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It aims at helping to adapt the electricity grid, which has grown over decades, to the requirements of the energy transition.

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The grid operator uses computer simulations of the power flows in the grid for the expansion. With the new system, these flows can be accelerated more than 30 times. Power fluctuations in wind turbines push electricity grids to their limits Copyright: This leaves more time to analyse the calculation results in further dimensions and to obtain new findings.

Besides, some calculations have only become possible with the introduction of the new system, which is why we consider the cooperation with the JSC to be extraordinarily successful," explains Stefan Schuh, who is responsible for the cooperation on the part of TenneT. The grid operator uses extensive simulation tools to plan the construction and dimensioning of new power lines.

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Due to grid bottlenecks, the output power of power plants, wind turbines and photovoltaic systems must on occasion be temporarily limited in order to stabilise grid operation. However, curtailing of renewable energies only takes place in an emergency, as a last measure, in case of permanent overload.

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