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Min-young trudges out of work, thinking wistfully that chatting with Seung-pyo used to be the best for days like this. Today she just walks on, which goes noticed by just about everyone in the restaurant. In particular the two loan shark minions, who decide to get involved.

They plead for her not to let on that she knows, and she agrees. These two lugheads are such doofs, but cute. Byung-hoon follows Chul-soo into the elevator, which then gets roped off with a construction sign. Byung-hoon feigns shock when the elevator stops, and watching from the surveillance van, Min-young notes that the boss sure has terrible acting skills. Byung-hoon clocks his response and sends a wink at the camera, straight at Min-young, who gets a little moony-eyed in response.

With the seed thus planted, the elevator doors open and let the men out. He comments that Chul-soo is well-prepared mentally for the future say, in the event of his death , and therefore he has nothing to fear. So why not live in the moment, with the person you love? Seung-pyo broods, his thoughts on his meeting with Yi-seol, which we see in flashback: She comments on his very dramatic first meeting with Do-il, back in the days when Do-il had been taking out loans left and right to keep the theater afloat.

Almost on cue, Chul-soo pulls up to the hospital just as Moo-jin is apprising his grandmother of the latest developments. She chuckles that all they need is a kiss scene to finish off this scenario, and Moo-jin sets the mood with a song product placement opportunity! Hae-shim takes a long moment to absorb his explanation… and then laughs. Standing in the empty theater, Seung-pyo relives the moment he first saw it, back when he was in the loan shark business. To that end, Do-il insists on flying over to England right away to talk him into returning.

That pushes his anger over the edge, and Seung-pyo shoves Byung-hoon against the wall. I do appreciate that it gave us a twist at the end, because otherwise it would have seemed too plain and straightforward, and inserted purely as metaphor fodder. After all, its real purpose was to set the stage for the past conflict to come to the fore, and to force Byung-hoon to address some of his own residual guilt.

And on that front I think it works pretty well. The living have to keep living. As opposed to the kind of drama where the first love setup is really laid in there. But when the episode revealed the reason for the visit, well, I admit my heart gave a little squeeze, and that was the mark of a great conflict. Because yeah, Byung-hoon was selfish and self-absorbed, as all of his friends have pointed out, and fixated only on his career. So when you see that Do-il ran into debt to save the theater, so that he could bring Byung-hoon back, so that they could work together… awww.

What made him identify so strongly with Do-il that he wanted to mend his ways, set up shop next door, and now hold Byung-hoon responsible for the death? Your email address will not be published. I am so happy to hear I was not the only one not to care about the couple being set up this week. For me this episode was lacking, and I do not know why. We got some clarity on Master, and backstory on Byung-hoon on Do-il.

I think I there was not enough cute between our main characters, and when it comes to Cyrano the more cute the better!!! Some people have discussed it on yahoo forum, it's related to the website's being illegal and such: I enjoyed this episode, as usual, yay for a consistantly good show!

Hong Jong-hyun - Wikipedia

My heart hurt for him so bad when he finally decided to go for it and the nurse shot him down hard. I'm guessing that Master was the last loan shark for Do il, and was how Do il was able to consolidate his debts, and now Byung hoon is paying it to Master though he doesn't know it's him.

Still unsure of what Master'smotives actually are. Also, is anyone else creeped out at how Master is trying to hire the agency? I'm not sure which part exactly makes it creepy, other than his menace towards BH. I don't know why, but when I saw Do il talking on the phone with Byung Hoon I had the feeling that he wasn't such a great person and friend. Perhaps it's because I want him to be an ass, too, but this thing of Byung Hoon being the selfish friend I mean, I'm sure he was selfish, but I don't think Do il was as good as they're portraying him.

I know he can be such a cold rude guy to BH, but when he faces MY, it's like all that cold and rudeness fade away. I just love their relationship. He is the most complex character in this drama.

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I just have this feeling that he's not evil and has some hidden goodness. Still waters run deep. His stoic face may be a put up front to hide many emotions - and secrets. He has a traumatic back story. We see his inner loneliness and despair, and want him to turn out to be a good guy in the end, even after he commits irretrievably evil acts.

Female viewers may yearn to personally reform him. We always see him shirtless at least once, and are better for it. Finally we get some answers when it comes to Master and why he's a complete dick towards BH. Also for what happened between Do-Il and BH. But I can't help feeling pissed at Master.

Where the hell does he get off blaming BH?

He doesn't know the story and that just makes me so pissed. It's like an Austin novel up in this piece. Somebody draw this man a story map! Personally, I thought this ep was a bit boring.

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I was upset when I realized the case with the nurse and the firefighter is continuing to another ep. I'm just not invested in their story. Yuck at the nurse and firefighter story. I particularly hate the nurse' rejection of the firefighter she's been mooning over forever.

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She seems so silly. I don't think it was Byung Hoon being selfish that made him not want to comeback to work with Do-Il. I think he used the theatre as an excuse to leave because being around Do-Il and Yi Seul was painful. I think BH purposefully pulled away and Do-Il just missed his friend and didn't understand why he was distancing himself. I agree with that plot point.

In another words he played Noble Idiot, and second lead, so he went to a foreign country as all of the second leads did. K so I just found out dramacrazy just shutdown their website Anti-dramafever after the whole grr. Anti-campaign after they tried to shut down dramabeans even though dramabeans didn't take from their website.

And after dramabeans promoted them. It's similar to dramacrazy , and, I think, somewhat better organized. Here are some places to go to: Dramacrazy and their speedyjoe vids will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for all the good times! I was always grateful to speedyjoe and imagined an Asian geeky guy in the basement putting up multiple videos on dramacrazy with a demonic speed. That site had Japanese dramas, movies, everything.

For the former, everything made sense until the ending. But I do appreciate that there is a twist because otherwise I was finding it a bit boring and just another convenient story for the main characters. I wanted Seung-pyo to be the good guy who is helping BH get over his residual guilt but I don't think that's where the story is going. I enjoy the lightness of this show mixed in with a bit of conflict and so far it's been doing a great job at maintaining that.

The nurse becomes clear in the next episode. Watch it Because her character write up doesn't match. Omg, did you know guys that they shut down dramacrazy? I've been shocked the whole day, if you have suggestions, other than dramafever cause I don't live in USA please tell me, I was totally relying on dramacrazy. Thank you dramabeans, at least, there is still your website, I can read the recap.

This was a shock! I wonder what happened I watch from that site too, it actually posts things a bit faster than good drama: You can try Viki, though not all of their dramas are available worldwide but a good chunk of them are. I just found out. Someone posted on their FB page that DF is responsible again.

Naturally, I sent them a message and a tweet and emails will follow because they're too much. I don't have access to viki and I was always watching on DC. You could try youtube.. Lol You forgot to mention who Byung Hoon said he loved in the elevator: I am so happy for Moo Jin and Hye Ri, he really has come out of his shell for her. I thought the reference was to Min Young's actress's actual name, which I thought was awesome. Actually, I think it's a reference to both. Jong Hyuk was one of the main casts in the drama. You should search it up, it's hilarious.

And, Byung Hoon's I love you Sooyoung is one of the best moments of this episode. Ah, I vaguely recall that.

Hong Jong-hyun

I didn't realize it was Sooyoung on there as I wanted to forget most of that drama: I am wondering if dramacrazy has suffered the same fate of daebaksubs - getting shut down by third party entities due to supposed copyright issues? Dramacrazy had so many shows and not just k-drama!!! And yes, that sucks. Our browser is our best friend. Such a shame, i have been following them since forever. Before viki that was pretty much my main source for everything. Yeah, there are other sources, but i like the fact they always had different links, was safe, and plenty of shows -- not just k-dramas.

Byung-hoon is definitely feeling a similar guilt to the firefighter i bet. After Il Doo met Seung-pyo to borrow money, they fell in love with each other. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Meanwhile I was holding his cock and balls. Reinstall the lug into its slot, steal a wipe of the grease from the fuse block and coat your new lug. The figurine is small enough to fit into the chamber used for cyranoo. We emailed back and forth for a while, and then I stopped hearing from him.

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