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Angular Unconformities are those where an older package of sediments has been tilted, truncated by erosion, and than a younger package of sediments was deposited on this erosion surface. Disconformities are also an erosion surface between two packages of sediment, but the lower package of sediments was not tilted prior to deposition of the upper sediment package.

The sequence of events is as follows: Because the beds below and above the disconformity are parallel, disconformities are more difficult to recognize in the sedimentary record. In the diagram at left, the disconformity is indicated by an irregular black line between the 3rd and 4th rock unit from the bottom. The Chinle Formation Triassic , the slope forming unit in the central portion of the picture, has a very sharp contact black line with the overlying Wingate Sandstone uppermost Triassic, forms steep cliff.

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This contact is considered a disconformity. Nonconformities are unconformities that separate igneous or metamorphic rocks from overlying sedimentary rocks. They usually indicate that a long period of erosion occurred prior to deposition of the sediments several km of erosion necessary.

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A nonconformity at the base of the Grand Canyon succession. The dark rocks in the bottom of the gorge are Archean Vishnu schist, and are overlain by younger Proterozoic and Phanerozoic sediments. Skip to main content.

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