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Well I hate to reenforce stereotypes, but I do run into a lot of gays at the gym. And don't worry about your age. Lot's of guys out there of all ages. Men and women straight and gay go to gyms. In towns with more than one gym, the gays tend congregate at one or two,. Yes I realize that majority of the people who go to gyms are straight. But I've been going to the gym regularly for 5 years. And as for the Gold's Gyms and 24 Hours in Utah Pick one, you'll run into a lot of gay guys there.

That's been my experience anyway. Edited 1 time s. Yes, 24 hour fitness is the "gay" gym. But it depends on which one. Sugar house is "the gym". The other 24 hour fitness have far less gays. If gays in Salt Lake want to meet other gays, they go to sugar house. I've had good luck on okcupid. I've also made friends on facebook. Once you've built up a base, you can find more through mutual acquaintances. April 03, Get active in something - bowling league, softball league, country dancing, going to the gym, something - anything is better than nothing.

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Try online dating, but be wary. Is there an event scheduled, like gay rodeo? The goal is to put yourself out there around other gay people. You won't catch any fish if you don't go fishing. I've dated guys I've met at the gym, online, and at church. I was really new to the gay dating after resigning and the divorce. In SE Idaho there are not a lot of venues for gay men.

Although I became involved with a lot of activist groups, I never had a date result from those. At one time I really wanted to meet a husband but finally resigned to just having fun with a lot of friends. I have dated men that I me t in clubs. Had a great couple weekends in SLC and have continued to be friends with some of the hook-ups I had, but not long term romantic relationships.

I dated for some time a pastor that sometimes was a guest pastor at church. I tell him we need to make up a better story on how we met. I still have him in my phone under the nickname I used that day to remember who he was Hot Hippie.

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One friend had actually told him about me and she wanted to hook us up. I've been using a bit of a shotgun approach. It's really about finding and creating networks, isn't it? So my strategy has included the following not in order: I've met guys on all of them I have made several good friends on these sites -- smart, employed, connected I prefer the honesty of their hookup profiles in many cases Hi Inverso, Reading between the lines of a few of your posts, are you a PhD teaching at a university?

If so, in which field? Personally, I've only met one fellow recently that I really liked, through okCupid. He's much younger than me, but we nonetheless had physical chemistry.

Hi! We're Glossier.

In reality, that translated into cuddling for a very, very long time; we were very affectionate in a non-sexual way that I felt was tremendously respectful of each other, and stands as an amazing experience that has permanently burned itself into my memory. But we're very different people, both culturally and from the standpoint of shared interests.

We like each other and we're friends, but that's not enough to build a relationship out of. I personally don't believe in i. I know that other gay guys are different, and that's fine. There's no one right way to live so long as no one is harmed. The duplicitousness that you described saddens me. I need to believe that at least some guys are exactly who they say that they are. It's hard to believe that a Grindr profile is more honest than an okCupid profile.

Hedonism is easy, but its very easiness makes it something that, for me, holds no real value. There's a straight young guy who graduated recently from a very prestigious university and is the son of very smart, high-status parents, who makes YouTube videos. In one, he mentioned that dating sites were useless for him because the women he'd find there don't appeal to him at all.

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He's deeply interested in the humanities and the philosophy of mind, specifically, and reads voraciously on those topics. The statistical probability of his finding a girl who could relate to him is exceedingly low. I know about him because our interests overlap. After hearing him say what he did, I realized that it wasn't necessarily being gay that was challenging for me, but other factors.

Other people are great at making lots of money, or sports, or at socializing. I'm terrible at all of those things.

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If those people met me, they'd think that I was the most boring person in the world; I live inside of my head. I'm also an introvert. I don't fit into the gay subculture at all. All of these things conjoin to make me feel like a complete alien and FREAK--not without good reason! In conclusion, I'm convinced that I'm doomed. I'm going to continue living alone, and inevitably die alone. But, good luck, all the rest of you!

Yes, I am a PhD with a tenured position at a university. I'm a linguist by training but teach some que. I have always been an introvert too, and getting myself into situations where I could start to meet gay men took some professional work and a willingness to be open to the possibility that the gay dating world I had always imagined didn't exist and that the end result I expected the one modeled after a heterosexual courtship leading to an ostensibly monogamous relationship like a marriage might not be either realistic or desirable once I allowed myself to explore other options.

I can't dispute what sonoma and others are saying to you. Nobody should really tell anyone that they don't have a right to pursue this Hollywood romance version of gay dating and companionship but it is a choice with serious consequences because it goes against what a whole slew of more experienced gay men on this board have found fulfilling -- it is avoidant, really.

Time for some exposure therapy? It wasn't in the restroom, but I met the buss driver at the station as we were loading the buss and ended up having sex with him in the back set of the buss when we reached the final destination. That depends on if you are the sugar daddy or not. Hi Sonoma, I think that it's different for different guys.

I'm exactly the type that you described: I believe in a long courtship, meeting in respectable places, etc. Some guys don't want a relationship, only sex. Others want a relationship and see sex as the best way to start one. Others are like me. Others don't want a relationship, and don't want sex; they're either loners, asexual, or have given up.

From personal experience, I know that chemistry is immediate and unconscious. Our minds are constantly scanning--in the background--for any matches to our "search type. This is the basis for attraction and arousal. For some guys with a low threshold of discrimination, a lot of guys will satisfy their search type.

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Midnight At The 24 Hour Gym - Into The Gloss | Into The Gloss

Others are highly selective. None of this is a choice; it's just how we're wired. If sex is the most important criterion for a particular individual, but it's not for someone else, there's a fundamental incompatibility. For me, a relationship isn't about sex, but companionship, mutual benefit, and fun.

I value my life way too much to want to deal with those kinds of odds. Don't get me wrong i like taking risks too I went here last night and it was pretty dead. The 24 Hour Fitness employee said he was a chornic complainer. Regardless, we need to heed the warning. There have been major complaints to the management and Irvine Spectrum security. I was there last night at the front desk when the night manager got a call from Irvine Spectrum security.

Some guy has made it his mission to try to stop the "lewd acts" in the locker room. Since I was curious I stayed while they discussed the matter. Security then came over to talk to the manager. Security did say that they can't do anything on the 24 Hour premises, but told the guy complaining that he needed to contact the Irvine Police Dept. The manager was pretty cool about it, saying that he did go back and check out the complaints as they come in and he didn't personally see anything But now they're all watching.

Please, please do not be overt. This could get really nasty. They did say a lot of complaints were coming in about the guys that didn't use the gym. They just come in and stay in the locker room. There were a lot of hot guys here tonight. A tall thin latin guy in white shorts. OCguyguy lol thats kind of gross man lol funny but gross.. Would love to kick it with the blonde dude, in shape in the board shorts again! Bryce3, the down side of the South Coast one is it is co-ed.

Usually just hit up the 24hr South coast off the 73 after work but wanna check out this place. Is it mostly older guys? I have seen the tall fat latin guy in the T-shirt which is 3 sizes too tight. He walked into the Sauna when my friends and I were in there, as though he just walked in from a executive ball. These are the guys who should work out. Both way over weight.. This is a pretty kewl spot So watch your backs when your on them The Steam room and Sauna are stopped or shut down 30 even 45mins prior to the gym closing..

This gym is open 24 hours but they close early on Friday Sat and Sunday nights I dunno I guess because not a lot of business since people go to the Spectrum to eat and movies and what not. I always have fun with a cute guy when I actually end up playing here. All bitching aside, there's almost always "play" going on, which is why we're all looking at this post on this website.

Have fun - and keep it cool or else it'll be gone. Does the actually gym not stay open 24r or is it just the wet areas that close early? Sure, we all get annoyed or amused when the obvious campout is occuring in our favorite steam or sauna. It is a fine line.

Midnight At The 24 Hour Fitness

I certainly have felt that way at times. What do you all think the reasonable time is for someone to hang out in a cruising venue? Does it vary by type? My general rule is no more that minutes in a "heavy trafffic" location and no more than in a "low traffic or new" area one that hasn't gotten popular or that I'm tying to get a sense of it's potential. Irvine PD has a substation here at the mall.

They eventually moved in on Irvine Med Center when things got out of hand. Haha, wow, such debate. I've never been to this gym, Too far for me, but ya sounds like bs to me. Not complaining in the least just making a observation Like captjack lol you for instance man, have talked about how you want hot, cute guys before and now on here you are pretending that you don't care. Anyway, it isn't the fact that people go. It doesnt matter, anyone can go, thats cool. LOL Go hit a treadmill or exercise bike. There are dude u just know don't even know what the inside of the gym looks like or where the cardio machines are..

Get real man lol.. I AGREE but at least some of these guys should try and work out lol u can just tell they don't nor do they care! I couldn't agree more. You are all going to get old and unattractive too. Nobody is better than anyone else. It Cracks me up to read some of these posts Only old fat out of shape men they scare off the hotties.. Not all people work out some just go to the steam room to relax and wind down. Granted there are some trolls in there as well and they are way too obvious but i just don't see why some people get upset when there are guys in there that are no longer in their 20s It scares all the hotties away.

Lucidus thats a funny post man.