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But when the Winter Olympics come around, you can bet your bottom dollar that people are tuning in.

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People are watching curling because they find the sport mesmerizing, kind of enchanting. The British curlers captured plenty of attention too. I mentioned people find the sport enchanting. But dating is always going to come second to curling for Eve. A post shared by Lauren Sesselmann lsesselmann on Mar 23, at 7: The year-old is an American-born Canadian soccer defender. A whole load of people also know her because of her modeling credentials. That suits Lauren just fine. We do know that she is single. Guys out there who are interested, take notes!

My ideal date would be a sporting event I love all sports , and a romantic dinner this girl loves to eat full of lots of laughter and great conversation…and maybe a movie I love movies. Anouk Verge Depre certainly fits the bill in that regard. The year-old Swiss international beach volleyball player has been applying her trade on the sands for an awful long time. In she gained a tremendous amount of popularity.

She was ranked at number one in the world. Her face also started getting picked up.

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That meant plenty of modeling gigs. Anouk took full advantage of all the opportunities that came her way. Her modeling shoots and her standing in the sport has meant that Anouk has now become one of the most desirable women in the world. But like a lot of athletes on this list, Anouk has remained very quiet about her private life. Not much is known about Anouk on the dating front.

We can therefore assume that Anouk is single and available. A lot of beautiful women are now on the pro tour. The German pro golfer is 33 and has been around on the pro scene for over a decade. Sandra is currently single and available. We may not know what type of guy appeals to her.

Sandra has spoken out about one of her previous relationships. The year-old joined the LPGA tour a few years ago. Ever since she started out people were expecting great things from her. Cheyenne, due to her family history and being the character, she is, has had a lot of attention heaped upon her shoulders. Many people regard her as being one of the most beautiful women in the game. Cheyenne leads a very active social life. A post shared by LerynFranco lerynfranco1 on May 7, at 8: She looks around a decade younger. Leryn knows how to work it. She is after all, a model.

Initially Leryn started out life in the limelight as an athlete. She participated in three Olympic games for her native Paraguay. As a javelin thrower, Leryn got plenty of attention. She competed in Miss Universo Paraguay and was runner-up. Leryn has also done a bit of acting. There are rumors that she once enjoyed a relationship with tennis star Novak Djokovic around a decade ago. A post shared by Alexandra Albu stitchalbu on Oct 20, at 3: The year-old fights out of Moscow.

Those three fights have been spread out over five years. Yes, Aleksandra certainly has beauty. She really does possess an awe-inspiring physique. Every post she makes on social media is either modeling or MMA related. Albu also has quite an alluring Instagram page, which would certainly attract guys' attention. But Albu said she does it without an agenda and just posts what she feels like.

20 Things You Must Know When Dating An Athletic Girl

So my Instagram depends on my mood. I post whatever I feel should be on my page. Maria Elisa Antonelli is a beach volleyball player. Her greatest achievement has been winning bronze at the Beach Volleyball World Championships. She does like to keep her private life under wraps. The only partner she seems to have is her beach volleyball partner. Always remember to take time for yourself.

When You Take A Female Athlete Out On A Date

We all need it. Rest and sleep is also crucial to being the best version of yourself. This pillow from leesasleep has helped me so much. A post shared by Alexandra Raisman alyraisman on Apr 3, at Aly is a household name in the gymnastics world. Among her achievements, Aly won two golds at the Olympics, and a gold in Rio too. A low point was when she came out and admitted Olympic team physician, Larry Nassar, abused her when she was a teenager. That could also be a high point — due to the fact she spoke out — depending on how you look at it.

They dated for six months before going their separate ways towards the backend of the last year. She seems to be enjoying single life and concentrating on her next competition. Okay, so Erica Hosseini might not be the most well-known person on this list. Erica is a professional surfer. Hailing from the USA, she competes around the globe in surfing events. Erica is also something of a businesswoman.

She absolutely adores him.

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There are probably more pics of her dog on social media than of Erica! Any man who may come into her life will have to compete with Astro Boy. Hard, but not impossible. It is one popular sport. It only tends to get televised during the Olympics. Marta Menegatti is an Italian beach volleyball player. She started out competing around That tells you something about her prowess as a pro volleyball player. Marta may not have achieved much success.

The year-old probably never envisaged gaining such popularity when she started out in the sport. In NBC reported that Marta had a boyfriend. But no one had a clue who he was. A post shared by Angelique Kerber angie. Angelique Kerber is a German professional tennis player. The WTA is renowned for having a load of beautiful women on tour. It would just so happen that a lot of these players are ranked very highly too.

Someone who tends to get lost in the mix is Angelique Kerber. She should certainly be listed along with those names. She likes to go about her business quietly. She remains pretty quiet about her private life. Anastasia Yankova certainly lives that fighting, warrior lifestyle. Before she ventured into MMA, she competed in kickboxing. The marketable Russian beauty is all about fighting. All in all though, it's not like she should be in any rush. She still has plenty of her career ahead of her, and who knows; if she keeps this success up, perhaps she can find herself in the UFC one day.

Ok zevia energy give me alllllll the energy to get through all my programming today! I'm about to put these mgs of caffeine to work! People recognize events like the CrossFit Games as a seriously tough sport. Athletes who compete have to be fit, strong, have endurance and strength and just have all round athletic capabilities. Alexandra in particular has acquired quite a fan following. We know a lot about Alexandra the athlete, but not a whole lot about Alexandra the individual. It seems as if her rigorous training schedule keeps her very busy. Judging from her Instagram page, she does have some company at home, as her dog is very omnipresent.

So it looks like any partner of LaChance has to like dogs. McKayla Maroney is now retired from gymnastics, but she has certainly had the spotlight following her even in her retirement from the sport. She's still in her early 20s and undoubtedly has many admirers, but being admired by so many may also prove to be difficult as she searches for someone who can be her other half.

Maroney certainly has made waves on social media in recent years, but admittedly, she sometimes needs a break from it.

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As for her dating situation, Maroney commented on the matter as recently as , saying she was still single. She went on to say that during her gymnastics career, dating was difficult. Given Maroney's high profile, odds are if she had a boyfriend by now, everyone would know about it.

Subban after she was spotted at some Nashville Predators games donning his jersey, but for now, there doesn't seem to be anything substantial to those rumors. While it was first speculated that the two are an item, other reports have surfaced saying the two are only seeing each other and nothing is serious yet. You'd have to think that someone who attracts the spotlight as much as Subban does wouldn't be keeping something like this under wraps if he was in fact going out with Vonn. The two have only been seen together at Predators games, but we've yet to see them walking arm in arm, so for now, we have to assume Vonn is still on the market.

Back at the Olympics, Vonn made some headlines when she tweeted on Valentine's Day that she was looking for a date in the Olympic Village. Vonn made an appearance on Access Live about a month after the Olympics and said she was unsuccessful in her quest: Squatting into the weekend like. A post shared by Genie Bouchard geniebouchard on Feb 16, at 6: Odds are, the two have gotten along really well and probably do like each other, but given that Goehrke is still a student in Massachusetts and Genie lives in Miami, on top of having a full schedule as a tennis player and modeling on the side, that's a lot of obstacles to maintain a relationship.

She has a hard time finding clothes, because she is built like a brick shit-house. If she finds something she can keep on her body for more than 5 minutes and not bitch about the fit, let her buy it.

12 Female Athletes In Their 20s And 12 In Their 30s Who Are Still On The Market

She will always look awesome in workout clothes. Count yourself lucky because not every woman does. And not everyone has a butt like she does. Those days that she looks like a world-class model are because she finally took 5 minutes to put on a bit of makeup. She is pretty much gorgeous all the time. Along those lines, if you meet her friends for an outing it might take her time to find and recognize them.

Athletes have a hard time remembering people when they wear normal clothes and have their hair down. Her idea of vacation is hiking, running, swimming, climbing or biking something that happens to be located in a place that is not where she lives. Basically, there will be no lounging on a beach for hours at a time unless windsurfing, wake-boarding or surfing are involved after her morning run.

A girl has needs. Most importantly, a girl that takes the time to workout and live a healthy life is definitely someone you want to be with. Here are couple of more. My ex-girlfriend is a triathlete. Make sure you have plenty of ice in your freezer. Your email address will not be published.

Please enter an answer in digits: She likes her naps. Do not, I repeat, do not interrupt her naps. Sleeping in for her is like 7: Which is 2 hours extra than she normally gets. Her trophy case will always be bigger than your trophy case. Accept it my friend.