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While it is similar to the IS-6, WZ, and the standard its armor does make it stand out enough to make it play differently than them. This tank guide will break down the into firepower, armor, mobility, and miscellaneous attributes to help you understand whether or not the is a good purchase for your garage.


Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update 1.2

Like many other tier 8 heavy tanks the equips a mm gun that hits hard with damage per round and has sub-par penetration to balance it against other tanks. You can make up for this by shooting HEAT rounds since you are a premium tank but that is not always ideal for your profit margins. The clearly has the better gun for most scenarios, while the has the harder hitting gun and is better suited for brawling at shorter distances. You can also see in the chart below that when compared to the WZ and IS-6 the does fall behind noticeably in the damage per minute department due to the lower rate of fire.

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WZ Damage 4. The has a mm frontal upper glacis that is at a 68 degree slope making it have mm of effective armor. The frontal lower glacis is still fairly large and is only 80mm thick which still leaves an easy to hit weak spot in the front.

The IS-6 on the other hand has all round better side armor than the Keep this in mind in battle since you want to prevent yourself from being flanked and keep the enemy shooting at your great frontal armor. The weighs around This leads the to perform decently in level ground and it can go very fast when going downhill.

On the downside due to its weak engine it will be very sluggish when accelerating and also climbing up any sort of uphill slope.


Oh wait, earning money is more important right. RockyRoller 4 Posted 20 January - Cobra6 5 Posted 20 January - Does it have preferential match making, only tier 9?

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I might buy it. It's nice to know that Wargaming is completly fine with screwing the game balance even harder for a few bucks, this tank shouldn't be sold again. But thanks for letting me know that I don't have to bother playing this game over the weekend or even the forseeable future. I own the IS Is it worth buying this tank? Better armor then IS-6, but less sloped. Longer reload and aimtime. I think i pass this one. HEAT performs best when firing at thick, unsloped armor, where the lack of normalization has little effect.

The is at home brawling in tight, enclosed spaces, where the thick, sloped frontal hull and very strong turret come into play and the infamous inaccuracy of the DTA is irrelevant. Wiggle and angle your armor to maximize the chances of bouncing shots - simply add 15 degrees of angling and the frontal armor plate is autobounce, even for massive mm guns!

World of Tanks Weak Spots, Tank Guides, and Tips

Overall, the is a solid heavy tank meant for brutal, short-range combat typical of Soviet and Chinese heavies, where the thick armor dominates the field and inaccuracy of the DTA is reduced. This vehicle received a significant armor buff when it was reworked in HD quality.

The lower frontal plate is no longe a weakspot, and the side armor is considerably thicker, though still kinda unreliable. View Source View history.

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This article requires additional modification. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Additional Statistics Top Configuration. Pros and Cons Pros: Good alpha damage Good viewrange Extremely tough upper hull plate and frontal turret Surprisingly strong lower frontal plate Good straight line speed, and terrain resistance makes up for lower engine power Cons: Very low rate of fire, poor accuracy and long aimtime Poor penetration Side armor can be unreliable when sidescraping Performance The plays much like a highly exaggerated IS-6, with even stronger strengths and even weaker weak points.

Early Research Premium tank, none required Suggested Equipment. External Reviews and Opinions. After the ties between the Soviet Union and Communist China began to break, China sought to develop a heavy tank which would be capable of fighting the T and IS-3 tanks.