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Because I no longer have any use for it, I have decided to sell this very collectible little rifle…. A very rare BSA Merlin underlever air rifle in good working order in 22 calibre works and shoots fine only one I have seen having a clear out of a few things Meteor mk iv from Some external rust but complete and comes with open sight.

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Gun comes with an Edgar Brothers x40 scope, a Tracer Stinger lamp and the gun has just been serviced. Try before you buy. An accurate, quality PCP ideal for with field or target use. Compact profile, black synthetic. This Air rifle is like new comes with a hawke x 40 scope as new 2 magazine filling probe hand pump as new hard case.

This gun is less than 12 months old and is mint condition no marks or scratches it has adjustable cheek peace beautiful dark wood stock with thumb hole Comes with one ten pellet magazine Fill prob AGS x40 mil dot scope This gun …. Basically its two rifle styles in…. Aged and in need of some TLC, hence the price.

Works as it should and mechanically sound. Bsa r10 se in very very good condition I've only put half a tin of pellets through it in the year and half I've owned it. Comes with bsa sling, bsa case, bsa padded gun rest, 1 x 10 shot magazine, full charging bottle and filling adaptor, Nikko…. For sale is my Scorpion,mint condition,recently serviced at BSA. BSA moderator,one magazine,bipod sling and new Hawke Vantage scope. Supplied with a 10 shot magazine, CCS shroud with silencer, fill port….

Very good condition BSA Supersport break barrel air rifle in. Varnish finished pistol grip stock fitted with a slim ventilated rubber factory heel pad, strong Supersport break barrel action set alongside a blued 18" standard weight…. Varnish finished pistol grip stock fitted with a slim ventilated rubber factory heel pad, strong Supersport break barrel action set alongside a blued 18" standard …. Guns can also be viewed at our Lady's Wood location near Bath by prior request.

New barrel shroud gives better silencing …. A full stocked "carbine" version of the gun, the Buccaneer was produced from , neither the Scorpion or Buccaneer remain in production.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 11 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As you may recall, I have an affinity for BSA tap loaders. I will be most interested in how this one performs. No, that is the complete, driftable rear sight, the mk2 had a similar arrangement but with interchangeable inserts. Now you have gone and done it.

I have used a bubble level scope before and they are the way to go for long range shooting. I think you will like it. Varmint series I think. I much prefer the UTG mil dot reticle. Plus, lighted is nice when needed. I would have to wonder though if the clarity under challenged lighting might be better on the Hawke.

These are exceptional scopes. I do not like those thick reticle lines. I would recommend the 80mm side wheel for the UTG though.

BSA Scorpion Air Pistol

Their AO is pretty stiff. I have a couple of UTG side wheels, one is still unopened. I have used them in the past and they work OK, but are bulky. I may have Wicked Air Rifles make me a comma. Everyone who looked through the sample that was at the Pyramyd Air Cup was amazed at the clarity. What is nice is this scope is a low enough power to be usable for hunting and not just field target or some such. With only a few exceptions, most air rifles are pretty much maxed out at yards.

We will have to see what this one will do. I will second BB on the clarity. You can easily see the fine make up of tree bark and leaves at yds.

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Good as well on span of clarity,…. Parallax being what it is,.. I still try to fine tune the A. Now that the leaves are off in the woods,….. Very close to the same as if I was shooting across an open field. Have fun and enjoy. Will be waiting for updates. I certainly do hope to give this scope the coveted RRR rating. The rifle has such and deserves a worthy scope. I always enjoy seeing a tap loader if for nothing more than the unique mechanics of it. I was surprised that you mentioned steel wool to go after the stock and the steel.

I would have never guessed that, as it would seem too abrasive,…… but then again,…. Saturated with Ballistol and used with a light touch is great for cleaning up metal-work. I will often use a wad of to apply my oil-based finish to my stocks.

Product Information

Thank you for that insight. I will keep that in mind should I run across a rusty critter. I have not done paper in awhile so I am thinking 70 and with the M-rod and then some 30 with the other 2.

BSA Air sporter MK2

Better do it while I can. Thanks for this info. I was already wondering if BB was using the wool dry or wet.

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This may open up a whole new project for me to undertake with some oldies I have. I expect some collectors are rolling their eyes at the thought of doing anything at all to century old firearms. I will look for comments from readers. I will tip toe into wool and Ballistol on at least one of them. I only recently got some Ballistol. This stuff is slicker than most oils and stays slicker longer. Unlike some who object to the odor, I detected no significant smell.

You can even keep it on a clothes closet shelf. Different wood-grains absorb finish to different depths and will influence the quality final finish so you need to watch that. Also, be sure that any spots that have absorbed lubricating oil are thoroughly cleaned alcohol or naphtha as they will give trouble later it they are not really clean. I recommend sandpaper grits as required and a Styrofoam sanding-block to prepare the surface followed by raising the grains and finishing with then steel wool. You have to watch working with steelwool as it has a tendency to remove the softer wood and leave the grain raised — which is a nice effect if you want that.

Much obliged for taking the time to describe in detail proper ways to enhance stocks. Years ago I bought a new C stock for my 03 Springfield. I sanded it until it was glass smooth and applied by hand a linseed oil finish. It looks the same today as it did 50 years ago. I still have the stock that came with the rifle in its original state. The rifle is a high numbered beauty double heat treated in and in near NRA mint condition.

I gave it and the original stock to my son last Christmas. I too am a gun hoarder. I have never sold or traded a gun. I have them all except those given to my son and teen age grandchildren. Would you please adopt me? I called my son and read your comment to him. He got a large chuckle out of it. Know what you mean about linseed-oil finishes. The main difference between the Mk1 and 2 is that the tap opens on cocking with the Mk1 Which does leave this serial number as a bit of an anomaly My money is on a Mk3, transitional if it has a leather seal.

Having had a look around the net I am beginning to agree with you. Most of the pictures of Mk4 have rear sights similar to the one B.

BSA Airsporter Breech Plug Part No. - John Knibbs International Ltd

If its even slightly worn or soft then fpe is the order of the day. The power is more likely to go DOWN with the undersized modern pellets, though accuracy and consistency is likely to rise. Okay, I may have read the serial number wrong. It is probably a GI, making this a Mark 4 Airsporter. It does not have the automatic tap. If the stock is scratched, get a teabag do you have those in the states?

Steep it, or several, in boiling water and allow it to cool, then use it as a stain, it will soak into the scratches and is an almost exact match for the orange hued BSA finish, then, after a few applications to get the colour right, beeswax it to seal it in. Will try this to spot treat. That was a pretty bold move, buying a rifle from the Gun Broken website.