the sologamy trend. Critics around the world are damning self-marriage as a statement of extreme narcissism, indicative of the excessive self love of 'the selfie generation'. As Cindy says, "the old saying is true - we cannot truly love another until we love ourselves.

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    As any single Singaporean woman of a certain age understands, the constant interrogation from well-meaning friends and family about finding a partner so you can 'be happy' can wear you down. If self-marriage continues to spark the imaginations and hearts of single women around the world, maybe one day things will be transformed. Because single or coupled up, we can all agree that what the world needs now, is love - sweet love. Maybe one day, we'll be able to answer Aunty with, 'I did find someone Aunty - I found me, and I am happy.

    Cindy had to learn to love herself before she knew what her purpose was in life. In this episode she shares her story and tips to help you in your own inner journey of self confidence. Cindy had a mid-life crisis and started seeking for meaning and purpose.

    Cindy Leong's Email

    She embarked in a journey seeking self love. Cindy uses her life story and experiences to help others find the right kind of love. One that is more meaningful. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.