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The first was donated in , the Margaret Dinsmoor sampler.

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In the s the Copp Collection was received and it contained two samplers—one by Esther Copp and the other by her great niece Phebe Esther Copp. The Copp Collection is an extensive collection of 18th-and 19th- century household textiles, costume items, furniture, and other pieces belonging to the Copps, a prosperous but frugal Connecticut family. The earliest dated sampler in the collection was made in by Lydia Dickman of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Explore History Visit About. Search only items with images. O Say Can You See? Today's Hours Closed due to government shutdown. Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for. Collections Subjects Object Groups. One block lower-case alphabet of alternate colors.

The world's leading museum of art and design

Numbers 1 through 9. Satin-stitched sawtooth crossband; one crossband worked in Irish stitch, also basket and two large diamonds in lower half. Two weeping willow trees, each with bird in its top, and three boxes, one containing verse and two containing maker's name and date and group of initials. Silk embroidery thread on linen ground. The family moved to Ohio in , and Rebecca stitched her sampler under the tutelage of Ann Thorn in Jefferson County. The initials on her sampler are of her grandparents, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, and two nieces who died in infancy.

The initials in black are family members who had died by the time she stitched her sampler. Rebecca married Thomas H. Terrell as his second wife on April 22, Mary Ingersoll's Sampler Description Man in fawn-colored fall-front trousers, short blue jacket decorated with faceted gilt beads, and tall dark hat. On his arm, lady wearing long dress with wide white collar and blue bonnet tied with long bonnet-strings; she carries parasol and reticule and wears necklace or chain of gilt beads. To right of couple, blue-domed building temple? In each upper corner, bluebird under grapevine; children's names enclosed in panel outlined by wave band.

Grapes on vines in upper corners worked by coiling purple thread and tacking down each coil in two or three places. Border on all four sides, straight vine bearing roses and rose buds. She died unmarried on April 18, Tyler's Sampler Description Two block alphabets. Upper-case alphabet has 26 letters; lower-case alphabet has no "J.

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Border of a vine with triangular flowers or leaves. Silk embroidery thread on linsey-woolsey; blue linen warp, tan wool weft. Skillin's Sampler Description Family genealogy is centered above pair of weeping willow trees. At sides of sampler, vines with roses and buds twist around columns and continue upward forming an arch at top. One death record and worker's name at bottom, below weeping willow trees.

Brown guidelines under all free embroidery. Nancy Adams born Castine, Me Aug 26, Married Aug 16 Brigham Antique needlework sampler Sudbury, MA dated Sampler initialed FT German dated Betsey Morton Antique needlework sampler Probably Massachusetts dated Antique needlework sampler by S.

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Hayward aged 8 New England Order Of Free Gardeners Society midth-century. Sampler by Sarah Jane Brown Massachusetts c. Band Sampler England dated German band sampler Initialed A S, dated Sampler by Ann Y. Pennock Chester County, PA dated Whidden Antique sampler Portsmouth, NH Antique needlework sampler, Mary L. Poughkeepsie , NY dated D on't forget to check out other catagories of schoolgirl needlewotk. Sampler by Catherine M. Ward Erie, New York Delaware Valley antique needlework sampler by Anne M.

Antique needlework sampler Elizabeth Norris Olney House c. Antique sampler family register Margaret P. Antique saampler by Jane Milner Pennsylvania Pierce Erchfont, England Wedgwood Antique needlework sampler Wolfeboro, NH dated Family record sampler by Blodget of New Hampshire. Antique needlework sampler, Abigil Rich Ware, Massachusetts dated The below sold items are a pleasure to browse through even though they're no longer available. Sold New York sampler by Sarah Janeway dated These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

samplers - price guide and values

You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Thence by de Show 1 more like this. Three Georgian samplers , late 18th and early 19th century, two by Mary Ann loader, respectively dated and , the third Sarah Worley, dated , largest sampler measuring 54 cm x 44 cm including frame Show 21 more like this.

Six needleworks and two samplers, 19th century, the needleworks depicting a shepherdess with lambs, two others with ladies in forest settings, three floral studies, and one sampler in memory of Ann Hobson, dating , largest needlework 36 cm x 32 cm inc. Framed 19th century sampler , stitched with multiplication table and floral border. A Georgian needlework sampler , by Mary Glover, circa , of typical design with the alphabet in lower and upper case and numbers Above three religious phrases 'Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth', 'Blessed' and 'Trust in God and alw Show 26 more like this.

Early 19th century framed sampler, of rectangular form, decorated with vases of flowers, lions and crowns under trees, 'Be Christ my pattern and my guide Antique sampler by Margaret Davies dated , 15 x 20 cm Show 17 more like this. Antique sampler Adam and eve worked in wools, named faded , 44 x 41 cm Show 19 more like this. Early sampler dated Show 9 more like this.

A 19th century sampler , depicting Adam and Eve surrounded by geometric motifs and surmounted by an epithet, named 'Clegg Elizabeth' and dated A Victorian sampler entitled 'Sympathy', and with verse, flowering forms, birds and buildings and detailed to the base 'Hannah Smith's Work '. Show 18 more like this. An antique French sampler, , by Rachel Rouget, aged eleven, a cross stitch and pulled work sampler in muted colours on broad weave linen with fruiting trees, flowers, pot plants, birds and two figures.

A Victorian cross stitch sampler, by Rosa Tompkin, aged nine, an alphabetic and numeric cross stitch sampler in red and green colours, upon a course weave linen. Height 50 cm, width A Georgian sampler, , by Ann Callis of Loughborough, aged ten, embroidered in petit point on linen with a sombre religious poem, trees, small animals and cupids, and deep borders of floral crewel work.

Height 59 cm, width Sampler worked in coloured wools, dated in original rosewood frame Show 6 more like this. Small sampler , 8 x Botany Bay needlework sampler , 19th century, cross-stitch needlework design on canvas, 60 x 48 cm Show 31 more like this. A good 19th century pictorial and epithet sampler, dated Show 10 more like this. Georgian needlework sampler , , hand sewn by Phoebe Ann Layster, age 12, 41 x 44 cm Show 7 more like this.

Georgian Alphabet needlework sampler, hand sewn by Hannah Lee, age 10, dated , framed, 25 x 22 cm Show 15 more like this. Georgian framed needlework sampler, c. A George II sampler by Betty Horn, dated and , 'Aged 10 Years', with strawberry and floral vines, multiple alphabets and verse, 'September 20, , this was finished by Betty Horn, daughter of Roger and Elizabeth Horn aged 11 years'.

Worked in co Show 23 more like this. Victorian pictorial needlework sampler depicting Adam and eve and the serpent in the garden, worked by Grace James aged 18, dated Show 47 more like this. A Petit point sampler by Elizabeth Eather , extensive moth damage leading to many losses, A needlework sampler , 18th century, by Mary Standing aged 9 years , 40 x 32 cm Show 24 more like this. A Victorian darning sampler , English, 19th century, A needlework silk on linen Sampler '', English, 18th century, A needlework silk on linen Sampler '', English, 18th century, 21 cm wide, 41 cm high Show 12 more like this.

George II sampler dated