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Posted by kikawaiii on September 20, in Fact , Gallery. And you had the good acting in SKKS! Hope your effort will be successful…. Song Joong Ki im your phiipine fan i wish u came up in the philipine belated happy b-day. He is indeed the nice guy that can not be found anywhere else in the world! I hv no chance to joint his meet fan in Bangkok during beginning of this year.

Hope fully may be later and hv time to see his new drama in coming. Wld like to bring him a good luck. During The Innocent Man on prog. Hope fully that really have such a good guy in this world. Song Joong Ki even though this is my first time to see yr drama but I realized that yr acting was accepted.

SISTAR′s Bora Denies Dating Rumor with Sam Ku

I love it so much. And congratultions for yr KBS reward. During the Innocent Man on air I must struggle to sort out the latest one. Because in Thailand u must wait at least days to see that episode. Especially to last one. Hope that hv a chance to see during my trip to Korea recently. At this moment still wait for yr new drama and hope that keep the same couple of The Innocent Man. Both of u go together quite nice. My heart skipped a bit though.

But still love him! Love his role in sungkyungkwan scandal the most. Hello, my name is Menard. From then I became the big fun of yours. I really appreaciate it. Its complicated but you will learn something from it. I admire your being a good looking guy, smart, nice and frienddly person.

I may not meet you personally but through the social media it helps me a lot. Just continue what you have started. Just keep up the good work. Just enjoy and be happy all the time.

55 Facts of Song Joong Ki (Part 1)

I hope I could meet you personally in the near future. When the time comes, I could take a picture of you…goodluck, thanks for being an inspiration, Song Joong Ki!!! I really admire him.. Song joong ki OPPA sarangeo ,,,,oppa cute banget deh.. Hello soonj joong ki pretty boy. Reblogged this on mawaddahindah and commented: I thought he is also a fan of Dara of 2ne1…and alsoI really miss him I want to see him again in running man T.

Idols’ Ideal Types Compilation: SISTAR • Kpopmap

Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group? Please let me know. Reblogged this on annjvmikerainie and commented: Reblogged this on imjustasinnersavedbyHisgrace. Rica Reambonanza Montilla Ki Aile. A Filipina Fan here!! More Movie to come.. Oh my gosh you are so handsome and charming hope.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do you want to become the ideal type of your bias? APink Here is a compilation of ideal type characteristics revealed by our bias of the day. Idol Ideal Type of the Day: Ideal Types Descriptions HyoLyn: Someone who will put his all into loving her; Someone who takes care of her and helps her take care of things; Someone organized; Someone manly BoRa: Even a chef is more famous.

Ong Seongwoo Says Hello To Instagram With Alluring Photos

That's what people do to make themselves feel better. It's just like saying "I'm not racist, but It's obvious that they're basing 'she can do so much better' because she's so much better looking.

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I love Bora, she's amazing but her hotness doesn't imply that she's better than him. I dunno if i should fl weird or what since it's my bias' first dating rumour n tht shutting down frm starship was oooh damn harsh haha. I hate it when they comment in such a manner.

Because he's not handsome? Is handsomeness the only indicator for a successful relationship? If Bora is really dating him, then maybe to her he is handsome Probably marketing for his name. Jay Park is so far from song Joong Ki. Thursday, April 30, Bora denies dating rumors with Sam Gu. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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