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  1. Allowed marlin 336 rifle serial number dating
  2. Age of Marlin Model 60?
  3. Age of Marlin Model 60?
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Either that, or perhaps eagle is correct.

Allowed marlin 336 rifle serial number dating

Johnny Ringo , Feb 24, Feb 24, 4. I would think the chances of getting a JM barrel made by Remington would be low but I could be wrong. Through my limited research I never read they still stamped the barrels JM after Remington got involved. Could be the purist's are making a big deal about them over nothing? Maybe they did turn out some 'bad' ones early on and have figured it out by now? I don't know the answers but they are something to consider and investigate before buying. Feb 24, 5. When you have a couple centuries collective experience making one particular brand all go away, yeah, it does make a difference.

Remington guys may know every little quirk about making s, but a lever action is a completely different animal. MrMurphy , Feb 24, Feb 24, 6. Be careful with late production JM guns.

Age of Marlin Model 60?

Some are just terrible. I was truly ashamed of myself for buying it. I do not know at what date things began to really slide before the Remington purchase. Feb 24, 7.

Age of Marlin Model 60?

I did have a Marlin SS REP stamped that I bought in that was a decent rifle good fit and finish, accurate, nice walnut stock set. I sold it to fund another purchase, not due to any quality issue with the rifle. I did take a hit on price due to the rumor mill. That said, there were some posters on the MO forum that had some problems with their rifles, after Remington the Freedom Group bought Marlin, due to quality control. The issues were probably due to moving the operation, new equipment vs legacy equipment, training curve for new workers, etc.

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In the past year, the rifle quality of those that I have looked at appears to be getting back on track. Others have reported the same on the MO forum. Best suggestion I can give is to carefully look at them to make your own decision prior to purchase.

Feb 24, 8. Feb 24, 9. Feb 24, If it doesn't have the cross bolt safety and still in good shape its good to go in my book. I own several pre Remington Marlin rifles. I really don't need to know serial numbers just look at the rifle.

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Marlin always sanded the tang of the receiver with the wood stock for a prefect fit of metal to wood. If you see gaps let some else buy it. Look at older Marlins at gun shows and gun shops and once you see what the older Marlins look like you will be able to spot a Remington Marlin. Remington can build good stuff so do know why they suck at leveraction or when they will finally figure it out.

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Dating Marlin Serial Numbers | ВКонтакте

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