Do guys like dating nurses

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Why Do Men Like Nurses. Its a combination of two things Sorry can't help it Its definitely psychologically linked with school uniforms and a boys first sexual experiences Its definitely a western society thing. Its in every man's genetic make-up to want to be pampered and cared for by an attractive woman.

I'm sure Freud would take this back to a mother-son relationship, but personally I think its just the fact that every bloke loves the idea of a woman taking control and looking after them. So yeah, if you're attractive already and tell a guy that you are a nurse, you're onto a winner: Nurses make us feel better I think its the uniform scenario,i am a nurse working in a private hospital and i can assure you mine is awful I was 20 and badly banged up in car accident and in a hospital for 3 weeks and that was the high-point of my day, more than when my family came to see me,seeing one particular nurse come and look after me I had 4 broken ribs, puntured lung and kidney, fractured hip and fractured skull Also, the word itself, nurse, is sexy as it means the same as breastfeeding.

Teachers dont breastfeed, but maybe nurses will!

SEO Consultant & Digital Strategist in Portland, Oregon

I'm a nurse and what i wear to work scrubs doesnt look like it would turn anyone on. My bride is an rn.


I had an RN come over from the health care today. She answered many of the questions with or for me. You did a great job of describing a profession of love and ongoing learning. Although now retired, I still read multiple nursing periodicals a month and attend professional meetings.

10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

You Kimberly are just like that. It reminds me of my Mom and how she had compassion for what she did. Also many of the afformentiond characteristics. Your email address will not be published.

why do men like nurses?? | Yahoo Answers

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Nurse

They like to look after people Nurses take care of others on a daily basis, so it is just habit for them to look after their loved ones. They are great listeners In a relationship there are times when you just need to rant — and a nurse definitely knows how to listen. They are intelligent If you want an intelligent date, look no further. They are calm and level-headed Nurses know how to stay calm during a crisis — they do it every day at work!

They are tough Nurses have to be tough; the medical field is a difficult one to work in, and they deal with life and death every day. They save lives And that is unquestionably awesome. Visited times, 1 visits today.