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The color of blood, we associate red with danger, which is why warning signs are traditionally red. But it also symbolizes passion. This psychology is studied by everyone from graphic designers to architects, but especially advertisers. It is also hugely influential on which websites we are drawn to. Understanding this in relation to the attention span of Internet users is of vital importance. The bottom line is, if a site visitor doesn't find a color appealing within the first few seconds of alighting on your homepage, they'll swiftly move on, never to return.

With online dating, an enterprise centered on social interaction, it is vital a site has a compelling look. And the color scheme lies at the heart of this. You would never expect a site offering legal advice to be brashly-colored.

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Conversely, if you alighted on a dating resource, you would most likely be deterred if it was overly formal-looking, or presented in blacks and reds, as if you'd stumbled into a fan forum for some metal band. Choosing the color scheme for a relationship site often centers on warm tones — reds, oranges and so on — which can signify warmth and hospitality, but also incorporate fiery passion. They went through a lot together.

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He was the person who guided her and shaped her and trained her for the first couple of years on the throne. Over the course of their marriage, Victoria and Albert had nine children together. So as the series has gone on, the number of babies and children on set has grown. Writing for Marie Claire , series creator Daisy Goodwin admitted that keeping the youngsters entertained can require some creative solutions:.

A bag of sweets later, we got them at least to look up when their 'Mother' walked in. Queen Victoria famously loathed being pregnant, which we witness in the series. Each time that happened, she was being more and more and more removed.

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She just wanted to do her job. She had this exhilaration and love for her independence, I suppose. And she hated breastfeeding; she thought it was for cows, not for humans. So a lot of the things that came with her being a mother, she found pretty vile, I think. They ask Queen Victoria for some Doritos. It just becomes chaos, and I just absolutely get the giggles.

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They should release some footage of what really happens when the kids come to set. They completely rule me. The location of their set, however, is not quite so glamorous. While the switch to gas lighting has its own storyline in the series there are rats involved , there were still a lot of candles to be lit on the set—about in total.

According to Goodwin, the process of lighting all those candles took an hour each time they shot.

Making the scene in which Victoria proposes to Albert even more awkward and difficult was the fact that an uninvited bird kept interrupting the production. It was making a variety of all different noises, so that was the tough scene to film. When asked about his thoughts on taking on the iconic role, Hughes responded: Prince Albert died in at the age of When asked whether knowing how this story ends ever affects her performance or how she approaches the character, Coleman admitted that it does.

If you haven't heard of the bullet journal , it's the productivity method du jour—one that combines the features of a planner, calendar, to-do list, diary, and more. It's not a specific product although the founder of the method, Ryder Carroll, has created a special notebook for it as much as a way of creating a journaling system that works for you. Proponents say the method helps you focus your time and your goals, in part through periodic " migration " sessions that force you to review how you've been spending your days.

And yes, it's popular on Instagram—because many bullet journalers have filled their notebooks with colorful flair. But that part is entirely optional. While core components of the bullet journal system like monthly spreads and daily logs are great, many bullet journalers like to add other features that fit their own life. After all, the beauty of the method is the customization and flexibility. We've rounded up a few ideas for new and not-so-new bullet journalers alike to try. Let's say that, like most people, you have a day job. But at night, you're writing the next Great American Novel—or at least some short stories.

You might get an idea related to one of those projects on your morning commute or while taking a walk in the park at lunch. There's no time to pull out the manuscript, and if you email yourself the idea it might get lost in a jumble of newsletters and other alerts. Instead, just start a new page for the project in your journal, note it in your index, and scribble away.

How did the book come about?

You can come back to it later, and fill in other, non-sequential pages in the journal as the mood strikes. Your journal probably isn't the best place to write whole stories, but it's perfect if you just had a mini-breakthrough you want to take down, or even as a way to keep track of potential prompts and inspiration.

Download - It's Free! Hey, just wanted to give you a quick update on how things have been progressing.

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The travel app is coming together well! I think we'll have it in the app store soon. Just a few more pieces to bring together - a few things to test - then ready for launch! I've been hard at work on the new design! Vector Graphics Scale designs to any size without losing clarity Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics are always crisp and clean.

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