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  1. Anyone know of a site for information on vintage Electro Harmonix? | The Gear Page
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Anyone know of a site for information on vintage Electro Harmonix? | The Gear Page

Includes the original wooden box which is in fairly decent shape. We try to be flexible depending on your situation. This pedal is the version that has 2N transistors. This is one of the first Big Muffs to use the new black and red graphics.

It still has the Rams Head circuit board with BC transistors, exactly as used int the final years of the Rams Head gra The original Electro-Harmonix Poly Chorus included a flanger and doubling function as well, similar to the Echoflanger. Big Muff Pi fuzz effects pedal. Vintage Elctro Harmonix Clone Theory effects pedal.

Electro Harmonix - News and Rumours

Also works as a vibrato. Snarling fuzz with sustain. This is a V6 transistor version Big Muff from Original hockey puck knobs.

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  • Why does Electro-Harmonix not put serial numbers on their pedals?.
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Two Muff overdrives that can be used independently or cascaded into each other. In particular, there are several surface scratc This pedal works perfectly, and sounds great. The unit appears to be all original except for the LED, which is yellow.

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  • Anyone know of a site for information on vintage Electro Harmonix?.
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These original issues are unparalleled. It's on the inside of their pedals. Boss Just uses a sticker that peels off anyway.

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Ever recovered a pedal because of a serial number? I've never lost or had one stolen.

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I always thought a serial was for, you know, noting the series the pedal was made in. Helps denote year, etc for various reasons. Is it Sub Decay that uses the encrypted serials to note the date of production and batch? Jisatsu, Jim Hunter, draelyc, Jules-RM, bengerm77, brucesinger, kidgloves, Virex, korgi, matt rhoades, theshoegazer, jackpotjewell, aprats. They aren't serial numbers, ehx doesn't use serial numbers. Gotta keep costs real low low low. I believe the XOs have serials on the inside.

When I opened mine up, they did. Help FAQs Go to top.