Tom pelphrey dating stephanie gatschet

Is Tom Pelphrey Married?

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I love Gina, but it obviously wasn't meant to be with Tom and the two have reconciled their differences. I also heard about the cheating rumors. Gina seems to have come through the ther side stronger. I just thought it was kinda funny I didn't think they would ever admit this! You gotta hand it to them, though I wonder how long they've actually been dating because I know rumours were already coming out before the Emmys last year and there were practically next to no pictures of them together, Tom didn't even thank Steph when he won his award, etc.

I'm not sure I believe the "Tom cheated on Gina with Steph" rumours but I'm happy for them nonetheless. I agree with P. This is months old. He did dump Gina for Steph, but I don't know if he actually cheated on her, physically, though. But the way the relationship has been kept so hush-hush LOL, so it's official?

I didn't realize it was this big secret. It became obvious after a while that TP wasn't just soap-kissing SG, he was really kissing her. Those two had amazing chem as Jonathan and Tammy. This is more than "months old," though. GT wrecked a dressing room at GL it was alleged! I remember watching Tammy's Sweeps non-wedding to Sandy in November of that year and the scenes between Tammy and JB in the lead-up to that were seriously smokin.

They really stood out.

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I reckon TP and SG have been together for almost one year-and-a-half by now. The whole set knew in the fall she was planning on following him to L.

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I'm happy they're together. Is that wedding bells I hear? Didn't Tom state that he was staying in New York to do theatre? I know he was on Numbers, but many actors go coast to coast. But he said he was staying in NY.. And was'nt there a rumor that "someone" cheated with a co-worker and had sex at the Emmys?

GL/Jammy-"Don't Worry About It"

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Are stephanie gatschet and tom pelphrey dating?

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Tom pelphrey and stephanie gatschet dating | Modern Language Teachers

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