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Reasons vary, which may include financial reasons or emotional satisfaction.

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But whatever the reason is, a married man who is dating another woman aside from his wife is being unfaithful to his marriage vows. If you plan to date or is currently dating a married guy, this article will tell you the pros and cons of the relationship you are in or about to enter. The number one reason why people cheat is sex. Some affairs are merely sex-oriented, while others could be emotional cheating which may become physical as well. A married man is usually great in bed because he can be more adventurous and experienced due to his married life, which enable him to satisfy you better and in various ways that unmarried man can't.

Consequences of Dating A Married Man. Wife vs Mistress. Love Triangles Relationship.

One of the reasons why a man cheats is because he is not satisfied when having sex with his real partner. This leads to suppression, making him hotter and wilder when going to bed with you. And since his wild dreams were not served for so long, be ready for the adventurous sex you and your man are about to have. For example, you and your married man may have sex on places like in cars, on roof top, in churches and any other places you are not supposed to do it.

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Dating a married man can excite you in so many different ways. Besides, the possibility of getting caught just brings more fun and makes things really exciting and thrilling. One of the benefits of dating a married man is emotional fulfillment.

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The emotional risks of dating a married person | Vancouver Courier

In a marriage, a couple gradually grows apart from each other and quarrels about little things. In a relationship, your boyfriend just can't make you feel loved and give you all the attention you need. So there is a desperate need of someone who really understands you. In this case, an affair with a married man fulfills your emotional need, which is far better than the fulfillment sex can give.


For some people, an affair is better than a divorce. He is a married man, which means he has a wife, kids most probably and job. He will not want to lose all of these. Any lady who is eager and desperate to build a lifelong relationship should steer clear of married men.

Simply put, a wise lady never dates a another woman's husband.

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From the start, dating a married man might look all exciting and beautiful, bear in mind, however, that you are simply being instrumental to the destruction of a couple's home. Here are 10 dangers of dipping your feet in the sand of dating a man who is already married. You Waste Your Life In greater percentage of cases, a married man never leaves his wife.

He may tell you that he will soon divorce his wife to be with you and just need a little more time to perfect things. He keeps requesting more time and you keep granting, expecting that he will leave his wife to be with you, but that never gets to happen.

The emotional risks of dating a married person

In turn, you waste precious time that could have been spent in building a true affair with a another single man. I need not tell you that time wasted is life wasted.

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  • Trust Issues Both of you cannot trust each other. How could you trust a man who is already cheating on his wife with you? While you are aware that he is not being honest with his wife, he is probably preoccupied with the thoughts of you also seeing another man. Sharing Him With Another Woman Frankly, you are not the one sharing him with another woman, it's the wife sharing his husband and father of is kids with you.

    After the hot romance and sweet words, he returns home to meet the same woman he might have rubbished in your ears.

    Benefits of Dating a Married Man

    The thoughts of having him sleep in the arms of another man could be destabilizing. While we are comfortable with sharing any material thing in this part of the world, it's often nerve wrecking to share a man you are emotionally attached to. Guilt Despite the adrenaline rush prompting you to continue an a fair with a married man, feelings of guilt crosses your mind from time to time. Unless you have murdered your conscience, guilt sets in whenever you think of the damage you are doing to his wife and family.

    Would you want another woman to treat you the same way? In this case, you are the "other woman" depriving the wife and her kids of their father's time. The guilt just never goes away. He Cannot Meet Your Needs One of the reasons ladies give when you ask while they choose to date married men, is that he meets their needs. Although a married man can supply romance and sometimes, material things, he cannot meet all your needs. An husband is meant to spend time with his wife and kids, so he cannot be there for you at every of your trying moments.

    Do not expect him to abandon his family on holidays and special seasons like Easter and Christmas period. No amount of money can purchase that. Emotional Heartbreak Married men prefer to keep their extramarital affairs physical rather than committing emotionally. Should you become emotionally attached during the period of dating a married man, be ready to have your heart shred into pieces when he bids you farewell.