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Instruments define your concept of high school cliques.

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Then there was jazz band and chamber ensembles. It was a complicated world. You've emptied a reservoir of human spit in public. Oh, spit valves, how necessary and revolting you are. Bus rides aren't bus rides without pounds upon pounds of tubas and percussion equipment tumbling around.

Band geek dating site keep

Road trips need a little danger, right? Marching band practice just doesn't make sense unless it's occurring only moments before sunrise. Years of marching band has made you nimble on your feet.

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Forget ballet or gymnastics, all you needed in your formative years was a few or hundred early morning marching band rehearsals to master the art of a roll step. Walking in lines has never been the same since, though. Sometimes you just can't help but linger closely behind someone whilst mimicking their every move.

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Life is a constant drill book. You roll your eyes at people who think flautists are always women and trumpeters are always men. Leave your gender stereotypes outside the auditorium. Many of the hard surfaces around you are covered in small divots. Old percussion habits die hard. You know this isn't chapstick. Free and easy guide: With verified, local singles dating band site in geek band edmonton asian in los angeles.

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17 Signs You Were A Band Geek

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