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Schools Boy, 4, found in busy road after leaving school unnoticed as dad demands answers. In a family of poorer background most of the older family members are completely dependent on support provided by their children, nieces and nephews. The cultural understanding of the young lady in love towards relationships in the western world is already not the most advanced, her family does often not have the slightest clue what life, love and marriage means in our western world.

Some other ladies, of course, take the chance and turn the rudder around, making their partner believe that all the money they receive is in support of her family, which is not always true. For foreign men it is difficult to comprehend all the various reasons why their girlfriend just keeps asking for ever more money. Middle class families will rarely demand help from their daughters once they stumble into a relationship with a farang.

It is often the girl, who willingly gives away some money for her parents to compensate for their long efforts of bringing her up and giving her the chance for good education. If she receives money from her farang partner, she will likely use part of it for that purpose. If she does so, she will and should let you know about it and it is perfectly ok to do so. The weirdest perception I have come across, though, is the following: I was very plesantly surprised to have enjoyed your article as my partner and I completely fall off your Rough Guide!

We are similar ages, wrong side of 40! She is from a large, southern, originally rubber tree farming family who have now developed into 3rd generation mostly university graduates.

Husband Matrix: Response To The Hot Crazy Matrix

I currently work overseas but will be living full time at home soon. I have worked before in Thailand, from home, and she has worked at various jobs since 16 years of age until the end of her second trimester. The salary goes into her account, pensions go into mine and she decides what to spend on what and to this day texts me to say the wages are in and when she wants to spend more than 2k on anything! The two pensions are of reasonable value combined equalling above the married income minimum level and I intend to take up voluntary teaching by the end of the year.

I have never been asked for anything from any member of the family, indeed two have helped us and since been repaid. The nature electronic goods sales of work she wishes to return to does not concern me but it will undoubtedly mean long hours, probably 6 days per week at minimum wage — sometimes finishing late at night. The article certainly corrected a few assumptions I had started projecting toward my partner over her growing insistence that she return to work in the not too distant future. Her reasoning, and I cannot fault it despite my disappointment at not being able to make myself understood to her, is that as a housewife she is not contributing financially to the household.

Please be assured, the apparent switching of traditional roles is not my issue. But if she is completely drained and unable to enjoy the day time experiences of our child then what does that do the family dynamic I have to ask myself? I suppose that what I am asking is twofold: I live here and have a thai woman. I look at it like a cheap whore and maid living with me. I give her very little baht a month, and take care of her needs.

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She is an issan woman that has had a norway farang before. I get sex and she is a good cook. She is getting old 44 I Still a good body and good looking though.

It is the guys that come looking for the young women here. They want a young woman for sex and show. I was with many girls here before this one and probibly many to come. I just do not care. If they want more or stop taking care of me i tell them to hit the door. Or i move and do not come back. Will you buy me a house and a car? Or you take care of my family? Just say yes and screw them a few time and disapear. You will be amazed at the pretty good women here. But I tell you if they are considering a farang it is for money.

Just pay what you are willing and if happy have fun. If you live here full time buy a car and motorcycle in your name and have friging fun. Screw all the bullshit from the women. It is my money and i spend it for myself now. I hate the fact that they can only think of money. Just throw it in them and lie. They lie to us all the time about loving us. But they just want the money and then cheat. They are lying to us for our whole lives about loving us.

So what I do to them in one night is the exact same thing as they do to us in our whole lifetime. Screw them and leave em. Painted Dragon, thanks for sharing. These are delicate issues. Wish you all the best. Gary, thanks for your sharing too. I think the rules for smart whoring are probably the same the world over, and I suppose you know best what to do in this regard. Having been in and out of Thailand since I have created some wonderful relationships with Thai people in the repect of deep meaningful friendships.

I have always been impressed with the way that Thai people express a sense of fun in life even in the face of adversity and the kindness they show towards other people. It made the recent politically motivated events in Bangkok even more hard to take knowing that this is not the usual nature of the generally cool headed Thai people or I mean a small minority of them , that I have known and yes I have known a lot.

My concern now turns to business owners and hoping like mad that tourists return to Thailand as soon as possible and these people can survive in the family-based restaurants, guesthouses and other traditional Thai places that foreign people love Thailand for.

Evaluating Your Love Life With the 'Hot Crazy Matrix' | RTM - RightThisMinute

I apologise for digressing from the main title of the post, but building relationships is surely a meaningful thing to do in life whether for business, friendships, romantic or otherwise. Unfortunately they all involved the use of his wallet, that fine pulling technique. For me it is all about how you treat someone in a relationship…. Forget the Thai and farang formula, people have to treat people like human beings first and with kindness. Have you ever had Thai ladies as just friends? With such sense of fun and easy going manner they are a joy to be with and not one has ever ventured in to the subject of money, they are very industrious and self-sufficient ladies.

Now that is so true. Recommended reading for my readers Asian Sweetheart 2.

The hot-crazy woman matrix

I had a farang boyfriend once who supported me through thick and thin even when I worked. But he left me for a another asian from a different country. The multitude of negative discussions regarding sinsot, dowries, monthly costs…money money money. I was nearly becoming brainwashed filling my grey matter with horrible thoughts.

As our own discussions were turning towards money yes sinsot. That, if our relationship is dependent on money and money is our problem…. IMO, the best solution to the money problem is to stay within ones own socio-economic level. If the woman has the comparable finances as the man than it is better. I have a great deal of sympathy towards those living in poverty in our world, but I do not want to be the one supporting someones family, often non working, low motivation, unable to become self sufficient relatives.

Efforts to alleviate poverty should be at the international and national level, better education, social programs, debt relief. Unless the foreign male is networked with upper level society it is less likely he will be able to find a woman of means, although there are oceans of women of diminished means seeking farang males.

Typically the financial burden in male farang-thai female relationships is one sided. Many couples are happy with this, or less unhappy than the western female-relationship. I just stumbled across this site for the first time and trying to digest what I have read so far. Kaewmala, you are quite generous and balanced in your responses… not afraid to call it like you see it, but careful not to talk in extremes or absolutes. I appreciate that and I sense that even where I may find that I disagree with you, it will not be strongly as you find a way to make strong points without being aggressive.

I am not rich by farang standard but i am a working professional with considerable stable income. I am not capable of supporting anyone as well with my income as I have my own commitments as well. Since fate brought us together, if still within my means, try to help if i can. Asian girls usually expect the guys to take care of them, not the other way around.

Guys who earn less are basically treated as good-for-nothing. Working in the city has only given us endless chase to the material wants, he makes me realise life can be very simple. Dear Winnie, it is unfortunately true that in most societies — even the Western ones — a woman financially supporting her male partner is still frown upon. I wish you all the best in your relationship with the nice man who obviously brings you happiness and I commend you for your courage to go against the grains of society.

But then certain people tend to gravitate towards or draw certain characters, for various reasons. Most Thai lady I know are gold diggers not only this I have been stalked by some of them for many years and had to call the police in on top of that you go to the website of stickman bangkok submission and you can read an other fucked up stories about Thai girls. On top of that in my cycle of friends I have heart an other bad stories about Thai girls with their bak wan talk sweet talk Thai girls are champions in lying gohok. Gohok is an art form in Thailand. I have been living all over the globe but they way they do lie here is a real game changer.

A very interesting and enlightening article. Thanks for posting and offering an intelligent viewpoint on the subject which many farang males have an opinion forged from the experiences of their peers. I am lucky enough to be married to a filipina, she earns more than I and has a more respected career.

However, culturally I understand how important it is for us to support her family in a Country where there is no social support available.

Online Dating Advice and Experience

While I do offer financial support, it is never expected or asked for, but I also understand that I should be seen to be supportive, be it financially or emotionally. We had a frank discussion regarding the cultural expectations from both sides of the realtionship before we embarked upon it, and as such it ensured the foundation was more solid, thus arguments never ensued. I have spent time in Thailand and know many Thai people. The relationship failed due entirely down to my own ignorance and failure to listen and appreciate what was expected from her by her family.

I mistakenly thought that it was about me and us, not her and the relatives. Many farang males who enter into relationships with Thai women do so very often with Bargirls or Ex Bargirls. Louis came to the aid of one poor pup that was so cold and hungry that all he could do was shiver and howl in fright. Luckily, he was a sweet pup and was more than happy once he got into the warm car. We wish we were half as cool as this pup. Their dog waits outside eagerly every day for his favorite human to come home.

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