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The site's new feature is an iPhone application that buzzes when one of Lovestruck's 40, members who fits your criteria is nearby. Ah dating, love it or hate it, it's got to be done unless you are lucky enough to be a in a relationship b have a great cat and don't give a damn. Anyway, it makes it all a bit easier when it's on your iPhone: We like this app because it dings you when someone you might fancy comes within a set m radius of you.

Harnessing location and adding it into dating, it makes dates more convenient and easier to organise. Focussing on city-living professionals, the app is free but you have to subscribe to the service on their website on iTunes. Dating site Lovestruck has launched an iPhone app which alerts users to potential dates nearby and lets them send an icebreaking electronic wink. Lovestruck currently has 30, members in the London area alone and plans to roll-out its service across other UK cities this month. By geotagging your location from the smartphone, the app brings its entire database to the palm of your hand - wherever you are.

The app also allows members to arrange their coffee, lunch and after-work dates on the go, showing users which nearby singletons are 'free for lunch' or even 'free tonight'. Brett Harding of Lovestruck: Your iPhone vibrates in your pocket to let you know that a fellow Lovestrucker is either in the bar or fast approaching! Choosing to instantly wink or message them provides the perfect dating solution for busy single professionals. The app can be switched off, so you won't receive pick-up winks from every Romeo in your vicinity at inopportune moments When you glance at someone's profile on a dating site you'd expect to read about their favourite films..

Well, wake up and smell the after-work cocktails, because as of next week you'll be able to. I had a sneak preview today of an iPhone app that does just that. It's linked into location-based dating site LoveStruck and founder Brett Harding came in and showed it to us. The dating site specialises in hooking up single professionals who work near to each other - with the intention of making dates more convenient.

It also provides a "filter" or barrier to entry in that members have to have a job. The site will also filters results for you according to what you're looking for: I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that mobile phones are a natural place for online dating - don't need to have it open on your work computer, it's that bit smaller and more private.

Fast dating using least-squares criteria and algorithms

And building location in is an interesting idea. Location is The Next Big Thing for mobile apps and while "nearby" apps telling you where the post office is are very useful - we're still waiting for apps to come up with innovative ideas for it. And this Lovestruck app sure is innovative.

If you let it track your location, and set it to alert you, it will send you a push notification when someone you might like is within a 50m, m or m radius of where you are. Say you're in the pub after work you can be notified that some guy you were chatting to is within 50metres of you. You can then message him through the app, or just wink. Apparently they're working on a Augmented Reality version of this too If this all sounds a bit more Terminator 3 than romantic, you can switch that off and just use the app to browse the site as you would from a computer.

In what is quite a complicated app, there are several layers of privacy: The defaults are all set to the most private settings so you won't accidentally find yourself winking at your boss. You can also set a status update letting people know that you're available for lunch or after work drinks. You can register for free and the site lets you look, wink and reply to messages on the free model. The app is free to anyone. Pending approval on the Apple store, the Lovestruck app will be out in a week, if you're interested register to the dating site here: Apps for Android and other platforms are apparently on the way too.

It's lunchtime and lawyer Jane Kelly is busy tapping away at her laptop in a crowded City sandwich bar. But she's not catching up with work, she's firing off an email to her date for the evening, a man she's never met but whose emails make her smile, as they arrange where and when to meet for a drink. According to the dating site Parship seven million Britons, half of all single people, will log on to find love this year. And they won't simply be looking to ward off temporary boredom or loneliness - one in five online daters will marry someone they meet online.

As Brett Harding, founder of Lovestruck says, ''the perception of online dating only being for the desperate vanishes when you discover your own friends are hard at it. As technology improves, searching for your perfect match online is becoming more sophisticated. Harding gleefully conjures up a brave new world of date-stamped profile pictures if you're in your forties, that glowing university summer ball picture just won't do and "real time" profiles. Instead of tedious paragraphs about your GSOH good sense of humour and love of long walks, your profile will be linked to Facebook and Twitter, so prospective partners can check out your credibility with friends, and even what you did at the weekend.

Alarmingly, Harding predicts a time when first dates will occur via a brutal-sounding video call, installed on your iPhone. If it's not, it makes sense not to waste each other's time,'' he says. Members will have avatars and will change their expressions and gestures by clicking a mouse. For many, this will probably be a techno step too far. What if one wrong click results in an unintended gesture? But today, even for the technology-phobic, there's no excuse to be home alone when the modern way of looking for love is so easy.

Vanessa Mason, from Kingston, works for the bridal magazine You and Your Wedding, but had given up hope of ever finding her life partner. Then she met Matthew, a marketing consultant, through Lovestruck "where busy people click" , a site that matches time-strapped City singletons by postcode. Matthew proposed on St Valentine's Day last year.


I really thought I was going to be left on the shelf with the ketchup. The prospect of yet another weekend alone finally propelled me into joining Lovestruck. The idea of finding love in your lunch hour appealed. There's the excuse of having to get back to work and the safety of daylight if it's clear that it's going nowhere. After my initial terror, I found myself lunching with up to three different men a week. We liked the photo of him looking rugged after climbing a mountain in Borneo and the fact he'd worked in Switzerland for six years, which is where I was brought up.

We met for a sandwich near our offices for our first date. It felt really natural. Every time we met, we just talked and talked. Instead of quick drinks after work, we had the whole day to chat and lounge in the sun. I think what really made me fall in love with Matthew was how he ended up chasing me — a bit of old-fashioned romance rather than just quick emails and rushed meetings.

When Matthew proposed, he got down on one knee in our favourite spot in Richmond Park and presented me with the most beautiful diamond ring. I burst into tears of happiness. We got married in August last year and our first baby is due this July. I'm so glad I did internet dating, because I never thought I could be as happy as I am now. I used to work in sales and I thought I could easily sell myself in three minutes.

But I came out feeling I'd laid myself open, bared my soul to strangers and gained nothing. Meeting Vanessa was the total opposite: She is just such an amazing person and we have so much in common — our upbringing, our values, a love of nature and the outdoors. It seems almost impossible that we could be so compatible and that we have found each other. My best friend has just got engaged thanks to finding a lovely lady on my dating site and a female friend is about to move in with a guy she met on there. Best of all we now have more than weddings and engagements to our name and those are just the ones we know about.

Last September I even received an e-mail from Vanessa, who used to work on Vogue magazine, to tell me that she'd met her Mr Right,. Matthew, through us and that they'd married in August. I decided to try internet dating a few years ago while I was a business consultant. I discovered quickly that the massive sites were full of single people but with no filter to allow me to quickly find like-minded professionals who worked in the same area as me. That's when I came up with Lovestruck, a dating site that would introduce professional singletons who worked near each other.

They could communicate via the site then test their chemistry over lunch with the genuine excuse that they had to get back to the office if it didn't work out. Three years later Lovestruck is now available to professionals and office workers in cities throughout the UK. We've had 40, members through our door with around 7, active on the site at any one time. Regardless of the weather or anything else, January is the best month to be single. If you've just come out of a long-term relationship, it can be hard to know where to begin getting back into the dating game.

Online dating, singles nights - there are no shortage of places for singletons to meet. But if you've been put off by speed dating and are unsure how to get back on the market, here are our tips for dating success:. Being newly single can mean that your network of friends has been cut in two with people you both knew feeling pressured to choose sides. Build up your social network again by saying "yes" to everything you are invited to, whether it's parties, dinners, gallery openings or sports events. If you haven't had a date since your split, make a late resolution to give logging on a go.

There are dating sites out there for every type of group, from age to race and religion. So whether you are after a like-minded City lesbian citypink. For workaholics who constantly check their watch or BlackBerry on a date, snack dating could be for you. Test the water with a mini date over coffee or a snack so you can briefly meet someone you like the look of without the stress of a full evening date.

A quick rendezvous at lunch means you don't have to commit to a whole evening and you can escape quickly if it's not working out.


This is also perfect for those who are nervy first daters. Singles wanting to meet for lunch, or even breakfast, can try London dating site lovestruck. Above all, take things slowly. You may even enjoy being single again, so make good use of your bachelor ette status. Betting on the unknown is something poker players and singles do every day. Both involve big risks, and you'll crash and burn if you can't tell the truth from a bluff. So in an effort to help the capital's singles improve their love chances, online gaming site and online dating site Lovestruck.

Patrick Binding, a year old education consultant from New Malden, went to the first event at the Hoxton Pony Club on Thursday to see if lady luck was on his side. He has been single for a year and has grown weary of trying to pick up girls in bars. Spotting two beautiful women buying drinks, he says: Property developer Lara Kler agrees. The year old from Wood Green describes herself as "painfully shy" but with her winning cards in hand, she's much more confident.

In fact, as she's speaking, the man Lara was sitting next to at the table walks up and gushes how "sweet and lovely" he thinks she is. Maybe he's shown his hand too early, but she doesn't seem to mind. And the event has succeeded where many other singles events fail: Any woman who's been speed-dating will tell you about the awkward 30 minutes of the evening she has spent standing like a wallflower because there are no men left. Having attended a number of singles events, Joanna Fanning, a banking PA from Friern Barnet, is pleasantly surprised by the ratio of the sexes: But tonight is very different.

The men seem more confident and it doesn't feel like a singles-only night. Dating expert and Lovestruck. A lot of bluffing goes on and you've got to be sure before you show your hand. Gambling with your heart may seem like a dangerous game but if you get it right, the rewards can be huge.

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Those in urgent need of romance will be delighted that Lovestruck. As you click your way through potential love matches, their FreeForLunch and FreeTonight buttons show who's available for lunch or drinks after work, so hot dates can be arranged without wasting a second. It should be a pleasurable experience, but it's astounding how often a first date turns out to be just the opposite. Then there was the vegetarian who was puce with outrage because I'd ordered a medium-rare steak.

And don't get me started on my nightmare evening with quite the dullest man in Christendom dehumidifiers anyone? As American comedian Jerry Seinfeld once put it: What is a date but a job interview that lasts all night? So what does constitute modern dating etiquette? The Pizza Express restaurant chain admittedly not the most obvious romantic destination recently polled 1, of its customers aged 18 and over and, if its results are anything to go by, it seems that the British are still a pretty traditional lot in matters of courtship. Good manners are rated as very important, as is a good sense of humour, but getting plastered is frowned on by both genders.

Men are more likely to be impressed by women who can't take their eyes off them and women still expect their date to pay the bill. More than 60 per cent of women said that it would contribute to a less pleasurable experience if they had to cough up, but then I'm guessing you didn't need a survey to tell you that. Boys, it's not about the money but the "I want to know I'm worth 50 quid" principle. Happily for women, nine out of 10 men who frequent Pizza Express do appear to have adjusted sufficiently and expect to pick up the tab.

In fact, Sam advises that, for a first date, you should avoid restaurants keep that for the third date and instead go out and do something. His preferred options are ice-skating and rock-climbing. If that sounds too dangerous, head for an art gallery. Talking in bitter detail about ex-partners is never wise. A successful date, on the other hand, brings up the prospect of a post-date "coffee".

Ah yes, the coffee routine: In fact, according to the survey, nationally only 13 per cent said they would stay on for breakfast at 16 per cent, they're a slightly racier lot in Scotland. Whether it's lack of opportunity, lack of stamina or - in the case of plus women - lack of a full complement of night creams, the older you are the less likely you'll be tempted to take it further than a kiss on the cheek. As for arranging a second date, 40 per cent of women see that as solely the man's job. Does such a snapshot survey really tell us anything? What about the many married couples who did extend their first date into the following morning?

Sleep with a man too soon and he won't think you're a keeper.

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Brett Harding, founder of Lovestruck. Fancy the guy you see in the coffee shop every lunchtime or got the hots for the girl you see in the car park after work every day? A new website could now see those furtive glances you exchange become an actual date. It's proved hugely successful since its launch in London last year, with 'lovestruckers' meeting for coffee, lunch or after-work drinks. And only two weeks after opening its doors in Dublin, 'LovestruckDubliners' are already making the most of this completely free service which could soon expand to Cork. You probably pass people you fancy every day and never speak to them and they might work just around the corner.

The site aims to prevent the chance of love - or lust - literally passing you by. The free dating site also lets members see who are 'free for lunch' or 'free tonight' - a quick email later and they could have a date.

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It's live second-to-second flirting, and a great way to break up - or end - the working day," said Brett. For the shy or work-conscious, the site also has an advanced privacy tool that allows their photo or narrative to be viewed at their discretion. Brett is keen to develop the site in Cork but first wants to gauge the level of interest here. Anyone who would like to use the service should email cork lovestruck. For more information, or to sign up, visit Lovestruck.

You've met the guys, gone on the dates, but somehow something's always been But could your dating demands be ruining your love life. We set up one reader with her 'dream' and 'nightmare' dates to put her to the test. So who did she pick? You're on your third date in a week, yet the man you're with looks exactly like the last two and has an uncanny resemblance to your ex.

It's time to ask: Scientists say we all have a genetic dating DNA that makes us go for a certain kind of man. It's partly our Dad's fault - if we have a good relationship with him, we're drawn to similar men. Our menstrual cycle also pays a part - at the beginning of our cycle, we go for bad boys, and, when we're ovulating, we want marriage material.

But, if we only go for one 'type' of man, could we be missing out on the right man? To test the theory, we asked one Company reader to go on two very different dates. With the help of dating site www. So which man will win her heart? The DNA-date tester Ellie Halls, 28, an events organiser from Buckinghamshire, tends to go for city slickers, who dress smart and talk smart. I'm sick of meeting the same men time and time again. But I don't know if I can change my type. The nightmare date 'Jazz Maverick' Time, 25, a website developer from Reading, is laid-back, arty and creative.

He describes himself as a music lover who loves sleep, gigs, the opera and arthouse films. I couldn't believe it when he called me just before the date to double-confirm the time he'd be there. I don't think anyone has been that courteous before. But, then, when he walked into the restaurant, my first impression was that he definitely wasn't my type. He had the indie, arty, band-frontman look, which i hate. But I thought I'd just go with it, as he was pretty handsome under the scruffiness. He made some interesting conversation and listened to what I had to say, which alot of guys aren't very good at.

We chatted about everything.

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The waiter even had to come back twice to take our order. The only turn-off was he seemed unsure of what to to and whether to order drinks, and I found myself taking the lead, which was strange. I'm used to a man being in control. The time flew by and, at the end of the night, I found myself wanting to stay longer.

I would have run a mile before, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well I got on with someone who wasn't part of my usual dating scene. The dream date 'City guru' Andy, 27, is a banker and Cambridge graduate from London. His profile says he wants to meet someone special, fun and down-to-earth to explore London with. He's also Ellie's ideal fun-loving city boy. When I arrived late, I was a bit flustered and couldn't find him.

But when I did, I could see exactly why he was picked for my dream date. He was wearing a suit and looked impeccably dressed. He went straight to the bar and ordered me a drink, which i really liked! Once we started talking, I felt he was a bit too nice, though. Although the conversation was easy, we just didn't seem to click, and I wasn't as engrossed as I was on the previous date.

I felt like I actually didn't have that much in common with Andy. It surprised me, considering he was, on paper, my ideal man. I sent him my email address, but I'm not sure I'll bother with a second date. The date has shown me that the stereotype I've been looking for might not be the right one. Or at least I don't have to stick to it quite so rigidly! Although I think I want a tall, dark handsome stranger - he's not in the same mould I had him in before. He might even be more of a creative, thoughtful type, after all.

I suppose I've learnt that the person I really want to date is someone I click with, rather than someone who fits into a certain list of characteristics. You can even find out who's free for lunch or drinks after work every day! Finding love in your lunch hour may sound like the name of a romantic comedy, but it's the basis of a new matchmaking website.

LovestruckDublin allows members to see who is 'free for lunch' or 'free tonight. If you're single and like the idea of instant gratification, this is for you. A new Manchester dating site offers just that, thanks to its unique ability to match you with other singles who live and work nearby. Members can click a button which reveals they're 'free for lunch' and 'free tonight', so you can be on a date within minutes of registering. Whatever happened to The Rules?

Captivated by the retro-cartoon graphics and multitude of witticisms, I signed up for the free two-day trial. As I've already found my perfect man, the plan is to take my photo-less profile down before it goes live, so I won't be regaling you with tales of mid-day rendezvous. But if one of you single readers would like to sign up and do so, fab! Please get in touch. The profile questions are the ones you'd expect: I entered Mansion House in honour of my husband , and hit Finish. In searching the Little Black Book cute, right? A further nine work by St.

Paul's, and another 19 work by Bank. In fact, the profile for one of the Bank guys is definitely going over to my catch of a single friend From there, we move west across London, past Victoria to Canary Wharf, which features more bachelors. Of course, the downside of meeting people around your office is that you'll run into them when getting lunch at Pret or stopping by the shoe repair place.

Looking for a last minute Valentine date? Check out internet dating site lovestruck. It caters for both straight and gay and has just introduced two new sections, "free for lunch" and "free tonight. Those stuck for a date this Valentine's can find a love match working just around the corner, thanks to some new features on the www.

Visit those pages, see who else is available there and ping off an email - who knows there could be a date waiting nearby for either lunch or after-work drinks. It's live second-to-second flirting," says site founder Brett Harding. I was really nervous the first time I agreed to a lunchdate, as often people can be very different from their written profile and photo. Luckily, he was actually better in the flesh and we really hit it off. Sadly, he had to move to the other side of the world. I was recently informed that I was Lovestruck. I'm finally enjoying the whole dating experience, it's also the easiest solution as I'm so busy with work.

I had a horrible feeling I was going to end up in a strange parallel universe of librarians, recluses and people who were afraid of daylight. But I eventually decided that if it didn't kill my love life then it should at least enhance it. So, in 20 minutes I was up on the site, and 10 minutes after that a normal yes, really and extremely pretty girl had, well, pushed my button. So I guess you could say I'm a convert.

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City singles looking for last-minute love could be just a click away from their dream date this Valentine's Day. They get marriage proposals, hundreds of messages and men falling over themselves for a date. So what are these four online daters doing that's so, so right? What makes her so wanted?

Jenni Trent Hughes, life coach and co-presenter of 'Perfect Match' says 'This is one of the best profiles I've ever seen. Clara's chatty writing style shows she's a unique and more importantly, interesting, woman.

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  7. You don't often come across a year old who's into adrenalin sports and listens to the Beach Boys - what's a guy not to like? If he's going to be bored after reading a paragraph about you, he certainly won't relish the prospect of a whole evening, so pick the most unique traits of your character for your profile and focus on them for your online dating profile. Clare Watson, celebrity stylist at tramp2vamp. Show us something cool.

    Tell us a story. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. LSD subscribe unsubscribe , readers users here now Community designated to Lysergic acid diethylamide LSD Welcome to this awesome subreddit! Be respectful to others 3. No Vendor "Name Dropping" or sourcing submissions.

    No user to user dealing. No referral links or URL shorteners 8. Don't post stealth details. No blackmail or extortion attempts. Osmond had become interested in hallucinogens and their relationship to mental illness in the s. During the s, he completed extensive studies of a number of drugs, including mescaline and LSD. As noted above, Osmond had some remarkable success in treating alcoholics with LSD.

    In May Osmond gave Huxley his first dose of mescaline at the Huxley home. In Huxley recorded his experiences in the landmark book The Doors of Perception ; the title was drawn from a quotation by British artist and poet William Blake. Alfred Matthew Hubbard is reputed to have introduced more than 6, people to LSD, including scientists, politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats, and church figures. He became known as the original "Captain Trips", travelling about with a leather case containing pharmaceutically pure LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin.

    He became a 'freelance' apostle for LSD in the early s after supposedly receiving an angelic vision telling him that something important to the future of mankind would soon be coming. At various times over the next 20 years, Hubbard also reportedly worked for the Canadian Special Services, the U. Justice Department and the U.

    How his government positions actually interacted with his work with LSD is unknown. Abramson of the Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory has developed a technique of serving dinner to a group of subjects, topping off the meal with a liqueur glass containing 40 micrograms of LSD. Gordon Wasson , the vice president of J.

    Morgan , published an article in Life magazine extolling the virtues of magic mushrooms. Leary claimed that using LSD with the right dosage, set what one brings to the experience , and setting, preferably with the guidance of professionals, could alter behavior in dramatic and beneficial ways. Leary began conducting experiments with psilocybin in on himself and a number of Harvard graduate students after trying hallucinogenic mushrooms used in Native American religious rituals while visiting Mexico. Leary claimed that his experiments produced no murders, suicides, psychotic breaks, or bad trips.

    Almost all of Leary's participants reported profound mystical experiences which they felt had a tremendously positive effect on their lives. While it is true that Leary's experiments did not lead to any murders, he willfully chose to ignore the bad trips which occurred, as well as the attempted suicide of a woman the day after she was given mescaline by Leary. By , the Harvard faculty's disapproval with Leary's experiments reached critical mass.

    Leary was informed that the CIA was monitoring his research see Government experiments below. Many of the other faculty members had harbored reservations about Leary's research, and parents began complaining to the university about Leary's distribution of hallucinogenic drugs to their children.

    Further, many undergraduate students who were not part of Leary's research program heard of the profound experiences other students had undergone and began taking LSD for recreational purposes which was not illegal. Leary described LSD as a potent aphrodisiac in an interview with Playboy magazine. Leary left the University for an extended amount of time during the spring semester, thus failing to fulfill his duties as professor. Leary and another Harvard psychologist, Richard Alpert , were dismissed from the University in In , they published The Psychedelic Experience: They then set up at a large private mansion owned by William Hitchcock, named after the small town in New York State where it is located, Millbrook, where they continued their experiments.

    Their research lost its controlled scientific character as the experiments transformed into LSD parties. Leary later wrote, "We saw ourselves as anthropologists from the twenty-first century inhabiting a time module set somewhere in the Dark Ages of the s. On this space colony, we were attempting to create a new paganism and a new dedication to life as art.

    A judge who expressed dislike for Dr. Leary's books sentenced him to 30 years in prison for possession of half a marijuana cigarette in violation of the Marihuana Tax Act of However, this decision was reversed in the U. Supreme Court case Timothy Leary v. United States U. Publicity surrounding the case further cemented Leary's growing reputation as a counter cultural guru. Leary refocused his efforts towards countering the tremendous amount of anti-LSD propaganda then being issued by the United States government, popularizing the slogan " Turn on, tune in, drop out.

    Historically, LSD was distributed not for profit, but because those who made and distributed it truly believed that the psychedelic experience could be beneficial for humanity, as it expanded the mind and could bring understanding and love. A limited number of chemists, probably fewer than a dozen, are believed to have manufactured nearly all of the illicit LSD available in the United States. Owsley's LSD activities — immortalized by Steely Dan in their song " Kid Charlemagne " — ended with his arrest at the end of , but some other manufacturers most likely operated continuously for 30 years or more.

    Kesey and Ginevra Smith. Kesey attended the University of Oregon 's School of Journalism, where he received a degree in speech and communication in , where he was also a brother of Beta Theta Pi. He was awarded a Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship in to enroll in the creative writing program at Stanford University , which he did the following year. Kesey's role as a medical guinea pig inspired him to write the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in The success of the book, as well as the sale of his residence at Stanford, allowed him to move to La Honda, California in the mountains west of Stanford University.

    He frequently entertained friends and many others with parties he called " Acid Tests " involving music such as Kesey's favorite band, The Warlocks, later known as the Grateful Dead , black lights , fluorescent paint, strobes and other " psychedelic " effects, and, of course, LSD. Cohen interviewed a subject while under the influence of LSD. In an interview with Cohen for the publication, Time magazine reported:. Cohen and other reputable researchers have been disturbed by what he calls the "beatnik microculture " and its abuses of LSD and other hallucinogens. The danger, he says, is that public reaction against oddball antics may set back serious research for many years.

    William Leonard Pickard earned a scholarship to Princeton University but dropped out after one term, instead preferring to hang out at Greenwich Village jazz clubs in New York City. In , he got a job as a research manager at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, a job he held until In December , a neighbor reported a strange chemical odor coming from an architectural shop at a Mountain View, California industrial park.

    Pickard was charged with manufacturing LSD and served five years in prison. By , Pickard had enrolled at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His studies focused on drug abuse in the former Soviet Union , where he theorized that the booming black market and many unemployed chemists could lead to a flood of the drug market.

    Hundreds of participants, including CIA agents, government employees, military personnel, prostitutes, members of the general public, and mental patients were given LSD, many without their knowledge or consent. The experiments often involved severe psychological torture. To guard against outward reactions, doctors conducted experiments in clinics and laboratories where subjects were monitored by EEG machines and had their words recorded.

    It would be decades before the U. Looking to replicate the effects of nerve gas created by the Germans during World War II without the toxicity, LSD was sought for use under the pretense that it could induce hysteria and psychoses, or at least an inability to fight without wholesale destruction of the enemy and their properties. Thousands of tests on willing research subjects took place at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, with the ultimate conclusion being that LSD was too unpredictable and uncontrollable for any tactical use. LSD began to be used recreationally in certain primarily medical circles.

    Mainly academics and medical professionals, who became acquainted with LSD in their work, began using it themselves and sharing it with friends and associates. Among the first to do so was British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond. LSD and the American Dream , has said that in the early days of its recreational use, LSD users who were at that time mostly academics and medical professionals fell into two broadly delineated groups. The first group, which was essentially conservative and exemplified by Aldous Huxley , felt that LSD was too powerful and too dangerous to allow its immediate and widespread introduction, and that its use ought to be restricted to the 'elite' members of society — artists, writers, scientists — who could mediate its gradual distribution throughout society.

    The second and more radical group, typified by Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary , felt that LSD had the power to revolutionize society and that it should be spread as widely as possible and be available to all.