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Sensing and Intuition

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I can see you getting frustrated sometimes when he starts rambling about something rather than just getting right to it.

Estp female on the Intp

The issue of action vs contemplation seems a likely one - while this can be a very good difference to help balance eachother, it can also lead to frustrations as you get tired of always dealing with it. INTPs are a lot more likely to get wrapped up in thinking about stuff and never get around to taking action on it, while ESTPs have a much quicker connection between idea and action. For an ESTP this can lead to feeling held back and dragged down by the INTPs lack of forward momentum, or apparent 'wasting' of their ideas, talents, and time.

It may seem to the ESTP that the INTP never does anything, but in fact the INTP feels very focused and 'busy' and gains a sense of accomplishment from their mental activity that doesn't immediately look very active or have very tangible results. The INTP may not have enough respect for the activities that really make an ESTP feel 'alive', and may seem condescending if they attempt to show interest.

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An ESTP may worry that an INTP isn't really 'living', that they're depressed or holding themselves back because they don't eagerly engage the same things. The INTP is also likely to seem like a 'partypooper' or 'killjoy' when they respond to the ESTPs spontaneous impulse to go do something with an barrage of questions and counter arguments and not exactly related theories about whether or not this is a good idea and why they should or should not actually do this - instead of just doing it. The INTP wants things to make sense logically, and wants to sort things out. The ESTP prefers to see the world using logic, systems, and ethical fairness.

The ESTP wants things to make sense logically, and wants to sort things out. Two perceivers are likely to want to go with the flow with things. They may leave things open to the last moment and just take things as they come. This can lead to procrastination and lack of initiative to actually hang out. However, these relationships are typically low pressure and tend to have lower conflict levels.

The INTP prefers to leave time for decisions instead of coming to an immediate conclusion. The INTP prefers new experiences and flexible possibilities to predictable moments. The ESTP prefers to leave time for decisions instead of coming to an immediate conclusion. This is why the manly men might become chauvinistic. It is a reaction to the perception of their sex role being under powered in social interactions society. The male should be able to defend the female.

This is why i recommend press ups - it's base instinct to protect with your arms, it raises testosterone, and also conveniently they are the best exercise for a guy to get in shape.

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Because of tradition and natural instinct. These things are becoming less important due to our social civilization. You can frequently see skinny, thin rakes men who are considered attractive due to their social value rather than their sex role. Social value can eclipse the sex roles and keep people together.

INTP + ESTP Relationship?

It's not always the definitive quality of a relationship - but it's a subconscious aspect that many people disreagd these days. Especially because of equality. Look at the male body and the female body Men are almost twice the size of women.

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  5. From a "survival of the fittest" and evolutionary perspective these aspects of male and female sex roles are prominent - almost as prominent as the physical differences between the sexes. I've always been in relationships that have been pretty backwards, for lack of a better term, but then again I'm a female who is usually interested in other females, so it might be a natural gravitation towards feminine men.

    Women are sexually empowered in our society and men are not. That makes women sexier by paradigm. How would you react if an alpha male made advances - we should assume that this person is either a stranger or aquanitence with no history and they are acceptable to talk to. Would you turn down the alpha male and search for a feminin male or entertain the advances out of interest?

    Essentially I wanted to ask if the alpha male is less attractive by default as a result of social value. Actually, alpha-type ESTP guy had a thing for me.


    I liked talking to him a lot and still do as a friend and I considered it, but he just wasn't really my type. Not much chemistry and we butted heads a lot. I'll at least consider anyone, but I've definitely got a type. I think it works since I'd be an annoyance for most alpha males anyway. Saves us the trouble. Historically, my boyfriends have always been bisexual. Which is kind of funny since I'm a conventionally attractive girl, so we get assumed to be girl and gay BFF often. Ah that's really interesting and seems to correlate to the theaory i have read here.

    Part of my analysis of your situatioon was based on the conflict between these sexual tendencies and traditional male and female sex roles. I find it interesting but i have to admit that i'm not inclined to speak for female ESTP. But i can speak for male ESTP. And this sounds fairly accurate to me considering what goes on inside my head. My partner and I both fit into childlike, lol, and it's extremely accurate.

    We're very secretive and sort of intellectualize sex and romance, and the protecting quirks thing is also true.

    Reasons TPs Fail to Communicate in Relationships

    We value the weird. I think sex roles can be muddled by types and such. I think being a female ENTP makes me act a little less traditional.

    Extraversion and Introversion

    I do think that's why the ESTP pursued me, because I'm a little odd and generally disinterested, but I think we both understand it definitely wouldn't have worked, haha. When does occur such settle down if you won't mind? I'm the explorer type or in another terms adrenaline seeker which is not common among INTP.