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The idea of a friend zone is incredibly frustrating to the guys who are pursuing God and seeking to honor Him in how they go about relationships because when a guy is exiled to the friend zone, he is prevented from stepping up and pursuing the girl who has exiled him. Effectively, the friend zone hinders him from practicing godly masculinity and assuming the role that God created for him, since the girl refuses to see him as anything more than a mere friend. For examples of godly masculinity, see Gen 39; Ruth 2: The whole idea of a friend zone nominalizes the godly guys who are seeking to honor God in how they pursue girls.

Actually, it aids and abets Christian players, guys who will take advantage of the friend zone to date girls without commitment or accountability. The friend zone encourages guys not to lead in relationships, and instead to lead girls around in a circle Note the contrast between 2 Tim 3: The primary goal of male and female relationships is marriage. The Bible actually speaks against these types of relationships after marriage, as it is from these relationships that the majority of adulterous relationships spring Prov.

A married man does not need an emotional connection on any level with any woman other than his wife, his daughters, and, maybe at a much lower level, his mom. This is the very essence of the one-flesh union and being a one-woman man Gen. If he is looking for one woman with whom to connect at every level, why would he exhaust himself by putting time and effort into relationships for which he knows there is and can be no future? Generally, men do not initiate and cultivate friendships with women with whom they do not enjoy interacting. The entire idea of the friend zone is unbiblical.

It is good, healthy and God-honoring for a brother in Christ to notice and pursue a sister in Christ with the intent of marriage. And, if we are honest with ourselves, we all long to be pursued. God appointed men to be the pursuers in relationships Eph 5: This means that the guy is the quarterback of the friendship and the initiator of the changes to the relationship, including the communication of his intentions. Before he initiates romance in any form, he must settle his intentions in his own mind.

He is responsible for ensuring that things do not simply change because he is fickle and cannot make up his mind. It makes life so much easier and more organized. So eliminating the friend zone means more work: Guarding your hearts Prov.

How Christian Men Should Respond To Getting 'Friend Zoned'

When a godly guy wants to pursue you, he will make it known. Will Todd and Amy make it as friends, as a couple? It depends on Todd stepping up, in the God-ordained time, and repenting of passivity to pursue this friend who intrigues him. It depends on Amy repenting of living in the lie of the friend zone, so that she can interact with Todd as the man God created him to be.

Will they find the love and marriage that they both long for? It depends on them. And so your future depends on your willingness to reshape your thinking to what is biblical and God-honoring in relationships, rather than worldly ideas that are easier. I had never thought about the friend zone in this way before. It will change the way I disciple girls and raise my daughters! I pray this will be a wake-up call to so many young men and women today and that we will search the Scriptures for our guidance as you guys have given that example. Once again, thank you. Some feminists like myself are interested in freeing women from various forms of oppression, so that they might actually be treated with dignity.

This article is a ridiculously ignorant and small-minded approach to relationships. I honestly believe that the way the American church paints guy-girl relationships is an insult to what Christ came to do on this earth. He built relationships left and right, yet never married nor did His disciples. I would be thrilled to pieces if I actually heard people talk about relationships the way that Christ talked about them. Instead we are left with this youth group approach, which in my personal opinion and experience leaves people empty and unfulfilled.

Youth group leaders across the country are doing a disservice to young people by saying that girls are little princesses waiting to be pursued and boys are dashing heroes waiting to rescue some damsel in distress. And it leaves people crippled when all their expectations lay unmet. More importantly, it continues to evade REAL issues of loving your neighbor, helping the poor, feeding the hungry and seeking justice. Scripture speaks waaaaay more on these things than it talks about how girls and guys should romantically relate to one another. We need to stop looking at every man or every woman as a potential spouse and start living as Christ asked us to live and serving as Christ asked us to serve.

And we desperately need to elevate ourselves above these narrow-minded ideas of love. It disgusts and disturbs me to think that anyone in this day is misusing the bible to push their sexist agendas. Putting God above all things. This is no over-reaction, and your argument about being slow to anger is logically invalid.

Ok, to be honest, Lauren raises some good points, but also some misjudged points. And often she does not provide any background evidence for how she developed these ideas. It meant women had a choice against the choices of men. How a Christian man acts is according to his character- and the Bible talks about sex at the appropriate time, for marriage. However, we must be careful not to confuse love and relationships with romance. We are to love everybody, through our relationships with everyone. But romantic love and romantic relationships are designed for marriage.

Or rather, marriage is designed for romantic intimacy and commitment between a man and woman, in a loving relationship. Everything you can think of that intimately involves one man and woman together, must be aimed at marriage. There is nothing fake about that. However, I think Lauren may be confused as to the main reason why Christ came to earth.

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I believe most people have that misconception. Christ did not come with the same frame of mind that we have nowadays. We put romantic relationships as a priority in our lives because we are selfish and have sexual desires. However, Christ did not have this focus. Now with such a weight on his shoulders, do you think Christ had any room for marriage? He treated everyone as brothers and sisters, and did not seek women for intimacy. If youth group leaders are teaching this, they are not doing the right thing. This is a result of culture, not the Bible. It has no relevance to this article, however it is a separate issue that needs to be addressed.

And she pretty much nailed it on the head. Also the statement of youth group leaders.

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Once again you are right that its subjective. All statements are because we are fallable finite beings. But we can still make statements that seem to generally hold true.

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  • Certainly there are some amazing youth group leaders some femenist ones I might add. Women SHOULD be treated as equals, and they absolutely should be supported in choosing something other than what someone else has decided for them. It is particularly horrible that the term implies that to be friends with someone is a terrible outcome.

    I agree with most of what you were saying. Thank you for commenting!

    Why The Friend Zone Exists

    I should hope not — else how are these guys going to learn anything about how to relate to a woman? If one is not allowed friends of other genders, how is one to practise treating them with respect and fairness? This article states that it is wrong to view guys as friends and suggests that males and females are only right when in a romantic relationship, which is absurd.

    It states that guys should be considered as future spouses. This idea seems more unbiblical than cultivating friendships, it seems selfish. Yes we should be open to different guys, but we should not deny friendship either. If it is meant to be, the friendship would eventually turn into dating, at which point the male could begin pursuing.

    Just because they are not married to a certain woman, it does not follow that there is no future to their friendship. Nicole and Chelsea, Thanks for grappling with this issue with me — I so appreciate your input. Please hear me that I am not saying that it is wrong to view guys as friends. What God led me to, in writing these 2 articles, is that guys and girls cannot be friends in the way that a girl is friends with other girls or a guy is friends with other guys. This is true because God created men and women wonderfully different and complementary. The lie of the friend zone is that men and women can be close friends without sex or emotion ever entering the picture — which is simply not true of men and women.

    Men and women can be friends, but within biblical guidelines and with accountability for their friendship. The elimination of the friend zone is the selfless act of the god-fearing girl to draw clear boundaries for what her relationship to a godly guy is and is not. I hope that clears up any confusion.

    10 don’ts guys do that land them in the Friendzone

    You can read the friendship guidelines http: You say that God led you to write these, but they are ungodly in their essence, and immoral in their intent. You are perpetuating harmful ways of life, and preventing harmony in human interaction. This is an incredibly harmful thing to say. One needs to be encouraged to explore and express their emotions, not treat others like robots. That would suggest to me that he thought people totally could have emotional friendships without sex needing to be a concern.

    This was such a thorough and biblical insight and shed so much light and encouragement to my role as a man and knowing that my actions were to honour God. May God continue to bless you and this ministry. Woah… completely blew my mind… pretty much agree entirely… never even thought of the friend zone in that way before.. How about lack of any sex drive at all?

    How about parental demands as to your partner choice? You forget that men also put women in the friendzone, usually due to lack of physical attraction. The Bible does not seem to be even remotely close to a manuel on marriage. If you really do come into a season of waiting, we only really have two options—stick through it or give up.

    Navigating The Friend Zone - That Crazy Christian Romance

    And maybe you might have to give up on the person, but you don't necessarily have to give up on your hopes of marriage. Just because someone rejects you, it doesn't have to be a reason to harbour bitterness in your heart. One of the lies the enemy wants Christian bachelors to believe is that when rejected, you also have to reject them. That's not always the case. In God's kingdom there is very little reason to burn bridges. God is a God of thriving friendships and church community, thus giving room for forgiveness to happen.

    But maybe sometimes the friend zone is really not a step towards courtship. Maybe it's really just a polite way of someone turning you down. If someone turns you down romantically, it's not the end of the world. It just means the person just might really not be for you. Even when we are rejected in the natural, it doesn't mean we're worthless because God has not rejected us. Do you not know what the Scripture says of Elijah, how he appeals to God against Israel?

    Pexels You meet a girl at church. Consider Whether It's A Necessary Season We live in a world that promises so many instant things — instant gratification, instant relationships, instant marriages, instant noodles, and so on. If It's In Your Heart, Persevere If you really do come into a season of waiting, we only really have two options—stick through it or give up.

    Refuse To Harbour Bitterness Just because someone rejects you, it doesn't have to be a reason to harbour bitterness in your heart. Anchor it firmly on Christ. Most Read Doctor Strange director says Christians are not the solution but the 'core problem' in America Donald Trump says religious freedom is 'under attack' Open Doors report: