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  1. Romantic Places in Klang Valley To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Date
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  3. 4 Romantic spots in KL to hang out with your beau

Even with Chinese New Year just around the corner, the men this year must be trying to balance their time, preparing for both occasions simultaneously. Not sure where to go? Check out this list below! Want to impress your date? This hidden gem in KL will definitely do the trick as it is one of the most romantic restaurants around, serving a lavish selection of the French cuisine with good quality.

This place is fitted with elegant chandeliers, black table settings, and glassware that glimmers, all to create a modern European feel. Some of the recommended dishes here include their roasted lamb loin with Dijon mustard, bread crumbs and parsley, soft ravioli stuffed with buttery-tasting lobster, grilled duck breast with orange sauce and spinach in a creamy bouillabaisse sauce.

This is another French restaurant that claims to be authentically French. It is the perfect setting for a romantic dining experience with your special someone! Looking for a more sophisticated ambiance for your date? With their soaring ceilings and elegant chandeliers and soft lighting, this place is guaranteed to satisfy that requirement.

This restaurant lets you experience dining with food made by the award-winning chef Christian Bauer with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers. Roof Top Bars in Kuala Lumpur.

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  • 4 Romantic spots in KL to hang out with your beau?
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Their beautifully curated meals and desserts will make your date a more romantic one. Some of the recommended dishes include the lobster curry, roast Wagyu sirloin and the inventive Coconut and Curry dessert. Situated in a tropical hideaway and decorated with rustic teak, sculptures and dark wood, this place is made for special occasions. Beautiful Chinese lanterns light up the pathway that leads to this jungle paradise. Couples would get to experience dining to the sound of natural springs and crickets chirping with some relaxing tunes playing in the background.

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This place stands out as it specializes in Mekong-style cuisine. Some of the highlights include their Khmer Krom shrimps with peanuts, green curry sauce, and papaya.

What a great place to spice up your evening! Impress your significant other with some good steak and wine in this sophisticated restaurant. With its refined decor and impressive wine walls, this place just spells chic and the open kitchen allows you to smell mouth-watering aromas from where you are seated.

It is recommended to start your dining experience with the warm house-baked bread with three types of butter. Later on, couples can enjoy their personalized cut of beef and finish off with a selection of desserts! Looking to go for a local-style date? This Malay restaurant plays P Ramlee tunes softly in the background to set the mood. Nestled on the 56th floor of Menara Petronas 3, this restaurant has a warm and woodsy interior with a view of the KL skyline.

What better way to woo your date than to let them experience dining with this exquisite view? Good food, good atmosphere, this is definitely the perfect place for a date. Take your special someone out on an Italian date at the fifth floor of Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Villa Danieli is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in the area and it gives out a relaxed yet mysterious ambiance.

Romantic Places in Klang Valley To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Date

The Italian chef, Alessandro Graziosi, specially crafted all the Italian and Greek dishes on the menu. However, the desserts here are the crowd favourite. Couples this year can also opt for their San Valentino Valentine set. What better way to make your date a little sweeter? This is another restaurant for you to take your partner on a romantic Italian date. This day is men's nightmare because they need to think where to spend and how much to spend as well.

As for the ladies, it is one of their most desirable date ever throughout the year to expect how their men are going to surprise them. I have taken more than 2 years to survey for the best restaurants to be compiled in this list. It is done more than restaurants around Klang Valley. I will be truly glad if I able to solve some men's challenges in celebrating their Valentine's Day.

I do hope others will enjoy this post as well too. I will briefly share with you how do I judge these restaurants and how their score is calculated. So that you will know I am not doing some blind marking system here. The scores will be divided into 6 categories.

Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Klang Valley

It is essential to have a scenic view in a restaurant to create a natural romantic scene. So this is one of the categories that will affect the score the most. You wouldn't want to go into a restaurant and struggle with the menu. So 1 point will be given for each criteria is met below: Variety of choices Attraction of choices No run out of stock issue Dishes which is no longer available will not exist in the menu Menu design. When two restaurants ha ve the same average score, food score will be taken as priority for the ranking.

After all, we are coming here for the food. No one wants to be noticed or seen when you have your hands on her hair or when you are taking selfie together. So this category is also one of the categories that will affect the score the most. I hope with the score guideline above, you will have better understanding with why these restaurants are ranked. The expected expenditure stated below is not inclusive beverage cost and it should be treated as a basic guideline.

Some people may have bigger appetite and some are not. Anyway, let's start with the ranking! You may click on the restaurant name to link for a full review. Already feeling bored with the restaurants in Klang Valley? How about doing something crazier? It was one of the best lala that I have tasted so far.

4 Romantic spots in KL to hang out with your beau

The lala was so fat, fresh and succulent with rich of flavor from the soup. The soup is full of ginger taste which is spicy but yet satisfying.

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  4. The meat is so tender and soft. You do not need to have much effort in chewing. More like a medium portion. Just a plain and ordinary one. Nothing special about it at all. My suggestion is to mix them all together including the ice cream itself otherwise by eating the ice cream alone will be too sweet. Once you mixed them all together, the magic comes. The sensational taste of creamy, crunchy, a little sourish kick and sweetness combining all together to create a wonderful ice cream dessert. Definitely is a must order dessert when you are there. So with my dearest sister's mum help, I able to get a tip on a great place for a dim sum!


    I visited this restaurant once during the day my sister's 21st birthday. She is really a spoiled kid. I do not even have a 21st birthday celebration in a restaurant like this. Hopefully she will treasure her mum's effort.

    But scallop chee cheong fun is extremely interesting too! But inside only got 10 scallops. Very unique and delicious. What else you can do at Bukit Tinggi? After you past by the horse riding and rabbit farm, you will see a tol alike place where they will collect entrance fee. Once you past by the tol alike, you will be facing a T junction where on your left is to Japanese Tea House and Botanical Garden while on your right is to Colmar Tropicale.

    Today, I will share with you the place to the right which is Colmar Tropicale. This is the entrance. As you sip coffee at the sidewalks of the cobblestone Colmar Square, you can almost believe that you are indeed in France. Main attraction here is acrobat show from China. It is free of charge but it is only available on Frida…. The price of the bowling is cost at RM4.