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FiOS, offered by Verizon in selected areas, is the subscription television service through which TV signals and other digital services are delivered to the home through fiber-optic cables, providing higher-quality video compared to standard cable. The channels and features available with FiOS rival those of the major cable and satellite TV providers, and among those features is the ability to access recorded FiOS programming from TVs in different rooms without adding additional DVRs, provided you have the proper equipment.

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An additional fee will apply for the equipment and corresponding service. Connect a coaxial cable from the wall outlet to the coaxial input of the receiver box es in each additional viewing room. This is where most people get confused because they don't realize their VCR is read-only ie: Therefore, the back of the device would only have a single coaxial input. Those are the only ones in which have the input and output coaxial connectors on the back. You don't want any isolation -- you want them to inline-share the coaxial line.

I just thought of something. You currently are using coaxial.

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    How to Add FiOS TV to a Room

    Ah, the age-old question: Should you rent or purchase your own? The answer depends on how long you plan to stay with your current provider. This scenario is also one where you should consider plunking down your hard earned cash for a third-party DVR that can be used with any provider. Multi-tasking is seriously in demand, even when it comes to TV gadgetry. Do you prefer to digest your programming in a feast-or-famine approach? Busy households may not have the time to watch TV during the week, but binge-watching on the weekends is the new black.

    Recording dozens of HD episodes requires some serious disc space, so make allowances for your type and patterns of entertainment consumption.

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    The world behind your entertainment center is a nest of cords and cables, and all those components have to go somewhere. Make sure the DVR you choose has the ports to power connection to your home theater, HD TV, external hard drives, and all manner of devices.

    How to Add FiOS TV to a Room | It Still Works

    If you have an older TV or dated audio equipment, you may want to pay close attention to compatibility issues in the specs. Netflix, YouTube, Roku, oh my.

    Fios Installation

    Most of the recommended equipment that hit our list has interfaces that allow for access to Netflix and other third-party apps, so you can share the unfettered joy of those cat videos with your entire family. The Hopper 3 has more tuners than any other DVR on the market—a mind-boggling 16—that reduces the chance of scheduling conflicts into oblivion.

    Running a Verizon FiOS Box Through TiVo

    Up to 2 terabytes of storage is powered by a processor that is seven times faster than its predecessor, enabling customers to store up to hours of HD programming. See our review of the Hopper 3. While it can only record five shows simultaneously, the lowest number of any DVR on our list, it does have a respectable amount of storage that is optimized for HD and 3D content.

    See our review of the Genie.