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No matter how much or how little you pay, there is no guarantee that you will find a match. Avoid falling victim to high pressure sales tactics. When meeting in person with a matchmaking service, ask questions and compare the verbal answers with the terms of written contract. Be prepared to say no if you are unsatisfied with the terms or the price. Never purchase the service because a matchmaker claims to already have someone in mind for you. Read the Fine Print.

No matter how much you pay to any matchmaking service, be sure to read the fine print. The contract prevails if there is a disagreement. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. He worked with dogs. I wanted a refund at this point. Instead I got a letter from a collection agency. If you advertise you have a car with 4 wheels then give me one with 2, there is no way I'm paying for a 4 wheeler when you misrepresented your product.

I paid for membership nearly 8 years ago 12 matches. In that time I have received about 3 good matches about 2 others were bogus. I hadn't heard from them for over a year despite me phoning several times and emailing. I finally reached someone learning that they transferred locations and sold the company this is the 2nd or 3rd purchase AFTER they purchased the company from Together Dating Service. I had to track this information down and follow-up myself after continuously not hearing from them.

When you phone the number, there is an automated message Is there anyone that has knowledge on any class action lawsuits against these people? Maybe we should get together and file a class action lawsuit on them, if there are none now The introductions were not of quality at all. The men lacked basic grooming skills in most cases, dressed poorly, had dirty teeth, poor hygiene, unkempt hair and didn't bother to shave.

They looked like they rolled out of bed. When I asked for my money back they refused to refund me even partially. Do not sign on. Their service is a complete rip off!! The people who sign you up are con people who having a laugh at your expense. Hello, I went to this company with the idea that a service would be render. I never went out or met anyone from this dating company. The three people that call were already in a relationship or was not looking to be in one.

As a result to this my credit is mess up. The company is listed on my credit as a doctor bill. Having me owing this company thousands of dollars for a service that never took place. This company needs to be investigated. Yes I am all for the class action suit against this company as well as removal off of my credit report. The company is say they loan me money for this service. This never took place. I signed on with eLove a few years ago.

The price was high, but they promised results in return! I was not matched well on my dates okay maybe one. I felt eLove didn't give me that for which I was asking. In fact, they weren't even coming close. When I told my eLove handler the matches they were sending me were not aligning to my expectations, they assured me they would correct the problem. I felt they were sending me matches without regard to what I or my ill-suited matches wanted. A few of my matches had the same complaint. One of the eLove reviewers on this site said that they thought there should be a class action suit against eLove.

I see their point. If you're taking free advice, mine is: I believe that this company should have a class action lawsuit brought against them for breach of contract or not fulfilling terms of contract. My story is similar to many others. It started with a direct to this service from another. When I went to interview process it was a high pressure sales environment that preys upon the lonely. This service had a failure to deliver quality matches. I only went on three of the twelve "matches" that were included in the contract. The "matches" were not even close! I abandoned the program after the three severely mismatched dates.

I am particularly frustrated that I am obligated to pay for the program in full despite the fact that I feel that contract was breached due to failure of matching. I want at least the portion I did not utilize to be reimbursed. I made a mistake in contacting eLove. In fact, I was answering a survey for another site and was somehow redirected to eLove, the first deceit.

I did respond to their outreach - my mistake - and visited the office in Richmond, Virginia. High pressure sales, and I shouldn't have fallen for it, but I think most people visiting a business like this are very lonely and, unfortunately, more likely to believe false promises. I paid way more than I could afford, but had hope in the process. My first referral didn't call. I was promised an additional referral after the first 8 if I hadn't found someone. I did go out with the second referral, someone who really did not meet any of my criteria. I went out 1 other time with another gentleman.

All of this was over the course of many months and only with my persistent requests. After I e-mailed a complaint, there was a phone call which I could not return at the time and then nothing else in spite of e-mails. In fact, it took many tries to even get an e-mail through as the addresses I had were no longer valid.

eLove Matchmaking Employee Reviews

I'll take the loss on the 2 referrals that were made even though they didn't work out. But, I believe they owe me for the 6 referrals that I paid for that we're never made. If there is a class action suit brought, I will be happy to join. If there is an investigation, I will be happy to testify. Anyone else out there who is lonely and willing to take a chance - DON'T. You'll end up lonelier, feeling scammed and taken advantage of, and with empty pockets.

I joined about 3 years ago, since then I have had 5 different match makers and now it is called Tennessee Singles. I paid an exorbitant fee to join for 18 matches and was promised a new match every 3 to 4 weeks. I have met 13 men - all first dates - in 3 years! I do not feel that the match maker read my profile when choosing.

I did not find any of these matches compatible. I am very disappointed and angry with the deceit of this service.

eLove Matchmaking Reviews - ibohyhozeq.tk - (800) 818-DATE

I asked for a refund on the remainder of my "matches" and was given the run around only to have a mid management person - with an attitude - tell me that there were no refunds. About 3 years ago I joined eLove. The number is no longer working and the number I call to the office where I signed up is no longer in existence. After reading other reviews it seems I was treated the same in comparison. This company takes advantage of people when they are looking for a companion. They give false hope of "you get what you pay for" promises.

I am also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I have been so upset at myself for getting in to this type of financial situation. I was taken advantage of and completely ripped off by this "service". It is a scam and a way to get money. They use no formula to match people, obviously. I want all or at least some of my money back. I would also like to participate in a class action suit if anyone else knows how to do it. This was a complete rip off, they didn't deliver, charged exorbitant fees for nothing.

Don't even think of using this service unless you have thousands to waste or don't mind taking them to small claims court to get your money back. The people placing me had not even met me, presumably not met the other party either. There is a high powered pitch in the beginning pressuring you to sign immediately probably before you look up reviews - I should have known better.

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The pitch person takes some data from you and gives it to the placement people, a computer site could give you equal options for less money. I filled out a form online for Albuquerque Singles, one of the many names eLove uses. Someone called me to set an appointment. I asked about price and got the runaround. I decided to go for the appointment anyway because I was not comfortable with online dating and thought I was making an investment in my safety.

Also, they do, they work.

Be Cautious When Choosing a Matchmaking Service this Valentine’s Day

I am a busy professional and don't have time to search sites. I was told the interview would take about 1 hour. When I got there, they were short staffed and I had to wait a while… I was given a number of tests to complete and interviewed. I shared things that were important to me and what kinds of things were deal breakers for me. The entire process took over 4 hours and the fees were not quoted until the very end.

I negotiated a bit and got them down to I decided it would be a good investment if prospects were well screened to be possible matches for me. I asked that I not be contacted in the middle of a workday, since my private business was to remain private. Things went downhill from there. I did not ask enough questions before accepting the "matches" The first person did not meet most of my "deal breaker" requirements. The 2nd never called.

The third I chose not to meet after speaking with him on the phone and realized that our values, which I was pretty explicate about in the interview, were too different for us to even be friends. The 4th also did not meet some of my basic expectations, though a very nice person.

The last call was for another "match". When I asked a couple of specific questions to see if this might be a good match, the "matchmaker" did not know the answers and just told me that he was a nice guy.

103 eLove Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I made it clear that I did not want to accept the match until these questions were answered. That was a week ago and I have been playing telephone tag with the matchmaker ever since. She has not acknowledged that she understood my concerns or that she had answers to my questions… just wants me to call her. I know my time for phone calls with her is limited because I am quite busy. I am so frustrated. I invested all this money, it what seems to me to be a scam.

The "matchmakers" change constantly. They live in another state. None have met me or have any sense as to who I am. It does not seem to me that they even read all the comments I have made to help them to make good matches for me. I have filed 2 complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Albuquerque Singles says they stand by their intention to find matches for me. I have 4 matches left on my contract and I will do all I can to push them for answers to my questions before accepting another match. Evidently, if I accept the match and the gentleman never calls me, it is still a match because I accepted it.

Beware, this is a waste of time and money. I could do a better job of screening on line. This dating is all lies.

eLove.com Reviews

They take your money and you don't get you any good dates at all. I paid a lot of money to eLove and I got I called them to get my money back and no one called me. I signed up with eLove about a year after my husband passed.

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    • Great place to work while in college. Great coworkers and management for a long time. Call center went out of business once new management in Boston took over. Was this review helpful? I had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people. At first I believed I was truly helping people. It wasn't until my own clients began complaining that I slowly began to see that each client had the same complaint.

      Many told me they were not being given any matches to meet since their initial match. Some said they were running out of time for when their contracts would expire, yet they hadn't received even half of the matches promised them.