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We offer a video chat made by us, a 3d city made by us, a VOIP phone made by us, a flash profile made by us, etc.

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It is your site. Free Video Sharing Module If you search the web you will see that it is a unique offer. Some of our cusomers say it is too good to be true. It is also a unique offer. Actually we also will charge new customers a monthly fee but later. Now all video chat features are free for lifetime for customers. We constantly upgrade our dedicated servers. Append content without editing the whole page source.

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Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? I am afraid your post above is some kind of attempt to sell another copy of your software? There was rumour going around that the bugs are there deliberatly so people pay them money for "contributer" status - which apparently gets you extra support. In conclusion I think it's 1 big money making scam where no one has a good working site at then end of it.

Let's just check the whois info: Pilot Group Yanar Evdokimov Fax: It is horribly plagued with bugs, and does not install or work out of the box! I spent ages going page by page fixing typos, font tags, and many other PHP related bugs.

ABK-Soft Dating Software

I will tell you about datingpro. They never answer your e-mails or they use the excuse that they never got it.

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You hear the same crap out of their mouths every day. I have copied several e-mails down over the last year. I am not sure, really. I am not sure about ABK either, but I use their software and despite some delays in support I have never seen a stronger script. Man, this is ridiculous!

What is the best dating script ? | Page 2

I am just another unhappy user of ABK software who has had enough of it and who merely wants to warn others against using the faulty ABK script! I wouldn't be too suprized to learn that they developed the script under the influence of hard drugs which are so wide-spread in Russia! I had my developers check the ABK script for errors and they assured me that the script is nothing but a piece of junk that cannot be used for any site.

ABK company are scammers and drug-addicts, I am telling you this, not because I am angry, it is because I personally spoke with ABK representative and it seemed that it took ages to answer even my simple questions.

Open source dating software

I am warning you people! Don't use ABK software! What is their US address??? It is a scam, they are based in Russia, in a rural, god-fosaken city.