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  1. After embarrassing setback, Aarhus light rail gets new opening date… maybe
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There is a serious problem in this country. Education is great, but there are some subjects missing. The international community — in this case a bunch of desperate female students — is concerned about this and we think Danish authorities should address this problem as soon as possible. Harder than exams and the cold winter, dating in Denmark is a struggle that none of us expected to be so difficult.

After embarrassing setback, Aarhus light rail gets new opening date… maybe

Once you get over the idea of talking to a man who has far less arm hair than you do, a quest of confusion begins. Julie Aelbrecht from Belgium. I feel you, sister. There are plenty of other cultures that find Danish mating strategies rather… different. Apparently, finding a Danish boyfriend is as hard as finding rare elephants. Also Alison Haywood , a student from the United States, faces problems when it comes to dating a Dane: I thought maybe there was something wrong with me!

You just have to look nice, flash your eyes and smile a little bit. But in Cuba it seems to me that the conversation at least has some logic and a flow. Not everything is decided from the start: Even for a one-night stand, there have to be some kind of games. You have to play and flirt — not only with your words, but also with your body and your eyes. Here in Denmark, when my eyes say: Ida Sorbye, a Norwegian student in Aarhus, tried to explain the phenomenon to me.

When a guy passes by I already know by the way he looks at me if he is interested.

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Just say yes or no. When you see a pink elephant, just shoot. Your cloud-castles can be easily destroyed, since the only reason behind his interest in you might be the boredom he is dying from this very evening.

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And besides these cloud-castles, Danish men often simply do not seem to realize you are flirting with them. Imagine the disappointment when, after having spent all your charming skills, it turns out everything happened only in your head. Then, one lunch break, he starts talking about moving in with his girlfriend.

While I am not exactly the smoothest criminal out there, I do believe that I had rarely been that wrong. Alison Haywood from the United States.

How can you prepare for CompanyDATING?

This literally happened like seven times. It was a major blow to my self-esteem! The fish in Aarhus bites slowly. On first sight it seems nothing is happening. But at the right timing things can get interesting.

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Good days are when there are some festivals or events in the city or simply on a warm day. The best way to be active in Aarhus is to participate in a group initiative. This way you meet like minded people and chances are they know some hot singles.

Aarhus Dating

So if luck is on your side, you could meet them along with their single friend and it will be easy getting an introduction. Beer is your Good friend. Personally I hate beer, but beer is your best friend.

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The magic begins to happen as people start warming up and chit chatting. This is your chance for small talk with a complete stranger. There are several cocktail bars in the city and the cool ones are frequented by beautiful singles. By the time you hit the bar, singles will be in a good mood and this is a time to start small talk to singles. Hit the dance floor. This works if you know how to dance and if your target partner likes it too. A good dance is a potential date, if done well and with grace.

Speed dating aarhus

There is that one single with a lonely look despite the happy smiles. Approach and just talk some superficial staff. If they want you, they will hint for you to go for coffee at their place or go somewhere else with you. This is a jackpot. This is the most common type of sex amongst singles. Frankly, in most cases it sucks. But if one gets lucky, it can work.

This is the part which tells you if the person wants to see u again, or where u draw the line. So if the person cares, they will try and make u comfortable, suggest a breakfast, to listen to some music. It can get odd.. Well this is where most people get dates unfortunately.