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  1. Can San Francisco's HIV 'Miracle' Be Replicated?
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What will a cure look like, and how do we know when a person is "cured"?

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We asked three restaurateurs to dish on their favorite menu items, who inspires them, and why they are so committed to the cause. How can you keep up with appointments and boost communication with your doc or find a new one? What is PrEP, and what does it mean for our community?

Our new video gives you the facts and busts three myths about this HIV prevention tool. Read his inspiring story, and learn how you can join Kurt this June!

Can San Francisco's HIV 'Miracle' Be Replicated?

See the latest science in the quest for a cure. Use these tools and resources for your health and your community. Get off to a great start with three healthy resolutions—and the resources to stick with them, all year long. Hear how our community answered this question at a public forum on sex and 21st-century HIV prevention. Looking for ways to avoid the flu? Wondering if your stuffy nose and cough point to flu or just a bad cold? Want to know what to do if you get sick? Find resources for your health this flu season. Fresh out of med school, Dr. See how she pioneered life-saving treatments and strategies to end AIDS—and what inspires her to keep up the fight today.

Watch this video and find out! See how activists, care providers, and others in our community answered these questions at our Real Talk public forum.

At Latino Programs, people find more than health resources and support groups: See how his work builds a healthier Latino community—and what he loves most about his job. And what do researchers and advocates envision in their wildest dreams for a cure? The countdown is on: Enrollment in new health insurance plans starts October 1. Our resident policy wonk gets you up to speed on health care reform and the changes ahead. See how Stokes transformed his life and is aging well with HIV—and how his wisdom and experience are shaping our new Plus Network for gay and bi men.

Sign our petition to end the outdated, discriminatory ban on blood donations from gay men. When John helps transform an unused deck into a garden oasis, a community of people with HIV gains a place for their health and well-being to blossom. See how John makes San Francisco a better place, one bloom at a time. What makes the newest HIV drug a promising new treatment option—and what do drug pricing advocates have to say about its cost? See how his work helps our clients pay the rent and get their health needs met. So does Bing Wu. After a 9-to-5 workday, he pulls evening shifts at Magnet as a volunteer HIV test counselor.

The mobile HIV testing van has arrived…on Twitter! What do gay, bi, and trans men find at the Stonewall Project? A safe and welcoming place to address their drug and alcohol use and set their own goals for their health and well-being. In this milestone year, see how the program began—and where it's headed. The quest for an HIV vaccine continues, thanks to countless volunteers and scientists working behind the scenes to make it happen.

Meet one of them.

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See why they walk. HIV-specific laws are on the books in 32 states and two federal territories—including 13 states that make spitting or biting a felony for people with HIV, even though saliva does not transmit the virus. See how a bipartisan bill aims to change that.

Syphilis is on the rise among gay men, particularly those living with HIV. We have expert advice from Magnet's Nurse Tim. With recent cases of bacterial meningitis among gay men making headlines, Magnet Medical Director Chris Hall, MD, gives us an update on the latest facts and what guys in our community need to know to stay healthy.

Todd Nunn is cycling from San Francisco to L. Spring is here—and so are the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes brought on by seasonal allergies. Designed by and for HIV-positive gay, bisexual, and transgender men, Positive Force blends peer support, education, and community connection into its services—and offers a friendly ear to men newly dealing with HIV: Something amazing happens every Wednesday at Sixth Street. Here in San Francisco, and across the U.

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Governor Jerry Brown has released his state budget proposal. Peter Staley is one of the activists central to the film. He shares his thoughts on early AIDS activism, what we should be focusing on today, what he's most proud of, and who inspires him. There are many ways to be gay. No matter what you're into, get an HIV test every six months. Show your pride and your commitment to health by creating an avatar and sharing it through your social networks. It's fun and easy, and your avatar will direct you to the nearest testing location! Positive Force is a one-of-a-kind program in San Francisco.

Positive Force

It provides support to link guys to care to improve their health and wellbeing. See what happened when one client came to us in urgent need of help. In the span of just nine years, Magnet has become an essential resource for thousands of gay and bisexual men in our community to maintain good health. Magnet Director Steve Gibson talks about how Magnet started, what it offers today, and his vision for the future. We can turn the tide on the epidemic. This September 29, the curtain rises on an entirely new event in San Francisco. AIDS was first reported in It took researchers nearly two years to determine how it spread.

As soon as they did, the foundation mobilized to distribute thousands of free condoms in our community. President Obama has declared that he supports same-sex marriage, becoming the first sitting U. As the foundation reflects on its 30 years of fighting HIV, we look at some of the bold and innovative public health campaigns we've used throughout our history to educate our community, change the course of the epidemic, and save lives. During the Supreme Court's extended hearings on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, one angle that hasn't been getting much media attention is the unique role that HIV-related health care could play in the court's final ruling on one of President Obama's signature legislative achievements.

Whether we drink frequently, abstain altogether, or are somewhere in between, alcohol use impacts all of us. Needle exchange in San Francisco is certainly at the top of the list. Our efforts have changed history over the course of the epidemic. See 10 moments that created a lasting impact. As the foundation reflects on its 30 years of fighting HIV, we look at some of the bold and innovative public health campaigns we've used throuthout our history to educate our community, change the course of the epidemic, and save lives. Cleve Jones and Dr. Marcus Conant are two of those men. This morning we witnessed something historic.

Throughout her career as a comedian, she has been a fearless and outspoken advocate of LBGT rights. By fighting stigma and homophobia in everything she does, she fights driving forces behind new HIV infections. Her strategy is based on combination prevention, an idea that started conceptually in San Francisco.

The combination will align the best of both agencies, creating a seamless network of services and care for people at risk for and living with HIV in San Francisco. They are two of the nation's top strategists when it comes to devising and implementing new ways to stop the spread of HIV: Inflammation is a broad term for what happens in the body when the immune system is activated to counter a threat.

A healthy immune response is key to good health, but ongoing immune activation and inflammation due to a persistent threat such as chronic HIV infection can lead to many different problems throughout the body.


When you go to see your medical provider, do you sometimes leave frustrated or confused, with unanswered questions? Does your medical provider spend too much time on blood tests and labwork, and not enough time listening to your concerns? Do you feel rushed and unable to discuss what is really going on with your health? Some services have income and insurance status limits. The group is open to any gender, race, sex and sexual preference and has no affiliation with an agency or organization.

The group has members from all over the globe and functions as a safe space to communicate with other Long Term Survivors. One downside to this is that apps may encourage users to filter people on relatively arbitrary or superficial criteria. I want to be seen as a whole person, not just a chest or a dick or whatever my sexual tastes are. These apps may lend themselves to being superficial, said Kenshi.

I used my Scruff app at the White Party to sell my ticket. But it should not substitute for real-life community. Learn more about Bridgemen including how you can get involved here.

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The best way to fight HIV is to know your status. A simple test can determine if you are infected with the virus. Our diverse programs help thousands of people every year. From testing to prevention to care, our services assist communities where need is greatest. See what we're doing We believe that San Francisco can be the first U.