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  1. "Y" Start: Delta Run (12 Leads)
  2. 12 motor leads, no diagram
  3. "Y" Start: Delta Run (12 Leads)

Also, these motors have either six or nine leads. With a six-lead set-up, you cannot choose whether you get a high-voltage or low-voltage system, but with a nine-lead set-up, you can select either one, using either configuration. This offers a total of four wiring possibilities. For reference, L1, L2 and L3 are usually black, red and blue respectively. The motor leads T1 through T9 are normally, in order, blue, white, orange, yellow, black, gray, pink, red and brick red. Refer to a diagram, if possible, when following the steps below.

Connect 1 and 7 to L1, 2 and 8 to L2, and 3 and 9 to L3.

"Y" Start: Delta Run (12 Leads)

Attach the remaining leads 4, 5 and 6 together. Kevin Beck holds a bachelor's degree in physics with minors in math and chemistry from the University of Vermont. More about Kevin and links to his professional work can be found at www. How to Wire a Stepper Motor. May 25th, , Identifying unmarked wires 12 lead dual voltage motor Delta High Voltage.


12 motor leads, no diagram

Hi, I have a 12 lead motor here with un marked leads. I would like to hook the motor up and test but have no idea what coil is what. I Ohm'd the wires and separated my coils 1 to 6.

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I then hooked a Volt meter up to the other sets of coils one at a time while inducing a voltage across 1 and 2. I was only expecting one set of wires to have a higher induced voltage but I got 2. Does this mean my 0. Any help figuring this out much appreciated. Are you certain it is a Wye-Delta motor?

"Y" Start: Delta Run (12 Leads)

I had one maintenance tech burn up a 2 speed 12 wire motor that he wired as a Wye-Delta. No numbers on the wires at all?

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What info is on motor plate? But you do not have to use WYE start, depends on what the motor is operating.

Last edited by NetNathan; May 25th, at Perhaps the winding that you hooked up the test battery is the other. I'm thinking that the. I think that by observing the polarity of the induced voltage you should be able to determine the start and finish of the windings.

Also, if you have a power source equal to the lower voltage, connect three equal windings and attempt to start the motor. If it fails to start , reverse one of the lower voltage windings. The output voltage should be additive and equal to the higher voltage. All the above is guesswork but maybe it will help some. May 26th, , When I switched my meter to my good meter with more of a decimal point I was able to find the closest winding. I followed this description. You require a multimeter, a battery and some wires. With multimeter in continuity mode identify the 6 pairs of coils 3.

Mark them ,,,,, temporarily 4. Now you need to identify the group coils.

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  • 12 lead wye start/delta run motor.
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Connect multimeter in appropriate range in dc voltage measuring mode to Touch the —ve of battery to the wire marked with 2. If you observe —ve deflection swap multimeter probes in Try connecting multimeter with rest of the pairs , , , and and observe the maximum voltage deflection. For example, if has maximum deflection then and are one coil group. Identify rest of the 2 sets with the above method. Now you need to make the group coils to make them suitable for high voltage delta connection with proper polarity.

As you have identified coil groups and in step 5.