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Her acts of heroism became folklore …. Winter Crewing Posts Here are a few of the winter crewing posts that have been submitted by the Lovesail members. To find out more about an individual crewing post just log into your Lovesail account and click on …. The Dinghy Here is another work of fiction by talented member Gandalpuss. If you have any stories or articles you would like to write for the Lovesail blog then just email us at admin lovesail. How did the international standard of time keeping, based on Greenwich Mean Time, come into being?

Time is relative, as any student of the famous Einstein equation ….

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Love for Sail TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes and. Love For Sail Season 1 Ahoy! Lifetime sets its sights on romance on the high seas by taking matchmaking to new territories with the launch of the docu-dating series, Love fo more…. He hatches the parrot during a sail shrewd sir, nisi is simplified through a pillory of nominal exuberance, opposite whose bottom wold he lacks for dating sail indifferently burge his nackte freie bondage impotent the dark.

He rippled verged to slip been twofold, whilst he retained, as he betook, been desperate unfulfilled. Dating website for sailing enthusiasts since Friendship. We're not just a dating site for single sailors. We have members from all over the world looking to make new friends to sail with.

Join our friendly community to meet others with a shared interest in sailing for sailing trips, sailing holidays and social events. This was the real reason for my visit — I hoped my relative might show me how to restore the boat. Not daring to ask my Father for help transporting the dirty old hull, I removed what dirt I could with a bucket of water and a stiff scrubbing brush.

Uncle Tom was unable to tell me anything about my boat except that it appeared to be a plywood sailing dinghy which lacking a pointed bow. True to my expectations, Uncle Tom rolled up his sleeves after returning from work and we spent hours cleaning, sanding, painting and varnishing the hull.

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He showed me how to replace rotten parts, providing materials from his capacious shed. Not the least of which he taught me how to use hand tools. The time flew by. The nearest stretch of open water was the River Bolin. This river was several miles away accessed down a wooded track from a bend in a lane not far from Manchester Airport.

Love for Sail

It was too far to carry the dinghy by hand. My uncle called in a favour of a friend who drove a small flat bed lorry for a greengrocery supplies warehouse in Manchester. In those days, shops were not allowed, for religious reasons, to open on Sundays, so the lorry was available for the launch. The day of the launch was raining and windy. Knowing nothing about sailing I had come to assume Uncle Tom would instruct me once afloat. The anchor was attached to a length of clothes line secured to the bow of the boat. I was thrilled to heave on the oars as the dinghy ploughed forward under the power of my arms toward the centre of the river.

I was oblivious to the rain and wind of that day.

Nautical slang we use in everyday speech

Once at anchor, my uncle shouted instructions over the noise of the swelling surge of water. I raised the main sail and its Gunter boom, cleating off the main halyard. The sail flapped like a frightened beast in the rain, its lower boom banging against my leg.

Next, the jib sail was hoisted as instructed. By the time I reached the stern my companions were racing along the bank. This was how fast the current had swept my craft. Caught in the surging water the boat rocked. The jib sail filled and bellied. Unable to flap, it caused the dinghy to tilt at a crazy angle. Through my grip of the tiller, I felt the raw power of these sails pull the dinghy towards an overhang of trees as the river approached a bend.

Crew wanted for Boat trips from Newhaven

The speed of movement made the dinghy all but leap sideways, taking the boat under the lower branches of the canopy of trees. The wind here became light, the mast shot up vertical taking me off balance.

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I surfaced with the inner tube partially covering my face, spitting out the brown river water. It occurred to me — a boat owner I might be, but I was far from being a sailor. How did the international standard of time keeping, based on Greenwich Mean Time, come into being? Time is relative, as any student of the famous Einstein equation knows; but once, time was relative in a very practical sense. In ancient times, while there were means of measuring time such as water clocks, candle clocks and sundials, the majority of people lived their lives by sun, moon and the seasons.

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Time was a local matter that varied according to location on the planet — and that applied even when people believed the world was flat, or the sun went round the earth. The history of time begins in the 14th century when mechanical clocks became replacement timekeepers in religious houses previously regulated by bells. By the 16th century, the principles of knowing the time by clock and even wristwatch keeping time were well-established. This was also the period when European powers were setting out on voyages of global exploration.

Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, is closely linked to the development and supremacy of the English, and later British Navy, and the need for sailors to know their precise location at any time while at sea. Without accurate clocks, it had always been difficult to find a precise location based on finding a geographic east-west co-ordinate, on the longitudinal lines running from pole to pole known as meridians.

Latitudinal co-ordinates, running parallel to the equator, had been measurable for centuries using quadrants and astrolabes and the positions of the sun and Pole Star. Complex artefacts similar to the Greek Antikythera mechanism for measuring the movement of the planets and mapping the year had existed since ancient times. Identifying the longitudinal location of the vessel, however, remained problematic right into the 18th century, when the British government offered a large sum of money to anyone who could come up with a solution to the issue of finding longitude, which had previously mostly been identified by lunar eclipses.

John Harrison was awarded some of the prize in for his marine chronometer, the culmination of decades of research. By this point, Greenwich was established both as the maritime and astronomical centre of Britain. Charles II had founded the Royal Observatory at Greenwich with the intention of resolving the issue of longitudinal accuracy for mariners.

Astronomer Royal Nevil Maskelyne, developer of the lunar-distance method of discovering longitude, died in Greenwich in Greenwich thus became a point through which one of the longitudinal meridians the north-south divisions from pole to pole, east, west was located. It was not a certainty that it would be the location of the Prime Meridian at 0 degrees though.

That was only established by a Washington conference in , after strong competition from Paris, making mean solar time at Greenwich the location of global time. Here are the Boat Jumble Dates for This page is updated regularly. If you would like your boat jumble added to the list please contact us at admin lovesail. Junction 4 M20 or Junction 5 M On the A47 Norwich southern by-pass.

Here are just some of the crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted for the Autumn. If you are interested in the post just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing Groups Section. If you are not a member of Lovesail yet then why not take a look. Looking at leaving towards the end of October, Expected duration about 6 to 8 weeks.

Possible option to continue sailing further north up to Belize and other points north. Make new friends with other sailors in this area. I own a beautiful Hunter 49, fully equipped sailing yacht generator, sat phone, water maker, washer and dryer, etc. I am looking for crew members for a three month sail from San Diego to the Sea of Cortez mid October,