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As a result, when you hear the Main Theme again, all of the ideas and emotions associated with that theme are brought back and re-purposed in the new context. Again, whether the recognition of the theme is conscious or subconscious, the return of the Undertale Theme here reinforces the feeling of familiarity in contrast with all of the new experiences the player has just had. The gentle guitar treatment of the theme and the soft yellow palette of the area reinforce the feeling of safety. And of course, the obvious choice for instrumentation and style here is Muzak. Hotel happen to be in the game: Undertale in New Home.

In most games, but especially in RPGs, music tracks are often separated into their functions: When done well, the music that serves a specific game element locale, character, etc. For many games, this means that you get a variety of music in wildly different styles because generally games or at least RPGs in this style want to create distinct areas of the game, each with their own flavor. Take, for instance, the difference between two Overworld tracks in Chrono Trigger:.

Wind Scene A. Ruined World A. Overworld Ostinato at 0: Ruins Melody at 0: This track marks the real beginning of the game. The second melody comes in soon after the statement of the first motif, at 0: For this reason, I think this is an often overlooked motif as far as the soundtrack goes, which makes tracing it through the soundtrack a particularly fun exercise.

"Dating Fight! - Undertale"

Rhythmically, the motif is split into two 3-note groups. Do you hear it? The motif has been expanded on and fleshed out but the basic structure is actually all there. There are lot more notes than before, yes.

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But maybe this is just wishful pattern cherry picking and coincidence. I would consider that a possibility, until we look at the Ostinato figure for Hotland. Of course, writing music like this saves the composer some time—rather than having to come up with new ideas for every track, he can use and reuse musical ideas.

For the listener, it gives structure and a sense that you are really listening to one large work of music rather than small disparate pieces. In the context of a game, it gives the player a sense that all these areas are connected, rather than just disparate parts.

An Examination of Leitmotifs and Their Use to Shape Narrative in UNDERTALE – Part 1 of 2

Melodies, unlike Ostinatos, are naturally full of features that we can intuitively latch on to and recognize in various forms. What that also means is that melodic variations are easy to notice and catch. The Ruins Melody comes in at 0: The way the melody modulates halfway through the melody differs from Ruins, but the general contour of the phrase and rhythmic profile remains the same.

Quiet Water is a further branch of the Waterfall track, slowing down the melody even more and simplifying the rhythm. At this point, the Ruins melody mostly disappears as the main melody of any track until the Endgame. Hotland Melody 1A at 0: Hotland Melody 1B at 0: It ascends slowly into view, a beautiful, haunting melody, setting the stage for the entrance of the higher countermelody that comes in at 0: Hotland Melody 1A at 1: Now, if the Ruins Melody was closed out by the Undyne Fight, it would only make sense that the themes in Hotland and the Core would be closed out by Mettaton.

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I ain't even mad. Suddenly wishing I could embed images in these comments. A Date With Temmie Fey. Okay I've been trying to figure out what a rip is. Golden Frodo The Magic Man. If Temmie were swapped with papyrus Time to make an AU!!!! Why is there Undertale in my Undertale? Dating Tem in a shellnut.

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    ‎UNDERTALE Soundtrack by Toby Fox on Apple Music

    The plush dude HQ. Finally it's a normal one. Temmie's date in a nutshell. I was so scared because the song was the actual song for too long.

    Dating Start!

    A date with Temmie. Expected the Wii Sports title theme for some reason. I'd be down to date Temmie. I hear if you date tem enough she will suk dik for cooleg. I expected Turnabout Sisters.

    Dating Fight!

    I approve of this. It was the best part of the game and very heartwarming I didn't know what to expect after "Dating! I always wanted some date tem with the channel description. I expected turnabout sisters.