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Included are news stories, interviews, editorials, a community directory, recipes, kitchen tips, chapters from an activists handbook, etiquette advice from Gwendolyn Good-deed, and items to buy at the Vegan Street Market. Postings are listed by state and select cities and also by category such as restaurant, bakery, juicery, animal rights, farm sanctuary, and cruelty-free. In each region, visitors will find resource links and job alerts.

Follow on social media and visit their blog. Provided is a vegetarian or vegan nutrition guide, plus a day email course on vegan health secrets for signing up as a member. The Vegetarian Mitzvah http: The Vegetarian Mitzvah clearly shows that "a higher form of being kosher is vegetarianism. Recorded DVD programs dealing with health, food preparation, and philosophy, previously shown only in Hawaii, have now been converted to Flash. Watch VSH lectures online. Here you will find information on animal rights and the environment.

Check out the Articles, Vegetarian Recipes, Resources, and numerous Links to enhance your vegetarian knowledge. Her site includes information on meat and poultry analogs; FAQ about vegetarianism, nutrition, and vegetarian foods; a list of foods showing ones that contain animal products; a link to her online vegetarian nutrition community; and a tribute to her grandmother, her vegetarian mentor. It boasts, "Friendly support 25 hours a day, 8 days a week for your healthy, vegetarian lifestyle. The Veg-Source On-Line Magazine is loaded with articles by some of the biggest names in vegetarianism and medicine.

The World Carrot Museum http: Visitors will enjoy the personal touch and attractive drawings that are an integral part of this site. The facility holds classes and events to teach people how to develop a healthy lifestyle on a plant-based diet. The Chari Center of Health, Inc. Roopa Chari, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, includes alternative therapies such as herbal remedies, hypnosis, thought field therapy, and interactive guided imagery along with conventional medicine to help her patients.

Vegetarian cooking is an important part of the healing regimen and is taught by Mrs. Chari, a family member who was an instructor at the University of Toledo in Ohio. Eat Well Stay Well http: She offers her health coaching services and resources in addition to easy-to-prepare recipes, events, and testimonials. Fun Meals 4 Kids!!! Using her homegrown food artistry, anyone can recreate her easy-to-make food presentations that motivate kids to give fruits and veggies the taste test. Readers will also discover how she turned food into a fun game.

Healing and Yoga with Laurie Levine http: Laurie even presents an opportunity to talk "live" to her by downloading Firetalk, a free internet service, and attending her on-line discussions and workshops. Healing Heart Foundation http: Neal Pinckney introduces his web site with a personal story of how he has reversed his own heart disease. He has established the Healing Heart Foundation to show others how they can prevent as well as reverse heart disease.

Included is information on what to eat, how to exercise, and how to manage stress, all part of his Healthy Heart Handbook. FAQ, recipes, and a discussion group are all part of the package. At this site visitors can find top and natural dentists in their area. Anyone looking for holistic, biological, and natural dentists, mercury-free and mercury safe treatments, hour services including wweekends, nights, and holidays. An informative blog describes their mission and answers frequently-asked questions from patients. The innovators of this website encourage people to contribute to and help broaden the database, making it convenient for everyone to locate a doctor nearby.

Site also boasts a monthly e-newsletter providing recipes and motivational information. Other pages include recipes, stories from site subscribers, a list of famous vegetarians, and a links page. They offer listings of veg doctors across the U. At this site people can locate a doctor in their area or recommend a doctor to add to their listing. The Resources section is where Veg Docs set up an Amazon. Vegetarian Nutrition Resource List http: Vibrant Health Institute http: Featured is a program of green juice and wheatgrass juices to alkalize the body and organic, gluten and dairy-free raw and living foods to offer a path to health.

Current menus are posted online and are all vegan, may be gluten-free, wheat-free, or soy-free on request. They offer one-on-one dietary consulting and gluten-free coaching, cooking classes, and catering. Fresh N' Lean http: The meals contain very low sodium and are made with only a minimum of oils and no preservatives. Weekly meals are never frozen and are shipped fresh in special coolers with ice packs. A week of meals includes wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even includes sweet treats for dessert.

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Meals come ready to heat in the microwave or oven. Choose from the five-or seven-day plan or order a la carte. Healthy Chef Creations http: Meals are chef-designed to order, freshly prepared, and shipped to your door nationwide. Whether you're aiming for weight loss, eating healthier, or convenience, you'll find it easy to order online or by phone. The foods are fresh, never frozen, naturally low in fat, sugar, and salt, flavorful and wholesome.

They are made from vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, herbs, and spices and available in your choice of meal plans. They produce chef- inspired plant-based meals from scratch using only organic, non-GMO ingredients. The Vegan Garden https: They offer meals that are low fat, low calorie, cruelty-free, free from trans-fat and cholesterol, and prepared with mostly local, organically grown foods used in internationally inspired recipes.

The Vegan Taste http: The variety of dishes features international favorites as well as familiar comfort foods. Also available are no-oil, gluten-free, and no-soy options. They offer simple, healthy, organic, well balanced and affordable freshly prepared weekly vegan meals and vegetarian meals conveniently delivered right to your home or office. In addition she includes a "yellow pages" of vegetarian organizations and a lengthy, categorized listing of links to other vegetarian web sites. Vegan Family House http: Included are celebrity quotations, parenting information, recipes, books, holiday facts, and more.

The web site presents information on shopping, food and drink, social activities, travcl, health, and vegan businesses. Includes a "Noticeboard" bulletin board. The guide covers the materials needed to get started, what to compost, what not to compost, and includes a step-by-step tutorial from start to finish. Learn about cold composting, hot composting, and vermicomposting to create your healthiest garden yet. Garden Medicinals and Culinaries http: All seeds are untreated and grown organically, ecologically, or conventionally and are open-pollinated, non-gmo varieties.

Includes information on using herbs wisely and an extensive links list to other herb sites. High Mowing Organic Seeds http: Now sells over heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetables, fruit, herb, and flower seeds for wholesale and retail sales. Seed collections, gift ideas, and seed catalogs available. Owner Tom Stearns says, "I see seeds as one of the best educational tools. Suggestions for growing attractive edible border plants, keeping sprawling plants in a container, and keeping the area well maintained keep everyone happy, A food safety note mentions that edible plants growing close to the sidewalk may be attractive to dogs and cats who use the area as a litter box and may make the plants inedible.

You don't have to be a green thumb. This site tells all and offers a number of composting methods, step-by-step instructions in building a compost pile, and offers helpful information on overcoming composting problems. The site posts the history of the organization and retail seed offerings. Planet Natural Research Center http: You'll find tips and tricks and learn the terminology--it truly is Composting Robinson Love Plants https: This ultimate compost guide explains what compost is and its role and benefits to the healthy growth of plants.

At this site readers will find plant guides, pest guides, tool guides, and tips and tricks on composting to grow a robust garden. Salt Spring Seeds http: Dedicated to a safe and sustainable organic agriculture, and to all of the organic gardeners out there. Seed Savers Exchange http: Their focus is on heirloom varieties that people brought to North America when their families immigrated as well as traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites, and the Amish.

A delight for gardeners who want to grow exceptional varieties of vegetables and flowers. Phone or write for catalog. Seeds of Change http: Learn the facts and the techniques to create your own natural fertilizer for healthy soil and healthy plants and vegetable gardens. Suggestions range from cooking a meal for a neighbor in need to donating to a food pantry. Sells hundreds of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds packaged in inner resealable bags.

All seeds are grown by them or purchased from a network of other heirloom seed growers. Food Empowerment Project http: This informative website is an excellent learning tool to teach how people can prevent injustices against animals, people and the environment. FEP also works to discourage corporations from marketing unhealthy foods to low-income areas and encourages people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Visitors to the website will find many invaluable resources. Food for Life Global http: The site provides information and photos of the group's humanitarian efforts.

Food Not Bombs http: They also provide food to the survivors of natural disasters. This group works in coordination with many other organizations like Earth First! Kind Green Planet http: Their activism is through grassroots film screenings and workshops, lifestyle coaching, and community programs that empower people to make compassionate food choices and develop a respect for living consciously on the earth. Visitors will find a schedule of events and programs and an excellent resource center with a variety of links. The group provides educational materials, educational events, and services to thousands of people around the world North American Vegetarian Society http: World Vegetarian Day and Summerfest are two major activities of the group.

Their web site contains sample articles from the magazine, campaign information, a list of affiliate groups, details about their annual events, and links. Organic Consumers Assocation http: The Organic Farming Research Foundation http: OFRF pursues this mission by sponsoring research related to organic farming; disseminating research results to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production practices; and educating the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues.

Vegetarian Resource Group http: In a graphically attractive site, the group, which publishes the Vegetarian Journal, includes vegetarian and vegan recipes, nutrition information, recipes, excerpts from Vegetarian Journal, vegetarian travel information, and a vegetarian game. Membership in the organization includes a subscription to the magazine which is published six times a year Vegan Life Colorado http: Visitors will find "Topics of Interest to Vegetarians" that are reprinted from ones produced and distributed by the group. They will also be able to access information in the following areas: The site contains a Ballpark Reference Guide to assist those who want to write letters, send e-mails, or make phone calls urging the baseball clubs to provide food for vegetarians.

Also available are soft chews for dogs with hip and joint issues. Savvy shopping using the handy guide can save dollars on pet foods, veterinary care, pet supplies, pet services, and pet adoptions. Eco Dogs and Cats https: They also feature a blog. Also available are dog treats, accessories, supplements and health services. They also sell 3 flavors of vegan jerky for humans. Buying in bulk saves money. Flying with Pets https: Different airlines place a variety of restrictions and policies for the types of pets and where and how they may travel on the plane.

Some airlines require health documents from a certified vet. Other airlines require passengers traveling with their emotional support animal to provide a letter from a physician. Visit this guide in advance of travel to learn all the details that passengers will need to travel with their pets.

It may also be simpler, safer, and more cost effective. Changes in air quality, air circulation, temperature, and cabin pressure on planes can cause stress for some animals, while trains have fewer issues. Consult this handy guide for train systems that allow travel with pets. Most may require pets travel in a pet carrier and service dogs wear an identifying vest or special identification. My Pet Naturally http: Also available are healthy treats, pet toys, beds and bowls, pet grooming. Their very own pet bakery offers pupcakes, cookies, and cakes that even humans can share with their pets.

In addition to their onnline store, this company also has a physical location in Los Angeles at W. Also available are foods for special diets including gluten-free, grain-free, corn, wheat, and soy-free, organic, vegan, and vegetarian categories. They also sell Buddy Biscuits for dogs and cats. The Pet Pantry http: Also available are several varieties of birdseed, and rabbit and guinea pig foods. Sells an extensive line of cat treats and dog biscuits including grain-free varieties and well-known brands like Old Mother Hubbard.

Items like home cleaning supplies, poisonous plants, toxic chemicals in the garage, pesticides, empty plastic bags, worn electrical cords, and many other items need to be stored properly for safety. This site offers helpful information to help you avoid the hazards and keep your pet happy and safe. What's the Deal with Vegan Dog Food? What's in your pet's food? Do veterinarians support a vegan diet for dogs?

These questions and many more are covered on this website in addition to additional links covering the topic of a vegan diet for dogs. This online store is vegan owned and operated. Includes all things vegan from the everyday world to the unique stories and happenings that will keep readers returning.

Nigel eco dating

Some Vegan Girl http: Anyone looking for what's hot in animal welfare, vegan fast food, restaurant news, new products, and new businesses will find exciting news to ponder. Editor Brenda Carey, model and body builder, has assembled a colorful publication filled with photos of body builders, nutritional information by experts, interviews, exercises, recipes, vegan advice, training tips, and more.

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Subscribers are automatically entitled to both the digital and print versions of each issue, but may opt for the tree-free, digital-only subscription. Now includes Vegetarian Baby and Child, formerly a separate publication. For a free sample copy send an e-mail from their website. Butterflies Katz, offers her vegan poetry in Metamorphosis: Poems to Inspire Transformation , a collection of her work that draws inspiration from animals, ecology, and humanity. Co-author of Incredibly Delicious: Included are articles of interest to vegetarians, notices of vegetarian events, recipes, book reviews, product evaluations, and information about products and services.

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The on-line version contains excerpts from the magazine. Beginning with a an attractive graphically appealing home page, the editors have grouped a number of informative articles under headings like Natural Beauty, Health, Eco-Home, Travel, and Links. The site offers loads of recipes as well as featured articles and stories.

Vibrance formerly Living Nutrition http: Nutrition education, raw food recipes, dietary transition help, natural hygiene history, and organic gardening are only a few of the many offerings in this magazine that is published twice yearly. Don Wagner, DO, PC, a strong supporter of a plant-based lifestyle, interviews guests and discusses how health issues can be addressed by following a healthy food regimen. Listen live Monday through Friday from 3: Don at drdonwagner gmail. The website offers a host of Tony's casual Mediterranean style recipes.

See website for up-to-date information on air times. A second video, Hungry for Change, is dedicated to helping people escape the diet trap. The Food Matters organization created FMTV, an online subscription channel that offers a library of over health and wellness documentaries. Past shows can be heard on the net at http: Listen on Fridays 5: EST and Sundays at 3: Podcasts, videos, articles, and suggested reading are archived on the site. The Jazzy Vegetarian Television Show http: The Jazzy Vegetarian reaches out to mainstream Americans, dedicated vegans, and non-vegetarians alike who are on the path to wellness and health through earth friendly and compassionate food choices.

Planted in Miami http: From environmental causes to healthy lifestyles, animal welfare to conscious living, it's about giving people the information that they need to make informed decisions about living a more thoughtful and compassionate life. Videos of their work can be found at http: The Real Food Channel http: Subscribers are notified about new videos and can readily access them from shared links. Nigel's Eco Dating is a new dating site that helps self-proclaimed eco warriors, Prius drivers and recyclers who prefer a date with someone whose values are closer to Al Gore than Alan Sugar.

So if you're searching for a partner who recycles and composts everything but toenails, or who's dream house is a solar powered pad lit by energy saving lightbulbs, then join now for free! Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. This site is part of the Loveandfriends network. Designates a focus on specieism as the main target for criminological research and critique of.

Beirne , who argues that abuse and degradation of animals has to be. The hallmark of green criminology, regardless of diversity of opinion and the plurality of. This provides a number of simple but clear questions — why and how are laws made? But also raises important. As in other areas of criminology, the question arises of whether the focus of study should be. Legal harms are therefore of central interest to green. The wide range of topics and issues studied can only be summarised here — covering for.

One major contribution and an overdue development within criminology has been to direct. The second paper in. Environmental issues can also be categorised according to three different types of harm. These are set out in Box 2 below. The significance of conceptualising environmental issues in this way is that it demonstrates. Some issues tend to resonate more with members of the public than others;.

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In fact, the term is increasingly. In criminological terms, of course, hesitancy has come from a desire to avoid. But perhaps a signal about the future use of. This might be a step in the direction of distinguishing between fields. But, at the same time, it. For example, situational crime prevention. A different, timely and thought-provoking example of the convergence of an interest in green. This then is a sketch of some of the foundations, and the breadth, of a green criminological.

The two accompanying papers build on these foundations. We would like to conclude by drawing attention to three criminological and sociological.

Eco Lovers is all about Green Dating On Line for UK Eco-Friendly Singles

Needless to say, this is not an exhaustive list. One notable prism through which the escalation of environmental harms has been viewed is. This prompts us to consider how many of our environmental problems and challenges are. The message here is that it is highly relevant to. The implementation of public policy is sometimes of particular interest to criminology not. Some have suggested that green criminology pays less attention to victims than to offenders. This does not seem quite right as a considerable amount of work in green. However if the criticism does have merit then it is obviously important to develop a.

Recent work by Hall is a useful first step in this. Deepwater Horizon case or the destruction or pollution that may be acts or consequences of. The world has become increasingly environmentally-conscious - because there is more to be. Within criminology, there is now increasing. What is important is that, whatever the name or terminology, a new or re -. The next two papers in this series elaborate on. In doing so, they raise issues and concerns that will be of. A theoretical model of the impact of climate change on. The ordinary acts that contribute to ecocide: Towards a New Modernity.

Law, Criminology, and Human-Animal. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Issues in Green Criminology: The Mafia and Toxic Waste in. In The Oxford Handbook of. Criminology 5 th edn.

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Change from a Criminological Perspective, ed. Environmental Harm, Consumerism, and Resistance to Ecocide. Race, Class and Environmental Quality, Boulder. Enforcement, Policy, and Social Responsibility. Western crime control models in the Third World: The idea of planet-wide environmental. Illegal hunting and angling: Journal of Human-Animal Studies. Crimes against the environment: Journal of Criminal Justice. The Value of the Wildlife Trade. Weber and the environment: Classical foundations for a. American Journal of Sociology Towards interdisciplinary scholarship on environmental crimes and risks.

How the Guardian reported on London's Great Smog of Victims of Environmental Harm: Rights, Recognition and Redress under.

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National and International Law. Non-compliance in small-scale fisheries: The Theory and Practice of Environmental Justice. The Expropriation of Health. Air, the Environment and Public Health. BBC News Science and. Environment, 15 th October.

The meaning of green: