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  1. Off The Market! KTN News Anchor Sophia Wanuna Gets Engaged
  2. 8 Things You Need To Know about KTN’s Sophia Wanuna’s Super-Rich Boyfriend (Photos)
  3. Love life and Marriage (Wedding in the Pipeline)

This is a just but a few, I cannot exhaust the list is long. Sophia wanuna images on social media and even on KTN News show a reflection of a beauty with brains.

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We all agree on one this, the lass is beautiful; the creator must have spend a while on her or should I dig deeper to know where she got her good genes from. I will be unveiling that later. However, Sophia Wanuna must equally have been an attentive student in her mass Communication class. This is because she is flawless in all areas of anchoring and reporting.

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  8. The gal, Sophia Wanuna prefers to keep her life low but being a prominent media personality it is hard to do so. The school is dubbed Mitchez by the younger generation.

    Off The Market! KTN News Anchor Sophia Wanuna Gets Engaged

    Madam Wanuna had strong acumen in languages both written and spoken a virtue her teachers has noted with this beautiful woman. Although, this school was catholic sponsored, she lead the Christian Union in the capacity of a chairperson. She schooled alongside Nancy Wanjiku — Shiks Kapienga. She later went to media school and is now a seasoned anchor. This is probably what is should have began on. Is Sophia Wanuna Married?

    8 Things You Need To Know about KTN’s Sophia Wanuna’s Super-Rich Boyfriend (Photos)

    Early , Mutai was exposed by a certain user on social media- a Diana Okello, who purported to be his ex-girl. She told social media of how Mutai used women- lying that he was hurt in the past by his ex-fiance and was looking to settle down with a serious woman. After sex, he would run like a deer. Never to be seen again. Wanuna has previously come under attack on social media after she was accused of dressing indecently. Talking to a blogger after the incident, Wanuna said that she had spent the whole day at her house, crying.

    Education - Schooled With Shiks Kapienga and Was CU Chair

    Ben Pol's funny ex-lover claims singer is with Anerlisa Muigai for her money and not love. Akothee's younger ex-lover faints, rushed to hospital after being dumped by new bae.

    Love life and Marriage (Wedding in the Pipeline)

    Gospel singer Willy Paul narrates how he narrowly survived 14 Riverside Drive attack. Former TPF contestant Josh and his wife introduce newborn daughter to fans for the first time.

    Ringtone interview with Sophia Wanuna 15.11.2013

    Confusion as another car bearing same registration with one used by terrorist is found in Kitengela.