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I also love to find ceramic pieces. Thanks for the article! I have been a collector for about 30 years! I live in the north east of the USA. Recently read an article that Bermuda is not allowing people to bring sea glass home! My husband and I found a nice amount of cobalt blue glass in Bermuda a number of years ago. Sea glass is getting harder and harder to find. Thanks for your info. When I was in Halifax last year my daughter, Lesley Huska, took me to Prince Edward Island, and we spent all afternoon sea glass hunting.

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I think many were there before us as our finds were small. However, we really enjoyed it. My mom has been collecting sea glass for many years and has about half a million pieces! Interestingly, she is a California native and we have both spent time sea glass hunting on the beaches of San Clemente where you discovered your first piece of red. Cobalt and lavender are definitely my personal favorites.

Thank you for this article, it was quite enjoyable! I love this article! I have been a sea glass collector for many years and very much appreciate this information! I was in Northern California in May and found the most glass and largest pieces ever.. Thank you Richard for sharing this article! Thank you for this article. I have been sea glass gathering for just over 5 years in all seasons. I have many of the colors you showed and I would like to send a photo of my best ones. Thanks again for the info. I collect beach glass because I make candles out of them and sell them for fundraising.

I live near to Seaham and my two boys and I have been down a couple of times looking for glass. I actually found a really lovely piece today on the Blast beach end of Seaham. We mainly find lots of the pale green, but I did also find a tiny piece of cobalt blue today, too. I think I need to get a jar to keep all the pieces in! I have definitely found something I love to collect haha. Wow, what a wealth of knowledge I received today! I only have a few pieces,but will now be on the lookout! I grew up at the Jersey Shore and have collected sea glass for over 50 years. There was also a lot of sea glass found on family vacations to Cape Cod and New Hampshire.

I have since moved to Northern Virginia, and find that it is much more difficult to find sea glass. It can be found, but not as easily as when I was younger. I have found some pieces on and around the coastal beaches in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia mostly white and brown …but occasionally an aqua or green piece. My mother collected sea glass.

Sea Glass Color: Complete Guide to Origin and Rarity

The first little collection to which I was exposed was displayed in a bowl, on a coffee table in the living room—her treasures from Nova Scotia, ca. Much later, after a years-long experience of trauma, my husband and I moved to Gloucester MA in My favorite is quite common, Kelly green.

He loves black, and he can sniff it out like a French pig does truffles! Your article is very interesting.

Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide

I live on the Base des Chaleur and have been collecting for many yrs. I am a blogger and did a post on my collection last yr. You can check it out at this address.

Make Your Own "Sea Glass"! DIY (Tumbled Glass)

My best glass hunting trip was to Murano Italy! This is where some of the most beautiful glass in the world is made! At the base of the lighthouse there is tons of beach glass in the most amazing colors!! I have been collecting for about 20 years. I found a few pieces of brown this spring on a cruise stop in Labadee …. I have mostly brown , green and clear. A few blue, lt green and one red!!!! Thanks for the article!! I have a favourite beach where I collect my sea glass, it used to be an old dump.

The Isles are also known for their shipwrecks over the centuries, so much pottery and glass appearing on the beaches is attributed to this. I make and sell sea glass jewellery. How fascinating to read this. I will be laying my lavender pieces out in the sun now to see what happens. Ever hopeful of a purple piece one day. I have a couple of deep maroon type pieces. Any ideas what that kind of glass might have been? Bob August 5, I love them all! I do have a question about the math!

What a wonderful article and classification of beach glass which I have been collecting here in Asturias, Northern Spain for only a few years. Best wishes and let us hope we soon get that elusive piece. I am going to become much more vigilant going forward. I love the idea of collecting these pieces of glass with a story. I love your article. I love sea glass. I live in Jamaica and collect and make art. Mostly common glass, but I have found one red and some baby blue.

I love this article!!! Thank you for your knowledge!! A couple years ago I found a pink piece about the size of a fifty cent piece and it had… puffed up??? It was very worn so the flowers wold have been gone in another few decades, but so cool. My 3 year old got ahold of it somehow…and lost it. I seriously almost cried. But what an amazing find!!!! Growing up in Victoria I loved to collect sea glass as a child.

I love all the colours but sea foam green is the ultimate for me. It instantly evokes the ocean. Going to have to keep my eyes peeled for this. We cruise frequently and have never really sought out sea glass. Although I am a little leery after hearing that you are not allowed to bring any back especially from Bermuda. Did you just happen to find it there, or did you go there because it is known to accumulate a lot of sea glass? I did find a piece of Red Sea Glass last weekend, ruby color sweet find it was I had no idea it was so rare!

I have a lovely piece of med to dark green glass, a good size and smooth as smooth. Found this year at Chania in Crete. I have placed it in a white dish on my gravel Rockery in the garden. I live in Conneaut, Ohio and walk the beaches of Lake Erie near my home almost daily. My collection is quite large. I have several of the most rare colors, but finding red is hitting the jackpot.

I only have three red. I just love finding sea glass. It is so elusive here on the east cost. I am in Virginia. I think it is beautiful!! I started my sea glass collection in St Maarten where I found many green, brown and white. I plan to use in jewelry making. I now need to separate the greens as I have different shades to compare to your examples. My favorite is the colbolt blue and the red.

The red one is the size of a quarter and is shaped like a t-bone steak and the blue one a very interesting intense sky-blue is a sorta bean shape, but flat. Thank you for your article. Sea glass hunting is my favorite hobby. My sister and I hunt the Eastern Shore of Virginia where we mostly find white, brown, green and light aqua. We have found a few light shades of pink also. My favorite is red but have only been lucky enough to find three so far.

One of my favorite pieces is a thick brown with Clorax on the bottom. Thanks again, I truly enjoyed this. I wonder what the rarity scale is when it comes to size. I used to collect what we called beach glass in Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. The largest is nearly 5 inches long and 2. Lived in Florida all my life.

I have been a sea glass addict since I was a teen and have many pieces I adore.

Identify Your Sea Glass

I adore cobalt blue and have some wonderful huge chunks of it! Also a red piece. I so want to travel now to find the pink, yellow, black you mentioned. My sea glass is one of my most precious treasures! Thanks for sharing your sea glass knowledge and where to find it! I hope you can do some traveling to find the other colors. My sea glass is definitely treasured in my house too. About 7 years ago I was on a trip to Vermont with friends. We came upon a small beach on a lake and collected a lot of sea glass in many colors…pink, aqua, turquoise, brown and clear.

We went back the next day to continue collecting but the beach had been excavated and all the sea glass was gone????? We never did find out where all of the glass came from but it is a wonderful memory that we share. I have yet to find a true purple myself, although I have found a few light lavender or sun glass clear glass that turns purple when exposed to the sunlight due to the clarifying agent manganese.

Great article and so informative. We find beach glass daily on western shore of Seneca Lake. We have collected so much I have two glass lamps filled with vicarious colors and sizes — made by my son and daughter in law. However, We often find small pieces of flow blue or other rare types of glass that goes in my very special collection.

Hi Sue, Sounds like great memories. Your sea glass lamps sound gorgeous. I love all colors. I was in St. Barths last month and came home with quite a bit of glass. Most of it was on Shell Beach. Lots of dark green. I found one piece of cobalt when I was in St. I am addicted too. I have never found any in Texas but love the beaches there. I live in Central Texas. Thanks for informative info. I recently bought a beach house on Cape Cod. For now, if I like it and it looks like glass, I add it to my collection anyway. I recently went to St. Maarten and found lots of bright green pieces of sea glass.

They sell mostly Heineken beer there, lol! I saved an empty clear pretty shaped liquor bottle to display my collection. Happy sea glass hunting everyone! Hi Debbie, I know what you mean. Usually, quartz or other clear-ish beach stones will have organic inclusions. Be sure to look at the piece wet, dry and held up to the sun light. It will likely become white when dry. If you ever feel you have to much or to much of one color I suggest donating to a local school art department.

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They act like you are giving them a gift from the gods. Thank you for sharing! Husband loves to cruise so have had the privilege of searching for beach glass all over the Caribbean and Europe. Hi Teresa, Thank you. Wow, I bet you have found some beautiful colors on your travels.

I too could spend hours walking the beaches looking for sea glass. I love the turquoise color! I found many pieces in green, white, and brown at the beach at Elba in Italy. I can see where this could be something I could entertain myself with for hours if I found the right place. Thank you for the info! My friend sent me your article knowing I would love it and I do. I am going to try and put some of my clear pieces in the sun to see if it turns color. I even spotted a great red piece while our friend was driving us on the beach.

My best piece is pink, the size of a half dollar, and I went to a jewelry class and made a gorgeous pendant out of it. My grandkids, 2 and 4, now enjoy searching for it on the beach. You make me want to go to England!! I have met others on the beach who have found old bottle stoppers…. I would love to find one! There was ano area where pair point glass seconds rejects were dumped in the ocean, hard to get to for me, but will try at low tide. There was a pair point factory years ago.

Have been told there are great pieces! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. LaMotte categorizes colors into four groups: Rare Sea Glass Colors. A complete bottle neck is always a great find! Black is the fifth most rare sea glass color. Black sea glass is actually not black, but a very dark olive green when held up to the light.

Black glass dates back as far as the s and was commonly used for beer and liquor bottles until about Black glass is highly regarded by serious sea glass collectors. Teal is the sixth most rare sea glass color. Mostly derived from bottles and jars used for ink, mineral waters and wine, teal is an unusual color, part green and part blue. There was a bit of Depression glass tableware manufactured in the teal hue but most of this color is from old bottles made between the s and s.

These bottles are very collectible as is genuine teal sea glass which, because of its vintage status, is very popular with both collectors and jewelers. Gray is the last of the ultra rare sea glass colors, coming in at number seven! Most gray glass is sun colored. The original source of this color glass is cut crystal tableware popular from the s — s. Lead oxide was added to the glass batch to enhance the sparkle but also had the effect of turning the glass a darker color when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Gray sea glass is ultra rare because of its scarcity. There are several shades of gray sea glass, the darker being the most desired. Pink sea glass tops the charts as a rare sea glass color. The availability of pink sea glass is very limited and it is highly valued for use in sea glass jewelry. Aqua glass had a modest beginning as one of the most widely used glass colors prior to the s.

Bottles, ink wells, electrical insulators, fruit and condiment jars were made using a glass making recipe containing naturally occurring iron content which caused the aqua tint. There are two aqua sea glass hues, light and dark, the dark being the more desirable. Light aqua sea glass is hard to distinguish from a light blue sea glass color, also called, soft blue or sky blue. There is a diminishing supply of true aqua sea glass.

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  • Five Rare Sea Glass Colors.

Cobalt blue glass was made by adding cobalt oxide to the glass batch. The lighter hued cornflower blue was made using a smaller amount of the cobalt additive, producing a lighter, more delicate color. Less of the lighter blue color was made so there is less of a supply of cornflower blue. Opaque White Milk Glass has a storied history having been invented by the Venetians in the s.

The availability of opaque white sea glass varies depending on location. Purple Amethyst sea glass has a history similar to pink sea glass because the majority of purple sea glass is sun colored. Most purple amethyst sea glass is derived from clear glass bottles made from to with manganese purchased from Germany which was no longer available after the outbreak of World War I. Lavender sea glass is still highly prized in the sea glass community for its rare vintage appeal.

The Seven Ultra Rare Sea Glass Colors

Very little of these pleasing earth-toned hues, which provided significant protection from ultraviolet rays, were manufactured. Some amber sea glass shards are as old as the early s when whiskey, snuff and bitters bottles were commonly available in this color. Green sea glass comes in many shades, some more rare than others. The most commonly available of the rare greens is lime green.

Sea Foam Green sea glass is one of my favorite colors. Most of it comes from old Coca Cola bottles but the sea foam also called soft green color was also popular as far back as the early part of the 20th century when it was used for mineral water and potion bottles and some beer bottles. With the exception of the Coca Cola bottle, which was manufactured the world over, these uncommon green colors were not made in large quantities.