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I never knew about the adding of the first two numbers then subtracting from Is that for the older non letter serial numbers? I thought the "new" serial number year of manf code was to take and subtract the first two numbers.

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Example fist two digits of 12 it was made in I guess I never knew either, eagleeye - I had a brain fart. Thanks for the wakeup call. There is also this site http: Actually it's an "economy grade" , not a progenitor. You may be thinking of the Model 36, which did proceed the BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is A new grain bullet greatly improved the utility of the Model as a hunting rifle, and other bullet weights have since been introduced.

In , Model 's barrel length was reduced to 22 inches, and the rifle's buttstock was changed to a full pistol-grip design. In , Marlin added the.

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However, the rifle experienced continuing problems in loading and chambering the short. Marlin was well aware of continued demand for a lever-action carbine in.

In , Marlin introduced the New Model in. Introduced in and named in honor of the Marlin Model of produced from — , the current New Model rifle offered in. With increasing numbers of modern.

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Some approach the power of the. The M lever-action rifle chambered in. One recent innovation growing in popularity is the " Guide Gun " concept.

SOLVED: What year was my Marlin with serial number - Fixya

The name most probably originates from the types of longarms favored by Alaskan hunting and wilderness guides as a defense against attacks by bears. The Guide Gun concept consists of a handy, short-barreled usually " lever action in a large caliber such as.

Marlin 336C 30-30 Win. Lever Action - Out of the Box

Usually custom-made by a skilled gunsmith, these guns are usually fitted with either open sights such as ghost rings or express sights , a reflex sight , holographic sight or a long eye-relief scope mounted on a scout rail. Marlin New Model actions are frequently used to build this type of firearm. These custom rifles are increasingly popular in the western United States, Canada, and Alaska where encounters with grizzly bears and other potentially dangerous animals can be expected. Some of these wildcat cartridge conversions include the. Of the conversions mentioned both the.

The case of a. The limitations on bolt travel of a converted Model rifles are generally limit its case overall length COL to 2. The following table can be used to date the year of manufacture of a Marlin It is also valid for determining most other Marlin firearm build dates from to the present. Starting in , the year of manufacture can be determined by subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Marlin Model Marlin W in.

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