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  2. where wires hook up to starter solenoid?
  3. Did I hook up my starter correctly?
  4. Starter Wire Hook Up: I Removed Starter Then Forgot What Wire Went

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  5. Starter wire hook up.
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But I have two big wires that look like one comes from pos side of battery and other from neg side of battery. Person who took starter out and was suppose to put it back in isn't reachable. Kelly answered 3 years ago.

Related Starter Wiring Content

Momonick answered 3 years ago. But I have two big wires My Low Track Light comes on and when I roll up to a stop light my brake peddle is pushing up against my foot on dry flat surface. My speedometer is off and its putting more miles on the car then it is supposed to. Where does it hook to and how do i unhook it?

where wires hook up to starter solenoid?

My Cart 0 items: Search Year Make Model. I have your Factory Fit engine harness wiring, how do I hook up the wires to my starter motor? I have three posts, two small posts and one large post on my starter solenoid… Typically, GM vehicles prior to have starter solenoids with three posts: I have three posts, two small posts and one large post on my starter solenoid….

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Did I hook up my starter correctly?

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  • Thanks for your input. It is not important what order they go on in and that shield is a heat shield to protect the starter from being burned by the exhaust manifold. Six cylinder front wheel drive automatic , miles.

    My friends and I made a stupid move and forgot to label the wires that were on the original starter and forgot which went where. Could you send me a picture or describe which wires go where? There is a large red wire, a cluster of wires, and a small wire that obviously goes to the small post. The other two posts are large and could fit either, but I am certain the large red one fits on the upper post when installed. There is a small wire coming out of the starter and I am certain that that one is on the lower post.

    How to Replace a Starter Solenoid : Hooking Up a Starter Solenoid's Electronics

    I just cannot remember if the cluster is on the lower or the upper. Small purple wire goes to solenoid small connection all the others go to large top post place small fuse links behind larger positive battery. There are no ground wires in the harness that goes to the starter so if you somehow mistook a ground wire in the vicinity.

    I took starter off to clean connections and forgot where all wires went. I am sorry, I did not hear back from you about this. There should only be the big battery cable wire and the little ignition wire.

    Starter Wire Hook Up: I Removed Starter Then Forgot What Wire Went

    There may be a third big wire but that goes to the same connection as the big fat wire. Is there something you did not understand? Roy Was this answer. There are two studs and two other large hole eyelets besides the large big one that goes to battery. The one on the solenoid is the one or the upper of the two big studs.

    All the wires with big holes go on that stud.