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  1. Illicit Encounters: The Dating Website For Married People
  2. Illicit Encounters
  3. Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?
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We try and avoid breaking up families.

Illicit Encounters: The Dating Website For Married People

Adblocker Thanks for coming to Confidentials. Never miss a beat, with the best in food, booze, news, offers, comps and more delivered direct to your inbox. Then the more bleak emails poured in: Illicit Encounters In some ways it's not that suprising. As time goes on, the more western society takes a sledgehammer to the traditional family model. Why create an affairs dating website? What's luring all these married people to you? What's the worst story you've heard?

Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters website Are people mainly looking for an extra-marital relationship, or a quick and easy way to have sex? Fine, but don't you get paranoid? What enticed you to work for Illicit Encounters? More women are signing up to the website than men So how much does it cost to join the website? Have you received any public backlash? Has Illicit Encounters had any unlikely success stories? Is the website contributing to high rates of divorce?

They do oblige and often it is quite enlightening that what you thought you said isn't what they read! IE has so far, to me, proved a worthwhile venture and rewards way beyond my expectations. Seek and ye shall find and sometimes where and when you least expect. However, one stood out and we met the very next day. I'm now at the start of the most thrilling, romantic affair with the most amazing gentleman.

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  4. Illicit Encounters: The Dating Website For Married People.

I can't believe how lucky I've been. I have found exactly what I was looking for and more besides.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

It was exactly what we needed at the time. Now my life has changed a little and I want someone who is happy to fit in with that. On other dating sites I feel a fraud of sorts as I cannot offer all that someone may expect, but with IE I am free to be honest and it is understood and accepted.

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  • It has been a great experience for me, and as a result has actually improved my marriage. I have met four people from the site so far, and have had fun with all of them, even though I was only attracted to two of them. I like this site and, as a woman, I feel confident that the men are genuine. Thanks for a great site Sara! Chatted to a few blokes but hesitated to meet up as it was a bit scary stepping into the unknown.

    I started a conversation with one married man who seemed very nice and decided to go for it, this meeting ended up lasting 3 years. It does what it says on the tin! It's not just the physical aspect of the affair but just knowing my lover is thinking of me when we are apart lights my day. We keep in touch by text and even those texts are exciting and stimulating.

    I'm hoping the affair will last as long as it can and when it eventually ends I will definitely be back here looking for more. I don't respond to VK's or short messages. If you don't read my profile or put no effort into your message then I will block you as I have limited time for small talk and will not tolerate rude or impolite messages sorry but some on here are.

    I am a laid back, sen Profile image of SubtleSub. Profile image of cheekycarol. Profile image of TVSubEssex. We recommend you create a new Gmail account, separate from your regular account.

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