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  1. Speed dating à la berbère
  2. Speed dating à la berbère
  3. Art museum hosts a speed-dating night and only women show up. Here's what happens next
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Speed dating à la berbère

She has two sons, one 18 and one She was married for 21 years, but the marriage broke up about 10 years ago and she has been pretty much single ever since. She left her husband because she fell in love with another man who turned out to be a great Peter Pan. When she reflects on the end of her marriage she sometimes thinks, "Wow, I must've been out of my mind. I didn't realize that the men out there aren't good men — those are staying in their marriages.

Solomon is a performance artist, but she says she doesn't meet a lot of single men in art circles.

Speed dating à la berbère

As she finishes her thought, a distinguished-looking man walks into the museum. He is probably in his mids, but more important, he is well coifed, as if, maybe, he is here for a dating event. He appears taken off guard by the abundance of women at tables drawing each other, and he turns to look at the art on the wall, as if that is what he's here for on a Friday night past 8 p. She signals with an exaggerated arm wave to Hogan, and then addresses the man from her spot at the table. The man pauses, gathering his wits about him like a protective blanket.

He becomes incredibly gracious and debonair as he turns to exit the museum.

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls - Jubilee x Solfa

Meanwhile, at another long table, women have been instructed to cut out quotes from printouts provided for that purpose. They are told to paste those quotes to the pictures they have drawn of one another. The idea is to create an "analog" dating profile that one could, in theory, upload to a digital dating app. This thought comes from another of the museum's event coordinators, Joan Mace, in a bit of quick thinking intended to switch up the mission of the evening. Kerry Wieder, a slender actress with striking features and close-cropped hair, has snipped out "Syntax errors" and placed it above her head on her picture.

The quotes provided come from the Nobel laureates who are the subject of the exhibit that has been on display at the museum. Titled "Brain," the exhibit features black-and-white photos of Nobel Prize winners taken by Peter Badge over 16 years in locations all over the world. Ironically, Wieder notes, most of the photos are of men. I watch movies and I count the number of women, because our stories don't matter. The men who thought of coming to this event and decided against it if they exist are missing out.

Art museum hosts a speed-dating night and only women show up. Here's what happens next

This is a sharp, funny group of ladies. The kind of women you imagine you might bump into at an art gallery. I then decided to meet up. We had a good time sharing, exchanging common background and life experiences.

We kept in touch and we have been going out together. We've been blessed to be able to get to know each other well through gatherings and outings with his family members. We took a pre-marital counseling from church and felt compatible with personality, background, goals and life purposes. We look forward to a life together as husband and wife very soon. I met my husband through LA in Nov and we hit it off right from the first date!

Thereafter, we got married in March and we have been living happily since.

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LA really provided us with an excellent platform to find your partner. Good luck to all who are looking for true and real love.

Speed LA Dating | Better Business Bureau® Profile

As mentioned before, we are very happy to have been matched by Lunch Actually and look forward to taking big leaps together into our future! Gender Select Gender Male Female. Hear How did you hear about us? Book Appointment with our Relationship Managers Next page.

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Our Easy Step by Step Process. So when I saw this this sounded like a good idea," said Mike Larsen.


But beyond that we wanted to create some inter-generational contact between the mostly younger students in this class and the older generations," said Norris. Each had five minutes with a person at a time, with the option to exchange information after the event.