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  1. Found out gf updated her Plenty of fish profile and was online today?
  2. I just found out my girlfriend is on three dating sites: Ellie
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  4. girlfriend signs up for dating site, wtf?

She is divorced and had a very bad experience from her ex! Not sure if this helps but anyway. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Ask your wife what she thinks Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Kingslayer Send a private message. You don't really have any business dating and getting married to anyone.

What To Do If You See Your Ex On Tinder

You have no idea what love is. Love is more than liking one woman better than another. You loved your wife but have a gf. You almost divorced a few times but not quite yet. Now your gf is jealous because she thinks you're a cheater? How rich is that? I tell my son, speak the truth. Say it once and if they don't believe you spend no time trying to convince anyone that you aren't a liar. In time people will know you tell the truth and no one will question that.

BUT the trick is She's had a bad experience HikerVeg Send a private message.

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Your girlfriend doesn't trust you for obvious reasons and that is why she was on the app. Your not texting each other and worrying about pointing fingers just shows how screwed up your relationship is. It is screwed up because you planted the relationship in manure. Americanguy1 Send a private message. Ok so you got caught on a dating site by your current girlfreind that was also on a dating site even though your both in love with each other. Ella Send a private message. So you love her, but not enough to leave your wife? Are you sure you don't just want marriage and a side piece, and now you're worried you're going to lose it?

Me and my wife did not get separated because we thought we could fix things several times before but it is not working. We are hesitant to have an official divorce because of our kids. If you can't do that then your relationship was never going to work out anyway. This is by far the best response I've had and I thank you for that. I think we've both let each other down and it's time for a talk.

Found out gf updated her Plenty of fish profile and was online today?

Please read my update above regarding the location checking. FindFriends was her idea and all her buddies track and update each other about their day through FB and Instagram and she asked me to do the same when I joined her circle of friends. I'm now going to be a little ungentlemanly and say she's always been a little high maintenance.

At the start of our relationship, she felt insecure because her last boyfriend did the dirty on her and if anything, she says I don't text or phone enough. She likes to wake up to a cheesy lovey type text and woe betide me if a forget. She says she's lonely because of my job and if I could change I would but its not really practical right now. Maybe a little online flirt is a surrogate for affection as you suggest and maybe I'm just working too much and not paying her the right type of attention.

Invading her privacy is not going to give her the feeling of security she's looking for. Yeah, going through her emails and tracking her movements just screams unhealthy relationship. The dating profile thing is worrying, but the fact that he actively is going through all her emails is unsettling None of the match. That's not having a moment of weakness and checking her email.

Combined with the checking her location constantly, this is weird and unhealthy. OP, we could understand the whole moment of weakness thing, but it sounds more like you're stalking your own girlfriend. There's no way to be certain but maybe she's either tired of being in such a followed relationship seriously bro, checking her phone location even more than once? She could be teaching you a lesson of she could be cheating, either way, you seem to be really insecure about the relationship, and it's going to push her away if it isn't already doing that.

Take it from someone who's let insecurity in the past ruin relationships. This behavior will never, ever lead to anything good. I couldn't stress that more - you might think you're protecting yourself now but no good can come from this. OP I'm not saying this to be a dick or to make you feel bad, but rather to help you understand the gravity of insecurity in a relationship. It's literally a black hole that pulls in relationships and then destroys them. Not trying to be sarcastic, but maybe she has a Match. I don't condone the profile at all, just saying.

Talk to her about it. It's not cool to have an active online dating profile when you're in a committed relationship. Go into it when you're feeling calm, and treat it as more of something you're curious about rather than something you're accusing her of. If she gets super defensive, then she's probably doing shady business, and if she has a reasonable reason somehow, then you can deal with that. You should talk to her at the first possible chance you get.

Don't let it nag on you. If you want to have a calm discussion, just remain calm and emotionless and think. Let her talk, and think a few seconds before saying anything. Don't be stressed, or agitated. Best times to discuss things is after a meal. It is three options that will happen. A She doesn't cheat and she denies it, and her stories check out.

B She admits to cheating because you found out. C She has cheated and she denies it. If she answers "I don't do that anymore" Say: Why is it necessary to state that you have a roommate? Is it in because when you bring people over, you don't want reacting to all the boy stuff around? Look, I've made dating profiles and I'm happily married. As someone said below it's not because I'm looking or anything, I'm just interested in what the response will be. Or, in the case of eHarmony, what their questionnaire was like. Talk to her, ask her about it.

But not in an accusing sort of way, but just in the "are you unhappy with our relationship? Is there something we can do better as a couple?

I just found out my girlfriend is on three dating sites: Ellie

If she was actively cheating, I don't think there's much reason to cultivate her dating profile. I'd say it's more likely that she's shopping around. Also, when u let her do the talking People usually ramble on and on trying to cover up their lie, so if she keeps her answer short and sweet and answers calmly she's telling the truth, but if she rambles, let her ramble her foot into her mouth and break up with her immediately. Nobody deserves to be cheated on, physically OR emotionally. Why the fuck are you tracing her GPS location daily?!?

Why would you create an account to try to trap her instead of just talking to her about what you found? I kind of hope she is looking for a new boyfriend, since her current one is a creepy controlling dude with no sense of personal space or privacy. Seriously knock it the fuck off My only advice to you, is to come clean with her about invading her privacy and let her know what you found and how it has upset you. Honestly, to my mind either way it will not be good news for you because you will either be constantly worried about this if you dont discuss it, or she is going to be rightly pissed and break up with you over it.

If you don't talk about it you will never know. She put FindFriends on my phone. I admit I've been looking at her location with a different motive recently but it's not like I'm tracking her without her knowledge or consent. See my update re: One thing I would ask you, members of the jury, is to balance her right to privacy and my violation of that with her disrespect for me and our relationship by her actions.

If you catch someone attempting to cheat on you, is it your fault for checking up? You wouldn't put a Store Detective in jail for snooping on a shoplifter. I know that's a bullshit analogy but if I caught her cheating fair and square, the means to that end hardly matter, the result's the same. I admit I've done wrong but I did find what I was looking for so my suspicions were not unfounded.

There wasn't much there for you to suspect of cheating though! Because you sure didn't mention it! If you always go looking for shit, don't be surprised when you find it! Regarding the tracking, my fiance and I have the ability to track each other too, but we know it's just there IN CASE something bad happens or to show off my cool ass phone I just got used to her friends constantly looking over each others' shoulders and posting photos of their food so they can comment and gossip on each others' choice of breakfast.

Nothing is too mundane for them to post on Instagram or FB.

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The books they're reading, a pair of shoes in a shop window, their coffee She's got over friends on FB, they all need updating on the funny-looking dog she just saw or some other earth-shattering news. And about of them track each other every hour of the day. Her family all do too. It's like living in The Truman Show. That doesn't sound like tracking though.

You guys need to set some boundaries, it's fine if her friends do it but you're her partner and you don't seem to be okay with it - until of course you want to dig up some dirt. I don't want to bombard you with responses but I've still been thinking about your post a little more today. A lot of the times people post here about this little problem or big problem but don't notice the crap that's festering around it.

I've done it too. Either they don't see it or don't want to see it. What I'm getting from your responses is that neither of you seem to be in a good place regarding the relationship. Your girlfriend seems really needy and you seem independent. Neither attitude is necessarily wrong, but do you see yourselves as good fits? It seems like you speak about the way she conducts her friendships in a negative way. Her way of doing things, to me, is a deal breaker. If I was considering a relationship with her I would be backing the fuck out of there because I value my privacy.

But if I was looking to have a relationship with you, I would also be backing the fuck out of there because you can't really be present in my life day-to-day. If this mismatch works for you, that's great. Maybe it'll teach you to how to be a little of each other - you a little more reliant on her and her a little more independent. But frankly, you both act like children at the moment.

I was surprised to see your ages as I assumed you were both mid 20s. Please don't worry about bombarding me with messages. I'm really getting a lot out of this and I'm grateful and humbled that you all of you have taken the time to help me. I feel a lot lighter about the whole thing and its helped much more than I thought it would.

She quite happily admits to being needy and high maintenance but she had a difficult childhood and I know where she's coming from there. My greatest regret is that I can't be there with her every day but I have bills to pay. She also has a lot of work to do for her doctorate and needs quiet time for that. We're a better fit than we might sound. You're absolutely right about the way we've behaved in this, we both deserve better of each other.

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Seeing it all written down like this has been an eye-opener. I hardly recognise our relationship and ourselves in what I'm reading. Does she know that that attitude won't get her too far into relationships? Have you indicated that it's okay to feel that way and doesn't need changing - even though it seems like it isn't to you? If she made the match.

I think you've hit the nail right on the head with this one. She's alone for days on end. She's constantly on Facebook, Instagram every networking and god knows what site or app and she was single for a good while before we met we met online. Maybe old habits die hard and she just gets bored and enjoys a harmless flirt.

God, I hope so. Don't come off as too accusatory, but the questions you're asking are absolutely in the right. Know that you have righteousness on your side if the conversation gets heated. For all she knows you could be at the bottom of a lake with cement shoes on. It literally fucks their ego up and they sit there wondering what happened and why you disappeared.

My kik is fairladyz32 I will teach you young grasshopper. This reply was removed by a moderator. Ask yourself why someone in a good relationship would risk it updating a dating site profile. The obvious answer seems to be is that she's looking to see what else is out there, what other choices she has available to her.

girlfriend signs up for dating site, wtf?

This is called "not a good sign" What it means to you is more than likely she's only being with you until she finds a bigger, better deal. BUT I have a sneaky feeling you'll confront her, listen to her excuses and forgive her simply becasue most men are too emotionally weak to walk away from a comfortable relationship, even if she;s about to cheat. What those guys never realize is it's exactly that type of response that teaches their SO that they can be disrespected and actually invites that behavior.

If she was my gf and she was on POF for any reason You already have your facts. A mate should not be on a dating site for any reason. But if you want to justify this matter, then good luck to you. Fonzie Send a private message. Hello lello buitefull lady. Supervillain Send a private message. LauraTO Send a private message. Another reason is that she is looking up some of her ex boyfriends However, the fact that she 'updated' it is a bit suspicious.