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Why Online Dating Isn’t for Me

  1. A Christian’s View of Online Dating: 3 Tips to Making it Work
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  3. Is Online Dating a Sin? 7 Points to Consider When Online Dating
  4. October 2018
  5. A Christian's View of Online Dating

With the rise of social media and technology-driven interactions, I get a lot of questions concerning the topic of online dating relationships. The very same people that would encourage you to pursue a job opportunity by surfing the net, or looking into colleges by way of the internet, might forbid you from using the online world as a means to finding love.

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A Christian’s View of Online Dating: 3 Tips to Making it Work

There is no denying that our world has changed drastically over the past decade, and we are now immersed in a culture that is rooted in the internet and social media. One couple I recently read about even exchanged their vows via the web. Just as God used the cultural components of ancient biblical days to guide people to finding love dowries, arranged marriages, and the like , He uses our cultural context to work out his will in our lives today. But as you enter the world of online dating, here are a few things you must always bring with you:.

Behind the screen of a computer, you can be anyone you want to be.

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From your physical attributes to your description of yourself-you can custom design who you are. Relationships founded in facade are never worth keeping, because they are rooted in exaggeration and ultimately in deceit. The second most important thing to honesty, is the idea of wisdom. To combat the perceived attitude that a woman is complete without a man, that her identity, instead, should be in Christ, Hale speaks boldly about living her life right now in the beautiful uncertainty that is her singleness. Much of it, she says, has to do with the daily surrender to Christ.

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We all have those days," Hale says. You can't judge; you have to work through them. You tell God, 'Today, I want to hand back to You my singleness and have a day where I don't feel single and alone. If I could hand Him my singleness once, I would be dependent on myself, but because I am in constant state of surrender, I'm constantly depending on Him. Hale, who started as a publicist and is now a full-time author and blogger, has seen first-hand the power of technology and how the Internet can be used for good. She may even consider giving God the chance to work on her love story through online dating—something many in the church hesitate to consider.

Though some have considered choosing to date online as playing God, Hale says she's beginning to reject that notion. Who is to say that He can't bring the love of my life through a dating website?

Is Online Dating a Sin? 7 Points to Consider When Online Dating

Honestly, that's the crux of the entire message. We need to put a different message out there," Hale says of the church.

Lord knows we could use some men who have good heads on their shoulders. I hope that the single message is evolving, that the mindset about singleness is changing. I don't know how quickly that's happening, but I think opinions are starting to shift, hopefully. Great Resources to help you excel in !

October 2018

Prayer helps you overcome anything life throws at you. Will you probably jump way ahead in your mind, imagining if this person will make a good dad to your 3 children named Heather, Austin, and Frank? But then come back to reality and live with realistic expectations. You are probably not going to meet your future husband or wife on the first date or two you go on when you begin online dating. Try to enjoy each date for what it is.

I believe the intention behind dating should be to find a spouse. Having said that, there are still beneficial parts to dating even if that specific relationship does not result in marriage. But also know you are probably not going to marry the first, second, or third person you date.

A Christian's View of Online Dating

Dating people enhances your character. It increases your discernment. It refines what qualities you really care about in another person. Dating people will force you to realize things about yourself you would otherwise never have learned. It can prepare you to become the person you need to be to thrive when you finally do meet your future spouse.

If done right, the dating process including online dating should enhance your ability to walk with God and follow his leading. Learn what God wants you to learn through each date. The most important goal of dating is to figure out if this person is your future spouse. It might seem like a waste of time if you dated someone and then broke up; but if through dating this person you learned he or she is not your future spouse, then you did not waste your time.

Christian Online Dating Advice: Does God Want You to Online Date to Find a Christian Spouse? 7 Tips

Wasting your time in dating only happens when you continue to date someone even after you know for certain you are not going to marry him or her. How long should you date someone? You should date them as long as you need to help you know for certain that God wants you to marry him or her. For some this is a few months. For others this is a few years. I believe each relationship really is different. But if I had to put a number on it, I personally think a healthy dating season is around a year or two.

You want to give yourself enough time to really get to know this person. Just remember the true goal of dating, which is to decide whether this person is the one you want to marry or not. I think traditional dating should be your first option. But if these traditional means are not working, it might be time to give online dating a chance. I know plenty of nineteen-year-olds who are mature enough to get married.