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Addictions add strain to any relationship. Our selfish desires are fueled by what we pay most attention to Matthew 6: Unless one develops ways to combat the addiction and works to get healthy, those addictions often take higher priority than the significant other. What your boyfriend or girlfriend needs more than a relationship with you is a growing relationship with Jesus. Pray for that person like you would a brother or sister.

Invite them to church. But at the very least, hit pause and get wise counsel from someone experienced in following Jesus and building healthy relationships. A godly spouse is worth waiting for.

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You can read, share, and bookmark your favorites quickly and easily from your phone. We eat a big family meal at Thanksgiving and take a vacation together…. Tears — on Christmas day. But what is it, really? They will stand up to you when you are not doing or saying what is right. They are not a rubber stamp, they do not just agree with everything you say. They bring out the best in you. They are not one who blames others for their failures and is constantly offering excuses for their poor choices and behavior.

They admit when they have made an unwise choice and caution others to avoid doing the same.

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They treat you honorably both in private and public. You can say and do things that will keep things spiraling up or down in the relationship. They are genuine , and consistently the same person in private and in public. They do not have two divergent personalities. They are not suddenly outgoing and nice and then mean and withdrawn.

Christian Dating's Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions

The Successful Marriage This is my short-list of the ingredients I have seen in Scripture and from life experience concerning a lasting and happy marriage. Marry a faithful Christian.

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This is your team mate and fellow heir of the grace of life. Being married to someone who is not spiritually compatible with you can be very lonely. One important reason is that there is a vast array of topics you cannot discuss together, including the spiritual things that make up the very core of your being. In addition, the most edifying things that you will do, including praising God, learning from His word, sharing the good news with others, and enjoying social times with other Christians will either be something that you cannot do at all together, or will be awkward at best.

Biblical Romance: Dating

The wide and narrow way will become farther and farther apart as you age: What I mean by this is that when you are young, the difference between a Christian and non-Christian may look like a rather narrow gulf. You might only be focusing on what you have in common as a couple. You like the same sports, movies, foods, hobbies, etc… But as you age the reality of how vast that gulf is becomes more and more apparent. Love God more than them, and everything else is promised to fall beautifully into place: Treat them with the level of thoughtfulness you would if they were company?

Like a brother or sister in Christ visiting your home: Divorce is not an option there is one exception, Matthew Often divorce, rather than make things better, will introduce a entirely new collection of unanticipated challenges.

It is quite often not the simple solution one envisions. Fight the temptation of discontent with this reality: Are you sure you deserve better? Be humble and grateful that someone has chosen you above all others to spend their lives. In fact, Jesus lays down a number of principles that can be applied to the issue of dating, and what I want us to see is that:.

It depends on how it is done, when it is done, and with whom it is done. It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am.

The Top Five Myths of Christian Dating

You are to use your body in a way that pleases God, showing self-control and not taking advantage of others. Purity should characterise your relationship with others, particularly those of the opposite sex. The Bible is clear that the reason for starting a special kind of friendship with someone is for the purpose of marriage. It also says that when you are dating someone, you are to show purity and not take advantage of them.

But the Bible says that there is a right way to date and a wrong way to date. Dating can be a good thing if done in the right way. Jesus says that the right way is with the aim of marriage and with absolute purity. Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. There are things to do with love that need to wait until after you are married. They are not to be done before the proper time.

Sunday Sermons

For example, driving is a good thing. It gets you from A to B quicker than walking. But driving through a playground full of small children is not a good thing. A good thing at the wrong time is a wrong thing. Or say I said to Harrizon my son who is 4 , you can drive this car.