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A friend of mine is Vietnamese and had the same situation marrying a white guy. They took it back after the grandchild was born though. Probably saw some of the stupidity of it from the sister that had multiple divorces with "good" Vietnamese men and little chance of a grandchild from her Yeah, in this one case, prejudice against something is somewhat justified. It really is scientifically unhealthy to reproduce with a close blood relative. At the very least, such a couple should adopt instead, as there are plenty of children out there in need of love, and playing Russian Roulette with your offspring isn't worth it.

I think the reason first cousin marriage is looked down upon is more because of the middle ages in europe where generations of very tightly knit bloodlines led to genetic birth defects so theres been a very heavy stigmata against first cousin marriage. The former refers to maternal relatives, while the latter refers to paternal.

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Here in Germany it is allowed, but not well received. Many families would go ape shit because of such a marriage. It's not viewed favorably by the common people but I think the upper echelons are fine with it because of the history of noble inbreeding for blood purity. People usually let their children play together within the family or let the family take care of their children when they don't have time to. So the chance of your cousin being your childhoodfriend is actually pretty big.

I remember how my 3 nieces took care of me when I was younger.

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And I had lots of fun with them. But it did not escalated anyfurther than being family, if you're wondering. However, I must remind you that these things are still ficional. Having a relationship of lovers with your cousin is very awkward and looked down upon in China. Most of them are xianxia or wuxia somewhere in a medieval setting. I mean, wasn't it the same for the western people to marry your cousin back in those days too? As an end note I want to say that this is a personal experience. It might differ from what other people have experienced.

Well, there was a married couple who lived next door to my house. I often used to go there to play. Those married couple were actually cousins, and they come from a country who're really strict with stuff like relationships. But cousin marriage is allowed there, and so it is in mine. So yeah, it's generally accepted around the world. Personally, though, I think of my cousins as my siblings, so I can't really imagine feeling that way towards them Either that I'm too young to even feel that way.

I think traditionally it's more accepted. Like for example how it was in the Western world a couple hundred years ago. I present to you Asa Akira Best interview less serious with Asa Akira. You have to watch it or I find Chu Feng and make him teach me some ballcrushing Technique and im gonna find you.

Seriously thought watch it. In ancient China,it is accepted. But you can only marry with the daughter of your mother's sister or brother. You can not do it with the daughter of your father's sister or brother. Since in that time the high class of were actually the standard for the common people the ways of the royal familly would spread like wildfire. It seems that everything was thought through in making married cousins life easier there. We strongly recommend crossing China out of your "Countries suitable for marrying your cousin" list.

It is illegal by law to marry your cousin since and it is considered to be incest by so many people. On top of that, China is still quite a communistic country and a lot of people have their lives controlled by the government.

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It is not that great of a loss anyway. Either with your beloved cousin or without, I bet you would not want to live in a place where YouTube and Facebook are blocked. Such restrictions are kind of Medieval and not in a funny way. So obviously, China is not the place to get on your knee in front of your cousin.

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Cousin marriage - Wikipedia

Just do it in Japan then. One cannot fully understand Japan and all its quirky stuff. We are, however, sure that Japanese people are up for any kind of crazy. All the wackiest and weirdest trends are usually coming from Japan. We don't want to get into any details as this is not a strictly adult website, but you can check it yourself. That said, people in Japan are used to it all and marrying your cousin will not surprise anyone. Yes, it is not that popular in their society compared to the Islamic countries, but nonetheless, people do not seem to discriminate it.

Also, it is a completely legal thing to do, so you can hit any courthouse and get those papers signed. We did not have to think a lot to put Japan on this list as it is one of the most modern countries in the world, where you will be accepted just the way you are This country is so popular among tourists all over the world. Those wonderful beaches instantly captivate everyone. We would definitely want to live there.

We also think that married cousins would fit perfectly in Turkey. It is an Islamic country and traditions of marrying a cousin lead to ancient times. Turkish people are very close to their families. By saying "very close", we mean that it often leads to marriage with a cousin. The rates of this kind of marriage are one of the highest in the whole world, reaching around 20 percent.

It means that every one of five couples you meet are cousins. Do you still think that someone could simply discriminate this phenomenon? That is why Turkey easily clinches a spot in our list by being such a beautiful country with openness to the union of the cousins. Everyone who has ever visited Morocco will know how unbelievable this country is.

It is geographically located in the perfect spot, the climate is just perfect and on top of that, Europe is reachable by hand. Morocco is one of the most advanced countries in Africa and that is why it made it to the list.

Oh yes, there is also another fact - cousin marriage is fully legal and more or less 10 percent of all the marriages are among cousins. With such high numbers, it is safe to say that no one will be discriminated strictly because of their deep love for their cousin. In comparison, only 1 out of marriages in the US is among cousins.

What more can we say? If you are in love with your cousin, better fall in love with oranges as well because they are heavenly in Morocco. In the eyes of the world, Canadians are one of the friendliest people you can meet. They are not into drama, aggression, or fighting. All those stereotypes have a little bit of truth, right? Well, we believe that this time it is completely true. Marrying your cousin in Canada is as legal as breathing, and the rates of such marriages are probably the highest among Western culture.

Vowing eternal love to your cousin is especially common in Quebec, so what else can we say? Montreal is an amazing city. We cannot help but love it. So all the people who give their hearts to their cousins and want to live in North America should look no further than Canada. This is a country of kind and understanding people, who are liberal enough to accept the fact that there are as many preferences as there are people on this planet. Brazil is definitely the country to marry your cousin when in South America. If someone has any doubts, we just recommend visiting Rio de Janeiro during the carnival.

Oh yes, people in Brazil are very open for all kinds of fetish and this particular one where you want your cousin to be your spouse, will not surprise anyone.

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Even contrary, many people should feel quite supportive and understanding. Brazil is the most liberal country in South America when it comes to those things and rarely someone will get picked on just because of the person they are in love with. This kind of openness goes through the whole culture of Brazil so we guess that living there with you cousin would be a true paradise.

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Without further ado, we can only suggest packing your carnival costume while traveling to Brazil. Everything else will be taken care of. One more Muslim country which we think fits perfectly on this list. There are so many marriages between cousins in Lebanon that it makes it completely normal and understandable behavior.

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  • One of the reasons for such marriage to be acceptable is that obtaining wealth in Lebanon is not that easy, so families prefer to see it protected by all means - one of which is cousin marriage. Not only it is a normal thing to do, but sometimes even encouraged by the elders of the family. So do you still think that there would be any problems marrying your cousin in Lebanon?

    On top of that, Lebanese food is so popular all over the world for a reason. Second cousins have little, if any increased chance of having children with birth defects, per the book "Clinical Genetics Handbook".

    Is Dating Your Cousin Legal In Japan

    The frequency of cousin marriages in the USA is about 1 in 1, The frequency of cousin marriages in Japan is about 4 in 1, It is estimated that 20 percent of all couples worldwide are first cousins. It is also estimated that 80 percent of all marriages historically have been between first cousins! In some cultures, the term cousin and mate are synonymous. Albert Einstein married his first cousin. And so did Charles Darwin, who had exceptional children.

    Roosevelt, the longest serving US president in history married his cousin not a first cousin, however they shared the same last name. Leviticus 18 lists all forbidden sexual relationships. Cousin relationships are not included. God commanded many cousins to marry, including Zelophehad's 5 daughters, Eleazar's daughters, Jacob who married both Rachel and Leah, first cousins , and Isaac and Rebekkah first cousins once removed.