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The morning after 4. Should've seen the Signs 9. Cowboy's in a pickle I love lasagne Losing a friend means losing yourself Both are perfectly fine romantic relationships that have worked in real life. I do however think we see one relationship that gets more screen time than both Lucas and Riley or Lucas and Maya and that is Farkle and Riley. He is always there to catch her and talk to her when others aren't around. Even though he's with Smackle he always tries to do what's best for Riley and not let her quietly suffer and they have good chemistry on screen. I think one problem with some of the Lucas and Riley relationship is the fact she seems so awkward when they are doing a relationship scene together.

I honestly think this has more to do with her age when she did those scenes than anything, but it doesn't translate to all the viewers well. The writers also seemed really set on the message at least they did for a while that not everyone's first relationship can work out like Cory and Topanga's did. I am super over the triangle. Just started watching this last week! For me, Riley and Farkle really seem like the only ones that makes sense overall.


The rest I'm just not sure about. I feel like this is where it'll end up. It hurt his ego. He likes them both. Even though he might like maya more, he still wants to be liked the way he likes her. I don't "ship" exactly but I think it'd be funny to see Zay and Isadora. It is also abundantly clear to me that Farkle and Riley are going to end up together.

Girl Meets World 2x21: Lucas & Maya #6 (Maya: Of course I like you)

If everyone on the show gets paired up and the original four friends turn into two couples, then that's technically the only ship possible for Zay, unless Vanessa becomes more of a character or they throw an even bigger curve ball and he starts dating Marley. The thing is that Riley and Lucas are much to much alike. They need someone else to balance them out - and that in Lucas' case is Maya.

I just hate the way maya comes off like mean or nasty sometimes. Her pouring the milkshake over his head rwas really like wtf? Heh I think it was her way of saying he wasn't trying hard enough. That you can sit with someone for a while and just be silent and not talking and comfortable. So i totally agree with that. I, admittedly seeing a lot of myself in Farkle and how he's since developed as he's getting older, don't like the idea that weird guy can only be with someone with a social deficit but then can I say that Smackle doesn't deserve love, that's not a statement I wanna make, feel like the break up would have to be a rough one on Farkle and maybe Smackle would get a sense first and help him with permission.

I can say that they both are really into morals, especially in doing their best by people and friends, being optimistic with the world and being individuals, yk, they are ok with being different GM Yearbook sidenote: I'm imagining Farkle just sitting in the hall with his head down, "What a Catch, Donnie" over the PA system so it's doable, especially now that I really think about it but we'll see.

So Maya may find a girl before high school is over, I'd say they'll probably hit it season 4 or 5 cuz just seems like the appropriate time in the Disney brain to talk about sexuality and finding yourself if I had to guess. Lucas's girl ain't around yet. Zay, we just found out in the premiere just got dumped and he's probably gonna be a loner for awhile or he and Shawn may have a moment.

Forgot Maya has Josh so she'll probably go that direction but I know there's supposed to be a lesbian character which just makes me wonder who that is. I mean she has both a first and last name so she has to be a major character but it's too early to know where she goes.

The whole point of Boy Meets World introduced in the pilot when Feeny was teaching Romeo and Juliet is finding love early and fighting for it through all the obstacles life throws at you. Like Jacobs has said, kids today live in a completely different world. Lucas is the personification of Riley's perception. She thinks she should be with Lucas and that Lucas is her prince because of the idea she's had since she was 7 see: I'm dreaming of a hero in Girl Meets Bay Window. So Lucas is who Riley thinks she should be with. And Riley is who Lucas thinks he should be with.

Jacobs has said this isn't a triangle and he is correct. It's more of a square dance see Jacob's quote "we bring everyone into the equation".

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I could write a freaking dissertation on this show but the long and the short of it is that even the audience was under the perception that Riley and Lucas belong together because they're perfect on paper. Look a little closer, watch the episodes again in the correct order, not the order Disney aired them in and look at what's happening under he surface. Riley and Lucas have to try dating because if they don't Maya and Riley will ruin their friendship.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Disney's 'Girl Meets World'

When they start playing the long game though see: I'm not convinced Lucas and Maya will last forever but in terms of romantic feelings, Lucas has real romantic feelings for Maya and I have no doubt they'll end up dating for awhile at least. For his part, Lucas is Harley, if Harley had met Cory sooner. It's pretty clear I. I cant get behind farkle and riley I think its hard for me to see that lol. Smackle will be okay.

Lucas and Maya's Game Night Chapter 1, a girl meets world fanfic | FanFiction

She is a permanent fixture in that group of friends it's a shame limits on number of main characters kept Zay as a guest star last season and will do the same to Smackle this season. Smackle and Farkle directly parallel Lucas and Riley. Both couples are perfect for each other on paper. At the moment, what the future holds for Riley, Maya and Lucas in "Girl Meets World" season 2 remains formless but what's sure is that there are changes to expect.

Maya and lucas girl meets world texas

What happened in Texas, sadly, will have repercussions on the girls' friendship. The mystery of the love triangle isn't the only one fans are itching to get answers to. While this may just be a natural reaction of a very concerned Farkle, it could definitely mean something more and this will factor nicely in the next "Girl Meets World" season 2 episodes in the sense that issues on romance and teenage angst have been touched on already. Meanwhile, for TV Line , what the "Girl Meets World" season 2 special managed to do is give its fans and viewers something that's out of its comfort zone despite the somewhat predictable love triangle direction.

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But for now, it looks like the show wants fans to ask questions.