Halo 5 beta matchmaking slow


  1. Halo 5 Slow Matchmaking | ВКонтакте
  2. Troubleshoot Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer issues

I get where you're coming from though, earlier today I was on a horrible losing streak despite doing incredible each game as is the usual case for me , and I got insanely frustrated because some of my team mates would go or while I would go or Just keep in mind that you won't win every game and you'll have to take the defeat as some teams just do better or have better match-ups.

Halo 5 Slow Matchmaking | ВКонтакте

However, if you find yourself being pitted against entire spartan company parties, then again, tweak your search preference, it'll help out a bit. You've played a total of 81 games. What reference do you have for using the quantifier "still"? Said if before and will say it again When you rely on random players you will get random results. If you want to win regularly you need regular teammates and coommunication.

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Afro Thunda X wrote:. I keep trying to play and every game my team is randoms all below lvl 80 and the enemy team is all above in a party How that is fair is beyond me.

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  • I've been playing solo since launch, and I think it's fine. Did most people stop playing?

    Troubleshoot Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer issues

    I live in Botswana. I have no idea where that is lol. I love be in Texas and I can find Mathew in every playlist at pretty much any time, it sometimes just takes a while. The last major update for Halo 5 was like last October, and before that it was the previous December. All hands are on deck for Halo Infinite, and the only thing Halo 5 will see in the future is playlist updates.

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