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Aquarius man should chill! I am a cap woman and he has space a lot of it. Our differences always bring out the best in me. Horoscopes might be true to a certain extent but at the end of the day, it is still up to the couple whether they are wiling to give the time, effort, commitment, trust, love each other and set aside their differences for their partners. Im an aquarian male married to a Gemini but in love with a capricorn woman also married.

We just enjoy each others company and flirt often.

She is 8 years older than I but boy is she cute and warm and sensitive. My wife can be but its very hard to feel this. I have not let on directly to the cap woman friend.. We act like kids when we see each other its weird but fun…I need some help here on what I should do.

Sex With A Capricorn

I am a capricorn woman in love with an aquarious man. I have been drawn to him since the moment I first saw him. It took us awhile to converse but as soon as we did it was instant fireworks. He confessed that his heart dropped as soon as I walked in the room and that he feels he was supposed to have met me. It all seemed so perfect, until I found out he was in a relationship.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility - Zodiac Compatibility

It killed me hopes but we decided to get to know each other just to see where it would go. The more time we spent together, the stronger our bond grew and the more convinced I was that he was perfect for me. He was absolutely intrigued by me and I was of him. After a few months of this puppy love, I asked him to make a decision to end his relationship or let me go. He simply couldnt, so I walked away. I know it hurt him but I lost hope that it would ever be something.

I ended communication and tried to move on, and I simply couldnt. He is constantly on my mind, I feel so heart broken. So the other day I told him in a poem how much I missed him. He responded by saying that he still thinks of me everyday.

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It was a shock, I figured he had written me off. He wants to casually meet up for coffee.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman

It scares me though because hes still with her. But I feel that after it all, our love and connection is still strong. I dont want to miss a chance with me again. What do you think I should do about mending things with his aquarious man? I am a Capricorn girl and am really into this Aquarius man… We recently started talking after not seeing each other for years, which is a really long time especially since 15 years ago we were in the same 5th grade class together.

And when were together its like nothing else matters in the world. Another thing that bothers me is he has only had one serious girlfriend ever and she cheated on him, so he has issues with trust. I know he likes his space and so do I… we can go days without talking but when we do its like we never stopped and I love that…. Am a cap gal and I dated an aqua guy long back…it ended really bad and i had to end it to save myself from throwing my life at him.

Aqua guys usually move on very quickly i think… so please please dont lead the cap gal on to a dead end…. I just stopped being as friendly OK, I admit — I was downright cold- but he has been cold also. He then went away on business for 2 weeks. Literally made it very obvious that he was ignoring me. Would someone take a stab at what this means? I am a 20 year old Capricorn woman in college.

I am falling for a 22 year old Aqua man more and more each day. I met him at my job in July and right from the start we had tons of chemistry. We went on a lot of dates throughout the summer and I could tell from the way he looks at me that he has deep feelings for me. We still talk but not as often and are not exclusive. I dont know whats going to happen and neither does he but I have hope that we are meant to be in the future once we mature and accomplish some more of our goals.

He has told me that he sees us being together in the future. I hope this gives any Capricorn or Aquarius match hope that our signs can have a beautiful lasting love with patience dedication and honesty. Signed, a hopeless romantic Cap. Luke — could you provide more detail on under what circumstances she pushes you away?

Get an astrology report for your relationship

Hey id just like some advic, im a capricorn male with an aquarian woman. Every horoscope i read says its not gonna work and we are not meant to be l, care about her a lot l, idk if sould mates are real but to me she feels right, anyone know what i should expect out of this relationship?

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  8. How to make it hold, we are having a child together, accidental but it really has brought us close in a special way…idk i just dont know what to expect, she has the power to destroy my world…. I feel like I did something to hurt him but he wont tell me. John Brolin and Diane Lane Most times when two of the same sign get together it is Aquarius , Aquarius man , Capricorn , Capricorn Woman.

    Nancy Fenn is the world's Saturn Return expert. The troubles in this relationship arise when the carefree, aloof Aquarius man expects his routine and traditional Capricorn woman to keep up with his mood swings and sexual fantasies. The Aquarius man spends time fantasizing and day dreaming which makes the Capricorn woman quite suspicious. But because of her submissive nature she doesn't do much about it but to grin and bear. This causes trouble and can work against them.

    The best way for them to work out their differences is to understand each other's nature and learn to work around it. Another point of difference between the two signs can be the requests by the Capricorn woman that are misinterpreted as constant nagging by the Aquarius man. The more the Aquarius Man understands the Capricorn Woman, the more he will start to see her as a selfish person. Date of Birth January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman marriage might be able to thrive in present but they have their eyes set in two different directions.

    The Capricorn Woman is always looking towards the future while the Aquarius Man is only looking at what is happening now. He has no need for stability because he likes his independence and freedom. She on the other hand wants to be able to start a family and have a comfortable home to return to at the end of every day. Aquarius is an air sign that is fixed and Capricorn is an earth sign that is cardinal by nature.

    Aquarius Man - Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

    As the relationship continues, he is most likely going to feel held back by the lady, who will often give her realistic opinion of his plans. She might even become jealous of the Aquarius Man always being away from home even though she will most likely be staying late at work.

    But if they are really in love, this relationship might just work! Tags aquarius aquarius male capricorn capricorn female love love compatibility. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Zodiac Compatibility Calculator Pro.