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  1. Anthem raids will have matchmaking, loot drops can’t be traded
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  3. Weekly Exotic rewards
  4. Destiny 2: Forsaken brings welcome changes to Guided Games, matchmaking, clans
  5. Destiny 2: Forsaken brings welcome changes to Guided Games, matchmaking, clans - VG

Signup for a Free Account. Destiny 2 is in a decent place right now, but perhaps one of these suggestions could push it over the top and take it to the next level. Destiny games put me in a tough spot.

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That said, I still feel like Destiny 2 is far from reaching its potential. As I wandered about last night doing my daily and weekly tasks, I started tossing ideas around that could improve the player experience. Both big and small, and in no particular order, here is a list of ways Bungie could improve Destiny 2.


Anthem raids will have matchmaking, loot drops can’t be traded

Exotics have been both too easy and too difficult to earn since Destiny 2 released. If someone has them all, great, nothing to see here. The loot system has had more core changes than Destiny has had years in existence. It seems that every few months Bungie overhauls how people progress and how activities reward loot. Bungie needs to find their loot core. The heart of their loot system.

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An identity and set of loot rules that all activities follow. Activity accessibility is a major problem with Destiny 2. Any time you must visit third-party resources to get players to play with, the game is missing the mark. Why not treat the Nightfall like a strike and have the option of matchmaking? The only thing that might happen here is three random players beat a piece of tough content, become friends, and then go do a raid.

Is this problem really that difficult? Remember when we had ammo synthesis? Why not bring that back? Not sure what else to spend my 1, Legendary Shards on. World on this one. I want a private residence in the Tower that only myself and those that I invite can enter. It should have displays for my armor collections, or perhaps awards on the wall for my triumphs.

Weekly Exotic rewards

And you know why Bungie should do this from their perspective? I would pay gross amounts of money to buy new furniture and skins for my private residence. Circling back to Monster Hunter: The reason is because Monster Hunter: World allows players to engage enemies in various locations, drastically changing the encounter.

A loot identity

Give players a proper arena where they can face various levels of challenges, various bosses, and get real loot for their efforts. Dare I suggest players even be permitted to choose who they face?

  • 9 ways Bungie can improve Destiny 2?
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I would have fought Taniks 1, times for his cloak. There are activities to complete in Destiny 2 right now but getting a group together to do them is nearly impossible. Why is the Blind Well not in an instance of its own? You could even keep the entrance in the same spot, just apply matchmaking. Escalation Protocol might be more difficult, but that should also have matchmaking.

If players are cheating the system to enjoy the content, it needs to be improved. My reasoning for this is simply that the end of the game is determined by the expiration of time too often.

Destiny: Should Raids Have Matchmaking? - Fireteam Chat

Lower the score limit of each mode just a bit and more matches will end because one team reached that limit. Xur could be made a bit better with my first suggestion of a weekly exotic being earned, but he should also be selling new items each week. Nobody is having fun not earning exotics and thus not getting to play with them.

Maybe you have a better suggestion, though? There's a lot more it would need to have in order to be successful but this is the bare-minimum it would need to be somewhat decent. Matchmaking literally has 0 negative impact for the people that choose not to use it. It gets other randoms involved in the raid which is good. For those who have a set group or always use a 3rd party deal for a raid team, matchmaking would siphon "bad" players out of those pools leaving only better results for them.

There is no reason to be against it unless you just don't understand it. If they don't like matchmaking then don't use it lol, simple stuff. After years of stuff like WoW raids, thinking this stuff is hard is a freaking joke lol. They would just click one day thinking they were ready with no actual forethought and be dragged into what most likely would be thee most frustrating and unfun experience one could be apart of. This assumes that every single person who uses matchmaking is completely unaware of the faults of random players.

We've had 4 years of Destiny, other activities have matchmaking, other games exist, everyone knows MMing can have trash players. If people want to roll the dice with randoms, let them. You don't have to use it.

Destiny 2: Forsaken brings welcome changes to Guided Games, matchmaking, clans

If anything see above on how it helps you. Your statement is filled with so many fallacies it should be entirely disregarded. Think this is an exaggeration? No it happens -all- the time.

Destiny 2: Forsaken brings welcome changes to Guided Games, matchmaking, clans - VG

You're gonna need some proof here because this is pure fear mongering and slippery slope. You know why you can't prove it? Because raids have never had full random matchmaking. You don't know this situation exists: Bungie has revealed a couple of decent upgrades the matchmaking and Guided Games experience in Destiny 2 will be getting with Forsaken. There are some exceptions to this, like lopsided PvP matches, or ones that ended with a mercy rule. In both cases, teams will be scrambled as they currently do. Competitive PvP teams will also be disbanded regardless.

Players who disconnect from a Guided Game will be allowed to reconnect, so long as the activity is still going. Players have up to three minutes to jump back in, after which the host will be able to find a different player to fill the spot. This also works in raids.