How to get over awkwardness after a hookup

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Or maybe she's angry because she feels you just used her for sex. Maybe she's hoping that it will happen again every Thursday.

➤➤ How to get over awkwardness after a hookup

Maybe she's on the edge of quitting because she's afraid you're going to say something. Prepare what you're going to say carefully. Keep it concise and clear, something that you can basically say in one or two sentences, so that you can get it out before you chicken out and before she cuts you off. What it is depends on what you want.

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By "dispel awkwardness" you mean how to shake off your conscience. Try to suffer your feelings and pay attention to the lesson they bring you. In practice, take responsibility and apologize to the woman say nothing to her boyfriend as it isn't your department for creating an awkward situation. Write her a note saying pretty much what you said here and also offering to discuss it further if she initiates the discussion. Also say that if she doesn't initiate the discussion you won't bring it up again and you are fine with that. Be very subtle and careful how you give the note.

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  • How to get over awkwardness after a hookup.

I recommend handing it to her when alone with a terse explanatory comment. Then, act casually around her and give it time. I don't think there's a quick fix. Like PinkSH said, "fake it until you make it". Incidentally, that was really unethical what she did - putting you a subordinate and newcomer in an awkward position - and I can't imagine what possessed her to do that with her boyfriend there too. Maybe they were having a fight. In any case, I think the onus is on her to make it right. Time will help, as will you moving on with another relationship, but you might want to keep your eyes open for another job.

She sounds like a potential mind-messer.

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Don't talk about it. Do not dwell on what happened. Do not discuss your feelings. Don't even really acknowledge what happened. Just look her in the eyes, smile, and say something along the line of 'Let's just be friends' or 'I'm glad we're friends'. A firm handshake can be applied also for emphasis. The result is a short, unmistakable gesture that reestablishes the boundary between you. Eventually the tension will fade away and as you're both adults the whole thing will be funny in the end and take its place along side the many other mistakes of youth.

If she responds with anything but 'yes' then instantly drop the 'mistake' bomb. Destroy any hope and leave nothing alive. These things just have to be nipped in the bud. As for getting over the awkwardness rationalizing it away is always good. You might ask herself who's actually been harmed by what happened, consider that it's hardly the first time such a thing has occurred, that humans are pretty stupid overall and they make a lot of stupid mistakes and this a good thing otherwise we wouldn't have chocolate ice cream and there'd be a lot less people running around, finally comfort yourself with the knowledge that this is an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson that you've duly learned and taken to heart.

Seriously; hangovers are the only "closure" that really works. You just behave normally and eventually it is normal.


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7 Post-Hookup Protocols You Need To Start Practicing

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