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Chris is a surprisingly down-to-earth guy for being such a famous movie star. He never forgot his small town roots when he made it big. He is a hopeless romantic, shown when he takes you on many romantic dates if you choose to date him in Amour. Just ask anyone who saw him in 'Fireman: On top of his killer looks and charming smile, Chris is a loyal friend, thoughtful partner, and the perfect addition to any entourage.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars - Lisa Valentine's Date

Chris has the second lightest skin and a hair color that is currently unique to him. In the Awards Show quest, it is described that he has deep blue eyes even though they appear brown. He wears a brown leather jacket with a white buttoned shirt underneath.

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As your character has reflected on multiple times, Chris is ripped. Once you unlock Amour , your character can start dating Chris, and later on marry him. The twelfth date is The Honeymoon and his thirteenth date is Marital Bliss life after you marry Chris. Chris is very close to his family. He has an older brother named Sean who is a winemaker and a younger brother named Tyler. Sean was very important to Chris's career as a movie star because he used to drive Chris to the theater all of the time when Chris was a child, instilling him with a love of movies.

Tyler is the baby of the family and is currently studying agriculture at college. Both Sean and Tyler want to stay close to home, so Chris's move to L. Chris is very close to his parents; he used his first paycheck to renovate his parents' farmhouse, to thank them for always supporting him. Chris was married to Sofia Morena , but it didn't last long and they have been divorced since before Chris meets your character.

They lived in Rome and traveled the country extensively.

Chris Winters

If you choose to marry Chris, you can have your wedding in three different locations. Each location has different options. Chris decided to get married in Las Vegas because you had your first date here. The wedding is in a large ballroom with a bar in it. Chris says that you could choose any type of performers for the reception, and also that you could stay in the Honeymoon Suite upstairs.


Hollywood U Rising Stars (Video Game) - TV Tropes

At Chris' Beach House, you would have a small wedding with just close friends and family, Chris thought you might want to have a beach wedding. Jaybird I have been playing the game a while and have not been able to date. But you can date already existing celebs at level 5. Flubbernugget I am dating a person I made up called Justin and you need to be on level 5 to get a boyfriend. My boyfriend is the boy on the front of the game you see it when the game is Loding.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars Answers for Android

Keep doing quest and you'll be there in no time! Water daughter Dates start at level 5. But until then, keep finishing quests. You get it on a certain quest.

People it doesn't start when u get the Amour. Play higher than level 7 and you would know instead of asking. Jasmine Level 5, but i think you will be able to date characters you created in a bit as they are still experimenting right now.

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Hopefully they'll make it like hss. Riyah I'm dating Chris Winters right now and I'm on level 13 and I went on all of the dates that pop up of him so when does he actually become mine like it says in the profile dating coming soon Mon, 05 Nov Dec 10, ESRB: When can I start dating? Curious, Dec 27,