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Generally, dating a rug within a quarter of a century will suffice. There is, however, one acceptation.

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About Rug Dating Part 1

The reason for this is because the tax regulations in some countries make acceptations for items that are considered antiques. One way of determining when a rug was made is by examining the pieces that make up the rug. Determining the age of a rug by its weave and design can only be done by an expert, as it requires extensive knowledge.

Just because a rug looks ragged does not necessarily mean that it is old. It is much more reliable to determine the age of a rug by looking at how the colors have changed. Do you have an antique item and need more information? An email has been sent with a link to confirm list signup. All Access Collectors Journal. What's Included As a current print subscriber, you can opt-in for All Access at any time.

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    TurkoTek Discussion Forums - The Dating Game, featuring "Baluch" rugs

    All of the above. To view our latest e-Edition click the image on the left. Fri, Jan 18, Country store, advertising, advertising signs, clocks, thermometers, hood ornaments, oil cans. This term applies to hand-woven rugs and refers to the number of knots per square inch KPSI. In some Persian rugs, this is measured in Raj and Chinese uses a different nomenclature with line counts.

    The line count is the number of knots in the linear foot measured across the width of the rug. Images of the fringe and finished edges of an Oriental rug are helpful to determine the country of origin as weavers in different countries use different traditional finishing techniques. The material of the rug, most often cotton but sometimes silk, also contributes to the value.

    Figuring Out The Age Of A Rug

    Being able to confirm those identifying details is crucial to accurately valuing rugs as differences in their price range is measured in thousands of dollars. The variance was a result of inaccurate submitted information which conflicted with images of the claimed item. It is important to look for damage—color runs, faults or any other clear depictions of problems—within images of an Oriental rug to make determinations about the feasibility of restoration. A hand-woven rug that has tears in localized areas can effectively be repaired with little or no diminution in value.

    That said, damage to rugs can be difficult to see in images. A shadow may be misperceived for a water stain. Taking good inspection notes as well as pointing to areas of damages with a finger or pen and measuring areas of damage by showing a ruler or measuring tape in photos to highlight specific areas is extremely helpful.


    Tags on rugs often have useful information on them such as brand and manufacturer names, materials, and dimensions. Hand-woven rugs will sometimes have an importers tag specifying the country of origin. Not all rugs have these tags but if there is one, it will likely be on the underside of one of the corners.

    A rug appraisal or certificate of authenticity can be useful documentation to look for in the appraisal process. However, these documents can be written by both qualified and unqualified people.

    Don’t Sweep it Under: Best Practices for Valuing Oriental Rugs

    The Oriental rug market is largely an uncontrolled market that features a lot of negotiation between buyers and sellers. Tags often have the full list price on them and insureds will submit those as the claimed value. Some buyers, particularly ones who acquired the rug as part of a tour group, may have overpaid by a significant amount.