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Graduated Team S - Mukaida Manatsu (Manatsu)

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It's just that even when the management pushed her and the fans as well, the problem was with her. She didn't push herself because she didn't' want it. SKE valued her and started recently adding her to 2nd row in lineups as part of the future generation of SKE.

[AKB149恋愛総選挙] 向田茉夏 キス&神告白 [Mukaida Manatsu] SKE48 AKB1/149

They always wanted her to be, long before that actually. So it sucks that she's graduating now of all times. Even though, I find it kinda rude? It's like "oh you don't wanna be part of our future gen, then we wont waste anymore time on you when we could use it to promote our new air drops" like she doesn't deserve that spot for a goodbye; she's prominent member, she's been there from the early start of SKE and is recognized by fans very well. Jul 14, Location: It was just that one move with the single I didn't like, for all I care they could force her into it XD.

Apr 4, Location: Somewhere in the SEA.

So the 2nd gens came and performed a song with her on her graduation stage. I need to watch this stage and I'm definitely gonna miss her. I'm getting teary eyed just seeing the pics. Sep 21, Location: MrMojo , Mar 24, Sucks as hell that she couldn't get a final farewell at her own graduation concert.

SKE48 Mukaida Manatsu’s graduation message in a form of a special message to Yuria fans

I didn't feel like that last day of the SKE tour was a special goodbye. T , I love it on her, it just shows how much Manatsu's so grown up and matured from the first time she stood on stage, and the more I see her the more I feel like Acchan is standing there instead, I guess there won't be anymore of that though. Manazashi Sayonara Manatsu-Riho version [vimeo]http: Oct 27, Oshimen: Did someone says update?

There's a circulating news rumor? Some speculate it's the reason for graduation. Whatever it is she made it out of SKE safely and that's all personal stuff after graduation. Manatsu had been showing signs of lack of interests on being an idol long before she announced her graduation. We clearly don't know when the guy appeared but maybe that was the last straw for her to quit being an idol, anyway whether she decided to graduate just to date or to graduate to really do her studies or do both, we clearly wouldn't really know.

Thing is she abided by the rules up until the last day, she wasn't caught or whatever.